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68th International Motor Show Germany (Frankfurt Auto Show)


One of the Cars at the Holts Booth

(If i knew how to make the text in the middle i would use it) (Has Holts did something to the automation community?)

This one is a late one, saying late because it wasent shown in teasers or anything, and it just got here.
What you are looking at now is the new Holts GTS-Series. This is the highest trim you can get. Its more of a sporty GT Car. This one you are looking at is the first Holts to come with a Flat Plane V8 Engine. Sounding like a super car when its not.

This one comes with a 5.0L Flatplane V8 that puts out 485HP Max. More will upset Holts HS530 and HS600 owners. There are 3 trims and engines ranging from a 4 cyl to a v8.

This being the GTS-480, it is connected to a 7-speed automatic transmission for smooth shifts and ride. Being a GT car, it can do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and almost reach 200. The GTS-480 is light weighing at 2900+. Car is RWD using 295s in the rear and 245s in the front.

The GTS-Series is a more of a everyday car. Using the same body as the Previous Hyper car but can store more and be more of an everyday car. Engine Sits lower For more rear Cargo room (but the game says 0L cargo room). The markets classify it as a super car at 126 points but was intended to be a GT car. Chassis Made out of carbon fibre helping it weigh less and returns a good 19MPG More sporty luxurious Interior, Alcentara Roof Accents, around the steering wheel and in other spots. Little hints of Carbon Fibre exposed in the S not much because this is not supposed to be a supercar. Audio wise, comes with ResonatePro Audio that is 3 speakers in the front, 2 on each door and 4 In the rear also 4 on the roof to give you the best audio quality possible. Make you feel at a concert.

GTS 480 In Bumblebee yellow

Holts Motor Company (2020 BQX-4)


A Bright Future.

Hokuto and Corsica are proud to announce their partnership once more with a new electric crossover SUV.

This is Satori.

The 2020 Hokuto Satori is Hokuto’s first fully electric vehicle, and it’s here to make a statement. Underpinning the Satori is the all-new SHEP Platform. Co-developed between Sisten and Hokuto, SHEP will be the basis for every electric Hokuto vehicle or Sisten vehicle.

Rain, Sleet or Snow.

…the Satori has you covered. Naturally, the EV is all-wheel-drive. And being electric motors, you can manage power as you will between them. Using a high-tech traction control, stability program, and ABS, each wheel can be slowed, pushed harder, or whatever you need for optimum traction.

What powers it? Well, under the hood, there is… a storage compartment. The Satori is powered by two 90 kWh batteries, which supplies the EV with 220kw of power (nearly 300 equivalent horsepowers) and will net you an impressive 280 mile range in the real world. To refuel, use a 150 kW DC charger, and you’ll be back to 80% from nothing in just a half an hour. 0-100km/h is achieved in just 6.3 seconds with the top speed being electronically limited to 210 km/h.

Express yourself.

in a way that will turn heads everywhere. The Satori has a precense like no other. Plastic body cladding follows the latest trends and contours the front, side and rear of the vehicle to give it a rugged appearence. The angular body lines and angry-eyed headlights accent the front, as does a functional hood scoop to aid climate controls and cool the batteries.

The rear light assembly highlights the width of the car for a rear view like no other. It accentuates the width of the car and has a futuristic shape on each end to integrate more with the D pillar of the vehicle for a unique silhouette.

Lead the crowd.

The i90 is the only trim level available at the moment, and it comes with a 10.1 inch vertical media display and backup camera. The display has all capabilities such as Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and all that comes with it. You experience the interior rather than just sit in it, as it’s lined with mostly leather and some high-quality cloth, with aluminum or light matte wood trim.

The future is within your grasp.

The Hokuto Satori i90 starts at $49,590, equipped with the high-end media center and numerous driver assist systems. The Satori is being built alongside the Summit at the CO2-neutral plant in Nevada and will be arriving in European dealerships in November 2019. Asian and Americans will receive the SUV starting in Winter 2019.

