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88th International Motor Show (Geneva International Motor Show 2018)


Unlimited greed, man. And we are in Automationverse, not real world. And “normal” M4 has 30 hp less and 2 seats more.


But think that is a extreme limited edition hot hatch.

Is like to say "to pay the price from a M4 CS, I can buy a Nissan GT-R…

It could be expensive for a hatchback? Yes, maybe.

But the exclusivity and that performance has a price.


We at Brambel believe that everyone should have some fun in their lives, regardless of how skilled at driving they are. So how did we do this? May I introduce,

The Bramble Moro - because where’s the fun if you can’t control it?

First, the facts. The Moro is equipped with a transverserly mounted ‘Fab 4’, Bramble’s 51 year old I4, used here in 2 litre turbocharged form, producing 212 hp and 223 Ib-ft of torque. This is sent directly to the front wheels to provide as much control as possible, while still producing 0-60 in 6.4 secs and 137mph max speed.

But it is not outright speed where the Moro excels. With double wishbone suspension all round, light Aluminium panels , and semi active dampers, the Moro lives for corners. At just over 1300kg, it’s no heavyweight, and this lightness results in a car capable of the most demanding and tightest corners at almost any speed, while a traditional 5 - speed manual gearbox means you are in control.

The Bramble Moro will be available as the Moro Byge (coupe), and Moro Welkin (Soft-top), and will be £21,860 and £24,278 respectively (20%), Both seat four, and can be had with or without the Bramble Gills™ on the side. Pillars are available in the body colour or black.

Bramble Moro Welkin in Dark Green

The Bramble Gill in a better profile

Some of our Engineers saw the Moros spaceframe chassis, and thought they could make something great out of it. We gave them one fab 4 engine, and a Moro Byge body to use - this is the result

The Bramble Moro Byge GT

401hp. 2.6 litres. 1,100kg. 170kg of downforce on the rear. The Byge GT is what happens if Bramble goes mad - one of the most powerful FWD cars money can buy. For just £22,000, you can have a track car with carbon ceramic brakes, a 5 speed sequential gearbox and carbon fibre fixtures. This results in 151mph, 0-60 in 4.6s, and even better conering then the standard Byge.

Sadly, the Byge GT is not legal for the road, although Bramble are in talks with the FIA to create a one-make race series using the Byge GT.


Shromet Shromet at Geneva 2018.

The 2019 Radiant has arrived.

From its bold and elegant exterior to its technology advanced interior, the new Radiant has been improved in every way to become our best Radiant, ever.
The 2019 Radiant takes an entirely new approach to performance by featuring two improved engines, two direct injected and turbocharged units. a 2.0 liter 6 Cylinder engine, and a 1.5 Liter Three Cylinder engine.
The 1.5L 3 Cylinder engine is also compatible with a Hybrid electric drive train for improved efficiency and reduced emissions. The specifications of which will be revealed at a later date.

Furthermore, an all electric variant of the Radiant will become available for the 2019 Model year. With Specifications to follow.

Three transmission options have also been given to the 2019 Radiant. A six speed manual, which will be available with all engine options, a 6 Speed automatic, which will be optional on all 1.5L models, lastly an advanced 8 Speed ZF Friedrichshafen transmission, which will be optional for all 2 Liter Models, and all hybrid models.

Prices will start from $15,600. Visit your nearest Shromet Dealership to find exclusive offers on the 2019 Radiant.


The classic Halcyon GT is reborn after years of intensive development. Like it’s ancestor, the new Halcyon pushes luxury and performance to extreme heights. Leviathan offers two seating and engine options available to suit the owner’s needs.

The Halcyon GTS

The Halcyon GTS’s engine is a 40 valve 5.9L V10 that features Leviathan’s VVL and VVT technology. The V10 makes 690 hp of raw, naturally aspirated power. This power is fed to all four wheels with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. The result is a 0-62 mph time in 3.2 seconds (without launch control) and a top speed in excess of 225 mph. The large carbon ceramic brakes are capable of stopping the 3832 lbs car from 62-0 mph in 93 ft.

