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88th International Motor Show (Geneva International Motor Show 2018)


Breaking News…According to AP, Monarch Motor Company has withdrawn from the 2018 Geneva Auto Salon. Reports say that the vehicles that were to be displayed, were all flooded this past weekend as they awaited shipping to Geneva. More news to follow…




New for 2019, the Tempest will bring Leviathan performance and comfort in a small package. With an new modern design language and $27,950 price tag, the Tempest will lead the way for our goal of making quality performance cars available to the masses.
(Note: Post has been updated to reflect changes from the recent update. For the most part, they got a more expensive and needed some optimization.)

Tempest 4S

The entry level Tempest, the 4S is powered by a 1.6L Inline 4 engine making 175 hp. Although the 4S is the least powerful trim, it is capable of a 136 mph top speed and a 0-62 mph time of 6.6 seconds. This inline 4 features VVL and has revs for days all the way up to 9100 rpm. The 4S is capable of a combined 33.5 mpg (US). A 6-speed dual-clutch transmission comes standard for all Tempests. The active multilink suspension in the back and double wishbone suspension in the front strike the perfect balance between sporty and comfortable. The 4S is both the quiet, easy to drive convertible, and the fun track car that tears through corners.

Tempest GT

The GT is the ultimate luxury version of the Tempest with all extra features of the 4S included and much more. The GT is powered by a 2.2L inline 6 and makes 257 hp. The 0-62 mph acceleration is down to 5.82 seconds and the top speed now reaches 162 mph. The inline 6’s redline is even higher at 9200 rpm. The interior features state of the art leather interior, a HUD, GPS, 2-zone climate control, a high-end sound system with 10 speakers and built in music storage, all with optional voice activated controls for a hands-free experience. The upgraded vented disc brakes can stop the GT from 62-0 mph in under 95 ft. With the added weight and more power, the GT still makes 32.1 mpg combined. This high-end model with all features included is priced at $38,692.

Tempest Twinturbo R

The Twinturbo R is the ultimate performance version of the Tempest. Sporting a newly developed 2.6L V6 twinturbo, the TTR produces 382 hp, which brings the top speed to nearly 180 mph. It is much quicker off the line with a 4.6 second 0-62 mph time. Even with the massive increase in power, the TTR maintains great fuel efficiency at 31.2 mpg combined. The brakes and suspension were geared more towards performance and the result is a 1:19.03 Airfield laptime from the latest test. The TTR did not sacrifice much in comfort with quality sport seats and a premium infotainment system. The Twinturbo R will be priced at $44,950. An even faster race-oriented GTX model was planned, but the project is put on hold because of the update we felt it went against the idea of an affordable sports car.

Keep an eye out for more from the Leviathan Motor Company in the next few days.

TreadKillers Tuning House
2018 SEMA Show

I probably should of asked this earlier to confirm by suspicions but does the timing for this auto show run off of the timezone for the location of the autoshow or by some other sort of time zone set by the thread’s owner?


EVE Phoenix Concept


Kogan is proud to present you the new STS Turbo!
It’s radical, track oriented, light and powerfull, assimiled as a little supercar, but do not be fooled by its small size, as the proverb says: size doesn’t mean everything!

Equiped with a 2.0 liters inline 4 turbocompressed of 370 horsepowers, you’ll need only 5.47sec to propel her 927 kg to 100 km/h!
The Kogan STS can go to 277 km/h, but the true strengh of this sports car is the agility and the acceleration.

We are aware of the expetations of our clients, and the authenticity is at the rendezvous: You can disable the ABS/ESP with 1 button on the dashboard.
You’ll be able to buy it with or without the power steering, for the most pilots of our customers!


Over the Žnoprešk stand, the big led panels started to blink and this 3 image started to show, one after the other.

Two cars are pushed on the stage under heavy black cloth. Someone in the small crowd of curious started to look suspicios. Those two cars have a very familiar shape…


Latest update from Monarch Motor Company…


AL Autos

New AL Logo PNG v3

Hello everyone and welcome to the AL Autos booth! For these past few months, we have focused on improving two of our uber-premium luxury cars which have been previously debuted at Geneva as well as bringing out 2 brand new supercars which don’t have our usual turbocharged Flatplane V8 setup. In our booth, you will see all new redesigned Luxus (previously named the Classe) and Flusso with new sleeker design elements and brand-new engines, and two new supercars have our new high performance turbocharged 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines named the Seni and the Semita. Without further ado, let’s get into the mix of things, shall we?

AL Autos Flusso RGXLE

The Flusso, debuted at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, is one of two of our uber luxury sedan aimed at buyers looking for a unique way to stand out in the crowd.