Pricing Information

Base Price

Destination Charge

Tax Credit

Price after Tax Credit


Nice. This and the Corsica Summit looks beautiful enough to make me want to rebadge this as an Ursula or a Hessenburg for some reason.


@BannedByAndroid agreed. I would want to use the same platform too or make something in its class than a head to head!


(The lights come on, revealing Nakano Nori stepping up onto the stage with her english translator in tow. A pair of cars can be seen as silhouettes, lit from behind, in the background)
(-note- I’m just putting the translated English, because having both Japanese and English script is too much effort)

“Good afternoon everyone! Who’s ready to see what Abran has in store for you?”

-cheering and applause-

“Good, good. Well, in case you couldn’t tell, we’ve got two all new high performance cars to talk about; so let’s get started!”

-some light applause-

(A light comes on behind Nori and her translator, revealing a stark black sporty coupe. The projector at the back of the stage comes on to reveal pictures of the car)

“First up is the new 5th generation Abran Sport, aptly named the Sport ‘5’ in commemoration of Abran’s 50th anniversary, and the announcement of the original Abran Sport 2-6 at the 1970 Frankfurt Auto Show!”

-very loud applause and cheering-

“The Sport 5 comes equipped with a 2.1L straight five motor that makes 238 horsepower!
-moment of pause-
But of course, it also has a 6 speed manual transmission and rear wheel drive, a state of the art interior, and aggressive, sporty styling.”

-some moderately loud applause-

“The Sport 5 is the embodiment of the mindset that went into creating the Sport 2-6, and has the same spirit and energy as the 50 year old Sport 2-6; and every last detail just adds to the experience. Every aspect is expertly designed to give the very best driving experience possible.”

“The Sport 5 will be available in 3 different trim levels. The S, S+, and SL. The S trim is the base model, featuring a standard interior layout. The S+ trim features a HUD, and the SL model features a more premium HUD and Lunaro Sports bucket seats.”

“With the S trim starting at just twenty-five thousand Euros, the Sport 5 is affordable for sports cars enthusiasts.
-moment of pause-
But for those who desire something, more, we have something completely new.”

(Nori spreads her right arm towards the still dark portion of the stage and a light comes on, revealing the car. The screen changes to pictures of the other car)

-stunned silence from the audience-

“This is the all new Hyper Sport! A brand new model to celebrate our 50th anniversary!”

-thunderous applause and cheering-

-after noise settles down- "The Hyper Sport is powered by a turbocharged inline five cylinder engine making over 550 horsepower! This is our first turbocharged engine, ever. And the Hyper Sport is the perfect car for it. The Hyper Sport only comes in one trim; but has all wheel drive, a seven speed sequential transmission, and a premium, racing oriented interior. The Hyper Sport is the pinnacle of Abran performance, and is exceptionally fast on the track because of it’s lightweight chassis and frame. "

“The Hyper Sport can be yours for a premium price of sixty-five thousand Euros. And it’s worth every last one. Faster and more exciting than the 50 year old Sport; new and refreshing. But even still, the Sport 5 has i’ts charms and will stand out from the crowd of other modern sports cars. Ultimately, the choice is yours; but maybe you’ll be swayed and pick one of these phenomenal cars for your next ‘fun car.’ Thank you all, and have a wonderful rest of the show! The stage will be open so you can come and check out the cars.”

(Nori and her translator step off the stage and the lights come on to fully illuminate the stage. Security guards remove ropes on either side of the stage, giving access to the stage and its contents to the anxious reporters in the audience.)

-Photos taken by a well known freelance Japanese reporter immediately after the presentation-

-Hoped you enjoyed my tidbit of lore, I haven’t completely fleshed out Abran and their parent company Alpha yet; but these were the only 2020 cars I had on hand, besides a single model from Alpha.