In keeping the spirit of the original Halcyon of the 60’s, the interior is all hand-made from the leather seats to the wood and chrome detailing. The Halcyon features Leviathan’s most advanced interior to date with it’s new luxury HUD system. The driver has access to the internet, GPS, radio, climate control, and more through voice commands or a streamlined touchscreen. It also includes old-fashioned knobs and buttons for the more standard functions (like volume, A/C) for those who want to keep their driving experience simpler. The 14-speaker Revel audio system packs a powerful punch that would satisfy any audiophile. Though we recommend 2 seats for the V10 GTS variant, a 2+2 is also available.

The Halcyon GT

The GT is the tamer of the two Halcyons for those who want something more practical. The engine is a 4.3L V12 Twinturbo making 488 hp. Extremely smooth with a subtly powerful exhaust note, the V12 provides a stable, comfortable ride all the way up to 202 mph. Acceleration is still quick with a 0-62 mph time of 3.9 seconds. To match the increased focus on luxury, the GT’s active suspension is tuned more for comfort and safety features are improved.

We didn’t make the Halcyon to be a statement of excess. The Halcyon was a vehicle (no pun intended) for developing multiple technologies for Leviathan including ways to reduce driver distraction by more intuitive interior design, and to create more environmentally conscious performance engines. The Halcyon GTS is more fuel efficient than many of it’s hyper/GT car counterparts at a combined 23.7 mpg. The Halcyon GT makes a combined 31 mpg (with cruising mpg well beyond that) and has a range of 560 miles. The Halcyon will be available later this year for a limited production run. The 2+2 GT will be priced at $145,955 (90% markup) and the 2-seater GTS at $162,955 (100% markup).


Scagliati at Geneva 2018.

Serenity And Dominance. Introducing the 2019 Scagliati Il Dominante.

(Music for the reveal)

2019 Scagliati Il Dominante, in Blu Oltremare

Introducing the 2019 Scagliati Il Dominante, our fastest, finest and most exclusive automobile yet. Born of seventy years of experience building some of the finest luxury automobiles in the world, Il Dominante marries our signature luxury with pure, indomitable power, to produce a driving experience like no other on the planet.

2019 Scagliati Il Dominante in Opale

Il Dominante combines our proven SCALE carbon-fiber architecture with the most powerful version of our Amadeo V12 yet, a 5.8 litre turbocharged unit producing over 1100 horsepower from 7500 to 9000 RPM, and 1060 newton-metres of torque at 7100 RPM. To put this power to the ground, Scagliati has adapted the TISE all-wheel drive system developed for the Cinquetorri luxury SUV to suit the unique driving experience demanded by Il Dominante. With a static split of 38 percent front and 62 percent rear, TISE can automatically send up between 0 and 60 percent to the front axles, with torque vectoring at the rear to help the car through corners. Automatically-deployed wing elements front and rear adjust downforce levels in accordance with demand and driving mode, allowing Il Dominante to lap the Nordschleife in seven minutes flat.

2019 Scagliati Il Dominante front detail

Inside Il Dominante, the interior will feel immediately at home to any existing Scagliati owner, with a pilot-focused instrument cluster, including head-up display and traffic, navigation and status cues, along with Scagliati’s familiar CAST system to control drive modes. As you would expect from any Scagliati, the interior is hand-crafted by our team of the finest craftsmen and women that Venice has to offer, with only the finest natural and sustainable materials finding their way into Il Dominante’s cabin.

2019 Scagliati Il Dominante rear quarter, in Rosso Rubio

Il Dominante also demonstrates that while a hypercar must be fast, it does not necessarily mean that it must also be needlessly harmful to the environment. Il Dominante achieves 9.2 litres/100 kilometres in the Automation Combined Fuel Economy Cycle, and produces only 39.8 emissions units in the same test. Engine stop/start functionality, plus a special sub-mode for the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission in Stradale mode allows for exceptional fuel economy figures, and with the generous storage area behind the seats, allows Il Dominante to be used as a continent-crossing GT car in the same vein as La Serenissima.