The Body

The Flusso has been redesigned from the previous model year to provide a sleeker look using our more elegant and flowing fixtures. First of all, we brought back the mouth grille from the original Flusso and managed to make it suit the body better. The lights have also been updated to our sleeker headlights found on most of our luxury cars. The nose grille from the previous model year has also been preserved but has been sculpted to flow with the new headlights. The taillights have also been made sleeker with a sequential signal lamp/taillight combo. With regards to some numbers, despite using the same body shape, the Flusso has shaved off 77 LBS or 35 KGS thanks to lighter aluminum panels. Overall, compared to its predecessors, the new Flusso is sure to make headway in AL’s modernity.

The Engine

The new Flusso scraps the original 3.5 L Twin Turbo V6 in favor of a 3.5 L Turbocharged I6. The new 3.5 L Turbocharged I6 produces 495 HP and 372 ft-lb of torque sent through all 4 wheels though a longitudinal AWD system. The new engine can also rev up to 8000 RPM. Also included in the underpinnings are a 7 Speed Double Clutch Sequential Gearbox, an Electric Limited Slip Differential, 245F/255R ALComfortDrive tires, Vented Disc Brakes front and rear, and a comfort tuned suspension system. With regards to performance, the Flusso can achieve a top speed of 191.2 MPH (307.7 KPH), go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 4.2 seconds, and clock a 1:23.5 on the Top Gear Test Track.

Luxury Accompanied by Safety

The Flusso, being an uber luxury sedan, has the interior to match the name. The two-tone leather seats have been exquisitely stitched by one seamstress to keep the weave constant. The front and rear seats also are heated and cooled and have the capability to massage the driver and passengers. AL Autos has decided to incorporate customizable interior LED lighting allow the user to personalize the feel of the interior. AL Autos has also included a system into the climate control that allows for the driver to infuse a relaxing scent into the air. Of the many scents included, some examples include pine needles, lavender, citrus, and fresh linen. In addition to the luxury, AL Autos has included safety features to keep you and your occupants safe: A 360 degree HD Camera view with front and rear end sensors, front and rear cross traffic collision alerts accompanied by automatic emergency braking and vibrating seats and steering wheel as a warning, night vision, auto rapid flashing hazards in case of emergency braking, lane keep assist, radar guided cruise control, and a door opening warning system which alerts the driver or a passenger that the door is about to collide with the car next to them or a car is oncoming in the road behind them. All of this has been included in the Flusso to show that AL Autos care about the comfort and safety of you and your passengers.


Fully Loaded (As Shown): $134,900
Base Model: $107,300

AL Autos Luxus RGXLEL

The Luxus, debuted at last year’s Geneva Moto Show under the name Classe, is the second of our two uber luxury sedans aimed at buyers looking for a highly luxurious, unique ride.

The Body

AL Autos used the same aluminum body as the previous model year, however, all the fixtures are new for the model year: Our eye-catching headlamps, our all chrome 5-point nose grille, our new grille vent combo, and our taillight vent combo. Overall the new fixtures put on the body will help the Luxus catch the eyes of any passerby.

The Engine and Chassis

The new Luxus gets an all-new 5.3 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8. This new engine is capable of sending 714 HP and 547 ft-lb of torque through all 4 wheels 40F/60R. This engine is mounted on a strengthened glued aluminum monocoque chassis. Attached to that chassis are a 7 Speed Double Clutch Sequential Gearbox, electric limited slip differential, ALComfortDrive tires, vented disc brakes (6 piston F, 4 piston R), and active comfort tuned suspension. The Luxus can clock a top speed of 208.2 MPH (335.1 KPH), go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 3.4 seconds, and clock a 1:27.8 on our test track.

Opulent Luxury, Technology, and Safety

The Luxus, being another one of our uber luxury sedans, has to have the interior to match: two tone nappa leather seats stitched by one semestress to keep the weave constant, front and rear climate controlled and massageable seats, LED mood lighting, AL’s automatic front and rear dual climate control with scent infusion, rear passenger entertainment screens, and a 9 speaker Harmon and Kardon system connected to our ALConnect Infotainment System with satellite navigation with real time traffic, AM/FM/USB/Satelite radio, and AL’s WorldConnect. With regards to safety, AL Autos wanted to include a multitude of safety/convenience features to help make your drive just that little bit safer: A 360 degree HD Camera view with front and rear end sensors, front and rear cross traffic collision alerts accompanied by automatic emergency braking, vibrating seats and steering wheel to serve as a warning, night vision (only useable when headlights are on at night), auto rapid flashing hazards in case of emergency braking, lane keep assist, radar guided cruise control, and a door opening warning system which alerts the driver or a passenger that the door is about to collide with the car next to them or a car is oncoming in the road behind them. AL Autos want to make sure that you and your occupants are safe when making your daily journeys.