AL Autos @ the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show

Hello one and all! Welcome to the AL Autos booth here at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show! We here at AL Autos are excited to show you what we’ve been up to for a while now. We’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to get things just right with our newest project, a major revision on the model that we will be showcasing today. Let’s get things started.

AL Autos is proud to present…

The Newly Revised AL Autos Latissime! Where technology and practicality meet.

Back for another round, the Latissime is here to showcase the many revisions it has gone under to make it pop for the new model year: the engines, the technology, the drive system, the entirety of it. This is probably one of the most advanced iterations of the Latissime to date. For starters, we’ve revised our specialized comfort suspension system to include off-road aspects to allow it to soak up the punishment from both the road and off the road. For starters the Latissime has a new system that we like to call the “AL Advanced Terrain Projection” system that not only senses what terrain you are on, but also predicts the terrain you will encounter by tapping into both advanced GPS data and spectral cameras that scan terrain ahead. This new system adjusts the stacked twin active spring system, semi-active dampers, and specialized anti roll bars which the system can adjust to allow more flex for each individual wheel. While the system adjusts the suspension for many off-road conditions, the “AL Terrain Sense” also focuses on comfort. These advanced systems manage the weight of the Latissime and protects the occupants from overwhelming discomfort. Another fun bit of the new AL Terrain Sense system is that it alerts the driver what obstacles lay ahead and advises the driver what path to take to surmount those obstacles. Finally, we of course had to add in our advanced pothole detection system as standard on all trims. The Latissime comes with a choice of 3 engines at this moment. All of these systems are connected to an all new AL-Tech 4x4 drivetrain connected to the “AL Terrain Sense” system. Available on the RGXLE and RGXLE-F is a 3.0 L Twin Turbo V6 (ALA30DOC24TT606-MSUVLeRGXLE) producing 342.3 BHP, 298.1 lb-ft of torque, and providing up to 20.3 MPG on average (depends on trim selection). Available on the RGXLE2 and RGXLE2-F is a beefier 3.5 L Twin Turbo V6 (ALA35DOC24TT606-MSUVLERGXLE2) producing 402.4 BHP, 353.1 lb-ft of torque, and providing up to 18.6 MPG (depends on trim selection). Finally, available on the sporty RGS trim is a 5.0 L Twin Turbo V8 producing 608.3 BHP, 500.8 lb-ft of torque, and providing 20.6 MPG on average. To add onto this, the Latissime’s variety of engines also come with a system called “AL Eco Drive” which, when activated, shuts down 2 cylinders for the V6s and 4 cylinders for the V8 to increase fuel efficiency. These engines respectively connect to a 7-Speed AL-Tech Transmission, a 9-speed AL-Tech Transmission, or a specialized AL-Sports-Division 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission. All of these new innovations allow for the Latissime to become a highly advanced SUV. The fun doesn’t end here, however.

While the mechanical bits are important to the car, the interior of the Latissime has also gotten some very special attention to make the Latissime a wonderful place to be in while also providing some awesome technology to make driving the Latisime easier. The Latissime has a total of 6 options for the interior layout and design. The RGXLE and RGXLE-F trims come with a bespoke premium interior with premium Nappa Leather Seats with easy to operate fold flat 2nd row and, for the RGXLE-F a fold flat 2nd and 3rd row. The RGXLE2 and RGXLE2-F trims come with a nice upgrade, an all-new AL-Cloud-9 Luxury interior with newly revised Cloud-9 seats which also have the ability to fold the 2nd row (and 3rd row for the RGXLE2-F trim) flat with a push of a button. The RGXLE Opulentum trim gets a unique high-end interior with hand stitched quilted leather, multi point massaging, reclining (only second row) seats we appropriately named the 4 AL-Opulentum Thrones. The 6 interior options all provide astounding levels of comfort, leg room, and support for all the journey’s that you will take yourself as well as your guests on.