2019 Scagliati Il Dominante rear detail


Engine Specifications
Engine Type Scagliati Amadeo SP050.997T V12
Description 60-degree V12, aluminium-silicon block and heads, forged crankshaft, titanium rods and pistons
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 86.0mm x 82.5mm
Displacement 5751cc
Aspiration twin-turbocharged and intercooled, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Output 1100 horsepower @ 7500-9000 RPM, 1060 Nm @ 7100 RPM
Redline 9400 RPM

Model Specifications
Layout Mid-engine, all-wheel drive
Seating Two
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque and body panels
Suspension Pushrod front and rear
Driveline 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, electronic front, centre and rear differentials
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Curb Weight 1836 kilograms
Weight Distribution 42.1%F/57.9%R
0-100 km/h 2.6s
100-0 Braking Distance 26.7 m
Top Speed 400 km/h*
Fuel Economy 9.2 litres/100km
List Price $452,200
Planned Production Run 300

*Top speed is electronically limited

The Essence Of Dominance. The 2018 Corse Scagliati La Serenissima GTE.

2018 Corse Scagliati La Serenissima GTE, in Rosso Veneto

Scagliati has a long and storied racing history, going back to the very first Scagliatis built in 1947. Today, this proud tradition will be carried on by La Serenissima GTE, our effort for the AMWEC season to come. La Serenissima GTE has undergone a dramatic total transformation, from luxurious GT car, to focused and hardened race car, under the supervision of Christoforo Scagliati, head of Corse Scagliati and heir to the Scagliati name.

Weighing in at just over 1300 kilograms, La Serenissima GTE is propelled by a specially-developed, rules-compliant 4-litre version of the Amadeo V12 engine found across the Scagliati lineup, and produces well over 700 horsepower, driving the car though a special six-speed racing sequential gearbox. Numerous other changes have been made to the suspension, drivetrain and brakes from the roadgoing version - in fact, many of these changes, such as conventional suspension and steel brakes, are distinct downgrades from La Serenissima the road car!

A unique aero package, designed to maximise downforce and air extraction, has been fitted to La Serenissima GTE, with special attention going to the crucial front-end aerodynamics. Vortex generators, similar to those fitted to La Serenissima Quattrocento, have been fitted to the roof to smooth airflow at the separation point, reducing drag and increasing the effectiveness of the rear wing.

A double-deck diffuser has been fitted to the rear of the car, working with the underbody aero to increase rear downforce and stability at high speeds, while the transmission and differential coolers have been relocated to the rear of the car, as evidenced by the intake and exhaust cutouts in the aluminium trunk lid.

La Serenissima GTE is already in the initial stages of testing at the CMW Group’s proving grounds in Germany, with an announcement on which series the teams will be competing in expected in time.


Oh man, that’s some nice vent placement all around. And that active spoiler is a nice detail.


2.0 6 cylinder? Me likey :smiley: I6 or V6? Gib moar data pls :stuck_out_tongue:

@MrChips Il Dominante :heart_eyes:


How about a car from 64 years ago? the 1954 JHW Peregrine 2500.


18:00. At the Žnoprešk stand everything is ready for the presentation.
The two covered cars lays in the middle of the stage. The presenter take the microphone and walk towards the small 3 box car hidden under one of the heavy white cloth.
“This evening we are going to present you…” he grabs the cloth “this.”

The crowd laugh, but the presenter face don’t show any expression. He stare at the crowd. Some cough rise in reply.
He moves to the second car, keeping eye contact with the people that stares back.
He grabs the cloth “Not only. We are also going to present you…” the cloth fall down “this.”

The crowd feel a mix of embarassment and curiosity.
“I know. You already know this car. But tonight we are going to present you this two cars, as they would have been designed, if that 70’s and 80’s Znopresk car manufactorer leaped in time to 2018.”
He gives his back to the crowd, and the two huge znopresk logo on the back of the stage tear apart. From behind the ripped cloth, the Zest TS 2018 and the Zenit 2018 move in and park close the their ancestors.

The presenter point to the Champagne Metallic sedans while the photosflashes flood the stand “The new Zenit” he points toward the Melon Yellow hatchbacks “And the new Zest! See you tomorrow.”
The presenter diasppear, the light fade out and softer lights bounce back. The people is free to take a look to the old and new cars on the stage, but only tomorrow Žnoprešk will unveil the details about the trim.


Pampero Mk4


Bonham at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018

March 5th, eve of the show, Geneva, Switzerland

For the 2018 GIMS, Bonham has decided to run a press event on the night before the press days.
At precisely 10 past 10 pm, all lights were turned off and smoke started to be pumped to fill the set.
Meanwhile, the speakers were blasting a song.

Oh, yes, it was time for Kashmir.

With the song still playing, the purple lights were turned on and amidst the smoke, a big silhouette rolled into the stage.

