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'72 Commie Sports Car Challenge


I know, I know, no such thing as a communist sports car. (okay, maybe there were a couple German ones, but that’s all it was, a couple of cars.) And before you read the regulations, could someone tell me how to change the background inside the game?


Four cylinder engine to six cylinder
Nothing above 2 litres
Hard long life road tyres
Leaf springs rear or macpherson strut in the front , McPherson strut suspension in the rear (if it exists in '72 if not choose basic suspension.)
Maximum 235 mm wheels
Steel chassis, steel wheels
Forged engine parts (anything forged)
Carburetor or injection (only mechanical no throttle per cylinder.)
No mid engined cars (rear and front tranverse allowed)
Any body made of fiberglass
Region- Archana
Deadline Friday, June 24th
You will be awarded points for economy, 5 points for every mpg over 12, cheapness, 5 points for every thousand below 25, and sportiness, 5 points for every competitiveness point over 50 in the light sport section. (any light sport premium, budget, etc.

And try to keep in mind that it has to be economical, has to run of low quality fuel, and doesn’t need more than 95 horsepower. :blue_car: Cheers.

[FINISHED] CSR 102 - A Free Decision

Any mods allowed.
Also multiple entries allowed.


First question…it’s called the “'72 Commie Sports Car Challenge” but you talk about '78 for suspension.

So is it 1972 or 1978?

And you can’t change the background in the game.


for some reason i can imagine quite a few entries will be based off my communitasia, but anyways, i don’t think macpherson strut is even a rear suspension option


Oh, sorry i’ll fix it


On some bodies it is an option, like on the other 60s jaguar looking body


ohh now i remember, it’s an option on cars with a mid/rear engine option


Now please, could you start making cars :smile_cat:


I’m kinda making a shelby cobra looking car with an i6, producing 160hp


Anybody started making cars yet? :sleeping:


What’s the challenge?


No deadline, no chance to see if there’s a flaw in the rules, constant double posting…

I’ll pass this one.


He hasn’t even posted what the challenge is and then wonders if anyone has started making cars. This whole thing is incomplete so, I think I’m going to pass too.


The challenge is to make a car according to the rules posted. Nothing else.

By the way, @pboy123 you have nothing stating what the FRONT suspension can be.


I made a massive luxury station wagon with a 270cc i4 engine(so you can store more things in your engine bay) that has a an incredible 4.8 horsepower while still managing to be efficient at 5.5 pounds of fuel for every horsepower hour and with a reliability rating of 7.7 it might not break down before you drive away from the dealership, and while the engine itself sounds impressive you won’t believe the performance it gets with its efficient 2 speed automatic transmission our engineers believe that if given a long enough road it may be able to reach the incredible speed of 24 MPH. Now you might be worried about being able to keep all that power under control however our 4x4 drive type and huge 85mm tires are sure to make sure your wheels don’t spin and you stay on the road. Our high tech front and rear drum brakes make sure that you can stop from even its top speed in only a bit over four and a half seconds. For acceleration it does a quarter mile in 83.5 seconds and we don’t even know how fast it could do a standing kilometer(mostly because it runs out of gas before making it to the end). While having a fast car is all well and good you also want something that won’t eat into your wallet that much, and we are proud to tell you that at a 20mph cruise our vehicle can get up to 4 miles per gallon, and the initial cost of our vehicle is hardly anything at a mere $400100 before markup.

Can’t forget the 3 exhausts per cylinder flowing onto a wing for maximum downforce Beautiful front end. all that space in the engine bay. and of course this monster of an engine powering the whole thing
…do I win?


at this point, i’m legitimately going to enter a 100% stock communitasia just to see where that gets me


Genius! I can’t believe nobody has thought of that before :joy:


Didn’t the exhaust on F1 cars, for several years, exit on the top of the body? So they got more flow on the rear wing?


Yes, they did but it was banned several years ago


Here is the First Order Automotive Failed Crudder.

A car that was NEVER destined to carry the Cruzer name.

It runs on moonshine, alcoholic’s urine or any muddy water that has oil added to it.