With regards to technology on the inside, the Latissime comes with some pretty nifty features. For starters, we loaded our ALAutos-Infotainment system onto a retina quality 16” infotainment screen for the front and an entertainment focused (movies, games, etc.) touchpad controlled 14” infotainment screen mounted on the roof for the 2nd (and the 3rd row as well when equipped). The rear infotainment systems can stream live television, provide entertaining games, provide the weather, stream music from all major platforms, and, if the front passengers want to send a message onto the screen, they can do so from the front and it will appear on the screens. Included onto the Latissime’s infotainment system for the front occupants is an Augmented Reality navigation system integrated into the central command screen. To add onto the technology, we’ve also included a digital dashboard which now has a new feature that we are excited to show. The digital dashboard is connected to our advanced parking suite and our advanced safety suite. Located in discrete locations around the Latissime are multiple cameras that essentially give a sort of bubble of cameras which show views from the front end, the sides, the rear end, and the top end of the car. These cameras have several functions. Starting with the advanced parking suite, the driver can push a button and these cameras will be displayed on the dashboard. These cameras also display parking sensor information by highlighting what obstacles you might hit on any point in the car. While driving, the side cameras are particularly useful. When you have the left- or right-hand turn signal turned on, the dashboard will automatically display your blind spots on the screen to show if you have a car in your blind spot. Finally, when offroading, the system can be activated and the car will show you if there are any obstacles that you may hit, alert you, and, if necessary, try to maneuver you away from those obstacles. The final technological feature on this car was something that we introduced on the Aurum which was recently released. Buyers have the option of integrating our new ALMedAlert system. This system includes a heart rate sensor on the steering wheel as well as many other sensors integrated into the driver’s seat. In the event that this system detects irregularities or medical emergencies with the driver, the ALMedAlert system will either prompt the drier to see if they’re ok or, in the case of a major medical emergency, will turn on an autopilot system that will safely pull the vehicle over to the side of the road and automatically call emergency services. This system can also be trained for all passenger seats as well, however the autopilot system will not engage unless the driver prompts the car to do so.

The AL Autos Latissime, with its plethora of technology and astounding levels of comfort and support make this one of our most advanced vehicles in our lineup.

Prices for the Latissime are as follows (Prices are Estimations):

RGXLE: $57,000 USD
RGXLEF: $59,500 USD
RGXLE2: $68,400 USD
RGXLE2-F: $73,000 USD
RGXLE Opulentum: $83,000 USD
RGS: $84,000 USD

That’s all for the presentation! Thank you for joining us in this special event! Feel free to look around the car if you so desire. More pictures bellow. The spec sheet for the Latissime will be available upon request soon! If there are any automotive journalists or curious persons who would like to test drive the Latissime, don’t be afraid to ask! Again, thank you for joining us here at this special event! Have a lovely rest of your day!



The ALA35DOC24TT606-MSUVLERGXLE2 sounds like a very interesting engine. What other cars have the ALA35DOC24TT606-MSUVLERGXLE2 engine?


Just as an FYI those are my engine codes…

While this engine was made specially for the Latissime, variations of these engine are used in other models in the AL Autos lineup.


The all-new 2020 8th Generation Tanaka Aventis

From left to right: Tanaka Aventis 2.0 B, 2.0 G, 2.0 L and 2.0 S

Since 1965, the Aventis had always been Tanaka’s best-selling and most popular model. It was technology cramped into one simple and affordable package. But a redesign was needed to keep up with its competitors. With crossovers taking over the market, the Aventis’s goal is to retain its budget appeal. But with Tanaka’s direction as well, it now sprinkled a little bit more upscale factor to its package.

Tanaka Aventis 2.0 B shown


The new 8th generation Aventis is now more modern and cotemporary. Instantly you can see its new big grille and its slim headlights, also with its lower grille arrangement. It goes in line with Tanaka’s direction of being more upscale. The black roof and black on some of its trunk gives a cotemporary and modern look. The rear lights are also more modern and mature. The overall side profile is more streamlined.