Fully Loaded: $144,800
Base Price: $129,300

AL Autos Semita RGR

We ourselves don’t even know what to call this car; a supercar or a sportscar. All we know is that the Semita will change the way we think about performance vehicles.

The Body

For the Semita, we took the body of one of our performance cars, the Actio, and worked some magic on it. For lightness, we lightened some of the body panels with carbon fiber. When all is said and done, the Semita weighs an astonishing 2668.8 lbs (1210.5 kgs). For looks, we incorporated our new design elements found on our luxury cars into a more aggressive looking package: our airplane wing inspired nose grille, our new mount vent/grille combo, another iteration of our vent taillight combo, and some throwbacks to old AL styling with the main grille at the rear. From any angle, the Semita is sure to look apart even when going 200 MPH.

The Performance

The Semita features a high-power output 2.2 L Turbocharged 4 cylinder. Don’t judge a book by its cover though because this small little powerhouse produces 468 HP and 304 ft-lb of torque. Also connected to the rigid but light Carbon Fiber Monocoque Chassis are a 7 Speed Double Clutch Sequential Gearbox, an Electric LSD, ALSportCompound tires, 20” carbon fibre rims, Vented Disc Brakes (4 Piston F, 6 Piston R), an Active Aero Wing, and active sports tuned suspension. The Semita can clock a top speed of 201.5 MPH (324.3 KPH), achieve 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.9 seconds, corner from 1.17g to an astonishing 1.31g, and clock a 1:13.3 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Nice Touches

Despite the Semita being based on lightness, AL Autos were still able to incorporate some neat features: a digital gauge cluster, AL Autos’ ALConnect Infotainment System, a heads-up display that will show you your speed, rpms, and sat nav directions, a 360 degree camera view, and an optional light up hood ornament. Lightness in a supercar doesn’t always have to be spartan.


Fully Loaded (As Shown): $160,400

Base Price: $152,800

AL Autos Seni RGR

Now for something new in AL Autos supercar design.

The Body

The Seni, from our perspective, is a radical departure from our usual designs here at AL Autos. We wanted to design something that looked different compared to our current line of automobiles. We told our designers to go crazy with their sketchboards to come up with something different. Oh boy did they pull it off: A brand new headlight/vent combo to fit our new vent fixtures, a new grill vent/grille combo to suit the flow of the car, a subtle side vent embedded in the rear quarter panels to give the car some more curves, and a different take on our usual rear end designs. In addition, the aerodynamic Seni also sports some Carbon Fiber panels. Overall the Seni weighs in at 3142.3 lbs (1425.3 kgs).

The Performance

The Seni also comes with another one of our high-power output engines: a 3.8 L Twin Turbo V6 producing 585 HP and 429 ft-lb of torque sent to the rear wheels. Also connected to the Carbon Fiber Monocoque Chassis is a 7 Speed Double Clutch Sequential Gearbox, an electric limited slip differential, ALSportsCompound tires, magnesium alloy rims, carbon ceramic brakes (4 piston front, 6 piston rear), active wings, active cooling flaps, and active sports tuned suspension. The Seni can achieve a top speed of 217.9 MPH (350.7 KPH), go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.8 seconds, corner at 1.14g-1.19g, and clock a 1:13.5 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Technology

To help the driver handle the Seni, some driver aids have been added to make the car more controllable: Incorporated into AL’s Autos’ ALConnect Infotainment System is our ALDrivingProfile 2 which allows the driver to either select from 1 of 3 driving profiles (road, road sport, and track) or create their own driving profile to suit their needs (systems that can be adjusted include, but are not limited to, suspension height, traction control sensitivity, and active aero mode), aero bits found in the rear end controlling downforce on the back, fast acting road tracking headlamps, and an upshift/downshift indicator found on the digital dashboard.


Fully Loaded (As Shown): $164,000

Base Price: $134,500

AL Autos would like to thank you for coming to our booth! Enjoy the rest of the Geneva International Motor Show 2018!


Welcome to the reveal of Zasteros Automotive cars! One of the first cars to be teased was a blur shot of a car named "Project SLT(Sport Luxury Tourer) ". It was neutrally received as such, and right after we started a version no.2 nicknamed the “Sidici” where everything in the detailed was modernized, but the poster for it which shows a Sidici Rev.2 was left to be desired.
But without a further ado . . . . . .