Chassis of a Tanaka Aventis 2.0 G shown


The J-Series engine dating back to the previous generation in 2015 is also now heavily revised. The chassis is now fully-compatible with EV applications. It is now direct-injected (for US, most of Europe and higher level Asian countries only). The J20DI-B1 EarthBoost unit (found in the 2.0 B, 2.0 G and 2.0 L) makes 210HP wihile the J20D1-C1 EarthBoost unit (found in the 2.0 S version) makes 251HP. An EV version is available as well, but will be announced later on. Double-wishbone suspension for the front and multi-link suspension at the rear for a sporty driving experience. The wheelbase was extended from 2.65m of the previous generation to 2.7m to give more stability and more legroom. Fuel economies of the 2.0 G almost reaches 50mpg while the 2.0 S can get 40mpg. There will be 2 transmission options, a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed DCT. AWD is now optional.


What makes the new generation more upscale is the interior. The 2.0 B comes standard with seats being leather on the outside and very flexible cloth in the inserts. The infotainment is standard. The previous generation uses full cloth seats. The 2.0 G comes standard with a more premium infotainment system which has more function, higher resolution and its screen is bigger. The 2.0 L comes standard with seats and the rest of the interior covered in full-leather and piano black trimmings. This makes the Aventis more comfortable and premium than ever.

Specs for the car will be ready by tomorrow in the Tanaka website…


2020 Tanaka Akuma S on the left and the 2020 Tanaka 450X on the right

For those who haven’t have the chance to test drive the 450X and the recently revealed production version of the Akuma will be available for test drive, here are the list of cars available for test driving right now:

2020 Tanaka X-Series

  • 450X
  • 450X AWD
  • 450X S
  • 450X S AWD

2020 Tanaka Akuma

  • S
  • R

Make sure to PM me for test drive and please confirm the car you want to drive.

For those who wants to test drive of the new Aventis, we’ll start accepting them starting from tomorrow after the specs are shown.

Thanks you for attending the press reveal of the 2020 8th Generation Tanaka Aventis!

Tanaka Heavy Industries (田中重工業) | Tanaka Motors | (2005-2010 6th Generation Tanaka Aventus)


MEN Nutfahrzeuge AG proudly offers an two work trucks designed to revolutionize your last-mile delivery needs. MEN’s new BOX-R e 100 has the potential to revolutionize the industry. With upwards of $100,000 in savings per box truck.

These savings come courtesy of an estimated 300-400% improvement in fuel efficiency over a standard petrol box truck, as well as a 40-70% reduced maintenance cost over the course of its life compared to the petrol BOX-R. With a 120kwh battery as standard. It also supports up to 22kw charging.

the MEN BOX-R E 100 can achieve an estimated epa 100 miles of range. The BOX-R E 100 also maintains a 3200KG payload capacity.

The MEN BOX-R E 100 is accepting preorders now, with first shipments expected in Q2 of 2021.

We would also like to unveil The Urbvan I-LD. A small electric van with extraordinary capabilities.

The Urbvan I-LD comes in multiple configurations. A 60 kWh battery pack that provides up to 80 miles of range, and a 73Kwh battery pack with up to 95 miles of range.

The Urbvan I-LD is about more than range, it is a mobile work station which can provide its own power supply. It comes with a 7.2Kwh plug, to export power to any utilities such as tools, making it the ideal companion for any job.

However, it maintains its purpose of delivery extraordinarily well. With a 5000Lb load capacity, it is an extremely capable small van.

Preorders are open now. With final vehicle delivery scheduled for Q1 of 2021. Contact your local MEN representative for pricing.


Thank you everyone for your participation in this event. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be the Tokyo Auto Show, on October 22nd.

Please do not unveil any more cars.

Feel free to create post-show coverage.


damn im 34 minutes late


Oh, It’s going to be on my birthday? Mkay.


You guys are so incredibly great! Thanks for all the posts. I really enjoyed this thread =)