Zasteros Venirus Coupe

The Venirus was not to beat anyone in a fistfight, it was to travel the world with delight and diligence as the power wafts through the many miles it will encounter. We believe that this car brings the back the sprit of old school driving but with modern twists and touches.

Driving Experience

The Venirus is no old slouch, courtesy of a 4.2 L V8 Turbo, bringing out 445 horses at 7800 RPM and 498 Newton Meters at 2800 RPM. The engine is also capable of usable torque within 2800 - 5600 RPM, making cruising at speed satisfying.

In the bends, it doesn't want to kill you, nor annoy you to death thanks to PneumaticActive suspension with coordination of the Active Road Profile system which will set the suspension according to driver behavior.

Luxury Toys

If you have slowed down the pace with the Venirus, you will begin to enjoy luxuries equipped standard for the car.

Equipments list (all come as standard)

Leather Seats
Alcantara Steering Wheel
Sequential Paddle Shift
7.5 inch Center Screen
Hydraulic Steering
and Many more …

Future updates:

When the car sales starting April 2018 and gives justifiable profit, we will be considering making a convertible version of the Venirus and maybe a lightweight sport version of the Coupe.

We do hope, as the company’s “produced in a daily-basis” car, it will gain enough attraction to drive the sales high.


2019 Zasteros Venirus Coupe

Start of Production : April 2018

Price: 35160 @ 20.0%

Fuel economy (UK): 39.5 MPG

Top Speed: 297 km/h

0-100 km/h : 4.7 s

1/4 mile : 12 .66 s


Well done.


Montes Urban 40 Aniversario

40 years back ago, on the same Motor Show, Montes released the first generation of the iconic hot hatchback. The Urban MRP 2.0 16V. A RWD hot hatch, with the legendary G20 engine (2.0 16v i4, injection, with 122hp).

And, today, 40 years later, we are proud to show the conmemorative edition from the Urban MRP. The Urban 40 Aniversario.

We decided that, to celebrate the 40Th years of that model, we can’t do only a retouched Urban 3.5 V6 MRP, we need to create something special, where we will comment below the details.


Here we have the main difference respect with the standard 3.5 MRP.

We have changed the 3.5L V6, by the well-known V8 MZ408E, used in the M300, which equips Montes’s SCHI technology, to achieve high performance, reliability and power. It delivers a massive 480hp at 8800 RPM, as well as about 428Nm at 7000 RPM, sent to the rear wheels through a 7-speed manual gearbox, and an electronic autolocking differential.

The engine cubic about 3996 cm3 of displacement, and is a v8 flatplane of natural aspiration, to 90º, that incorporates direct injection, VVL and double VVT, as well as a tubular exhaust of high performance, as well as individual butterflies by cylinder, and a filter high perfomance.

Body and interior

We have chosen the 3-door body, of the current Urban, and we have made specific modifications to reduce the weight, and improve the distribution of this.

The main changes are:

-Interior made of lightweight materials, such as titanium, carbon fiber and Alcantara upholstery.
-Two-seater passenger compartment, with reduction of infotainment systems, to remove weight, and focus the leading role to driving.

Chassis and body

It’s the same chassis as the 3.5 V6 MRP.

The improvements it has undergone have been the addition of a safety cage and reinforcements in the chassis.

In the section of body, we changed the front bumper, to adapt it to the cooling characteristics of the V8, as well as to redirect the air flow through the low fairings, and incorporate lips to increase the downforce at high speeds.

On the back, we have a diffuser, with a central dual exhaust outlet, and on the roof, an active spoiler, to give downforce. Unpublished in a hatchback.

The painting, exclusive for this model, tries to mix the original MRP red paint, with the Montes Blue, giving that very special pearlescent paint.


  • Limited to 300 units.

  • 0-100km/h: 4.3s.

  • Top speed: 289 km/h

  • Cornering: 1.33g (250m radius corner).

  • Weight: 1384 kg.

  • 100-0km/h: 26m.

  • Fuel consumption: 8.7l/100km.

  • Price: 69.065€

Thanks for your attention!


Haha whoops. I guess this is what I get for using Google translate to make my cars XD. It apparently also means six… (check expanded view)


Here are my initial thoughts on the AL Autos range:

Flusso - A classy premium car, even though the chrome strip down the flanks is a bit much. And this one definitely has a sporty side to it, with loads of features for good measure. The turbo I6 is a good match for this car’s upmarket vibe, and gives it a surprising turn of speed. However, it should be made available in other body styles as well - they should also offer a coupe, convertible and estate to give the buyer more choices.

Luxus - Just like the Flusso, but even more upmarket, and faster still to boot. However, a flat-crank V8 in a luxury car seems odd due to its lower smoothness value compared with an equivalent cross-plane V8. At any rate, it’s a big saloon with the heart of a supercar - but why does it have to weigh so much?

Semita - The color is wrong and the nose reminds me of a masked vampire, as does the rear. Moreover, it looks unfinished without any side intakes, and with just four cylinders under its rear deck, I am struggling to take this one seriously. But at least it’s light - and very fast, despite its modest power (for something that claims to be a supercar, anyway).

Seni - Although its aesthetics are more resolved than the Semita’s, there’s still too much angry face up front. But at least this one is an actual supercar, with a much more powerful engine. Speaking of which, it’s a twin-turbo V6, so this is not the best-sounding supercar by a long shot, but with 585 bhp and 429 lb-ft of torque, the Seni will easily deliver the goods.

Finally, I think there’s a typo in your press release - the Seni should cost $164,000, not $16,400. Other than that, I definitely enjoyed looking at your new model range - and I look forward to further developments from your company.


Omg, thanks for catching the typo XD @abg7 . That would’ve been catastrophic.

Also thanks for taking the time to give me some constructive criticism on my models :slight_smile:

Just want to respond to some of your points mentioned:

Flusso: A coupe/convertible/estate version of the Flusso… hmm… I might consider that :slight_smile:

Luxus: I don’t know why I used a flatplane V8 tbh. I think I’ve just had more luck getting flatplane v8s to fit to my desired specs. Also with regards to weight, it is a luxury car fitted with quite a bit of luxury points on the interior, tech, and so forth so that is one of the reasons. Also the body was made with a higher than usual quality standard so that could also be a factor.

Semita: I didn’t put side intakes on the car because I felt they weren’t needed much as this is a 4-cylinder sports/super car.

Seni: I guess the angry face for me is kinda what I visioned my supercars would have as I want them to look aggressive.

Overall, I’m glad you like the models I’ve brought :slight_smile:


Hah, a bad joke.

/shameless marketing mode on - And nevermind that Zavir Luna costs half that and is about as fast… despite 100 hp less and 2 seats more. /shameless marketing mode off


Limited edition, man.

And it performs like a M4.


Unlimited greed, man. And we are in Automationverse, not real world. And “normal” M4 has 30 hp less and 2 seats more.


But think that is a extreme limited edition hot hatch.

Is like to say "to pay the price from a M4 CS, I can buy a Nissan GT-R…

It could be expensive for a hatchback? Yes, maybe.

But the exclusivity and that performance has a price.


We at Brambel believe that everyone should have some fun in their lives, regardless of how skilled at driving they are. So how did we do this? May I introduce,

The Bramble Moro - because where’s the fun if you can’t control it?

First, the facts. The Moro is equipped with a transverserly mounted ‘Fab 4’, Bramble’s 51 year old I4, used here in 2 litre turbocharged form, producing 212 hp and 223 Ib-ft of torque. This is sent directly to the front wheels to provide as much control as possible, while still producing 0-60 in 6.4 secs and 137mph max speed.

But it is not outright speed where the Moro excels. With double wishbone suspension all round, light Aluminium panels , and semi active dampers, the Moro lives for corners. At just over 1300kg, it’s no heavyweight, and this lightness results in a car capable of the most demanding and tightest corners at almost any speed, while a traditional 5 - speed manual gearbox means you are in control.

The Bramble Moro will be available as the Moro Byge (coupe), and Moro Welkin (Soft-top), and will be £21,860 and £24,278 respectively (20%), Both seat four, and can be had with or without the Bramble Gills™ on the side. Pillars are available in the body colour or black.

Bramble Moro Welkin in Dark Green

The Bramble Gill in a better profile

Some of our Engineers saw the Moros spaceframe chassis, and thought they could make something great out of it. We gave them one fab 4 engine, and a Moro Byge body to use - this is the result

The Bramble Moro Byge GT

401hp. 2.6 litres. 1,100kg. 170kg of downforce on the rear. The Byge GT is what happens if Bramble goes mad - one of the most powerful FWD cars money can buy. For just £22,000, you can have a track car with carbon ceramic brakes, a 5 speed sequential gearbox and carbon fibre fixtures. This results in 151mph, 0-60 in 4.6s, and even better conering then the standard Byge.

Sadly, the Byge GT is not legal for the road, although Bramble are in talks with the FIA to create a one-make race series using the Byge GT.