As soon as the song ended, the smoke was cleared and the lights were turned on properly. In the middle of the stage, the 5m long behemoth stood. Next to it was 6’3" tall Arthur McKenzie, Bonham’s CEO.

Even next to him, the car was instantly recognizable as a limo, low, wide and long. 5.2m long in fact, with over 3 metres between the wheels.

“I could sit here all night describing the tecnhical prowess of this car, instead, I’ll let the styling do the talking” said Arthur.

And with a single fluid movement, the cover was removed.

Bonham Kashmir 6.0 V12 in Tyrian Black

Detailed information will be available on the Bonham stand and webpage as soon as the show starts.

Bonham Kashmir 6.0 V12 in British Racing Green

Bonham Cars

Aurora is planning to expand their lineup, with a slew of concepts. Here’s the first one.


2018 Erin Nardella Face Lift


I love the new Znopresk design language!


Zenshi at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show

Zenshi arrives at the motor show with their current lineup of cars, ranging from the tiny Tessitura to the large Pike, and setting the centre of attention in their section of the show with two essential models to the brand.

2019 Grandea

2018 GTS-30T Type M Shown in Force Blue

While the Grandea hasn’t changed significantly from last year, the biggest change for it is a newer version of the LZ3-ACE GMTE engine that now has VVL technology implemented within it, allowing for more power to be added, while displaying efficient power delivery.

Also new for this year is the inclusion of a turbocharged I4 model, the 320 HP 2.5L QS25GDAT, as the new base engine of the Grandea. Like the 3.0L models, the GTS-25T comes in two versions: the comfort-oriented Type-M, and the sports-oriented Type-S.

The iconic 2+2 premium sports coupe will come standard with a multitude of features, such as power tilt/telescopic steering and front bucket seats, remote engine start, 8.5 in touchscreen, dual climate control, and power folding side mirrors. Options include Nakamichi premium audio (standard on the GTS-30T Type M), leather upholstery (standard on GTS-25T Type M and both 3.0L models), and SM-AWS. All models will come with a choice between a 6-Speed Manual or a 6-Speed AvanTec.

2019 Axia

2018 4.8M shown in Rosen Red Metallic

Like the Grandea, the Axia carries itself over from last year, but with some improvement both inside and out.

The 2018 Axia is given a touched up front bumper revision that gives a more sophisticated appearance, yet still accentuates the athleticism the full-size sedan possesses. Standard equipment on the Axia is the same from last year, which included a power dual panoramic sunroof, dynamic active suspension, active noise control, and a 360-degree camera.

For the 2018 model year, the overall trims have been simplified to a few versions: 3.0M and 4.8M, and a 3rd version which is still currently being tested, and utilizes a similar powerplant to what was used over 12 years ago.


A mysterious car has been filmed at a nearby airport.

Just a day later, Dimension Motors , which is founded 4 years ago, admitted that this car and the Gerala(Recently introduced by the media) are their creations. And this mysterious car’s name is …Xerinna.

Dimension Motors makes their first step at the supercar market. After 3 years of development, Xerinna is finally completed.

This beast is powered by a 3.0L Twin Turbo V6.Producing 485HP and about 600Nm.

Despite it is kind of underpowered as a supercar, it’s performance is definitely a supercar. Xerinna weights only 1260kg thanks to the carbon fiber chassis.(1203kg for the RWD version, which is planned to announce at 2019) Xerinna is also using the custom version of Gerala’s AWD system and better infotainment, to provide even greater driving experience. Dimension Motors also did a great job on the fuel economy–35mpg(US)! You rarely see such economy in the supercar category. Overall, It is clear that Xerinna is definitely a great balanced super. As a newcomer of the car industry, Dimension Motors is doing very well!

Engine Details:
3.0L TC V6 (Codename: CAMELLIA)

Car details(lacking)
Model name:Xerinna(Codename:Chrysanthemum)
Layout:Mid-engine ,all-wheel drive
Chassis:Carbon fiber
0-100km/h:Less than 3secs
Fuel economy:35.2mpg(US)


Hmm… There’s already another company with the same name as yours if I’m not mistaken. But apart from that issue, this is a compelling junior supercar, not a full-fledged one.


Press Day 1

The 2018 Geneva International Motorshow is finally underway at last, and we’ve seen a whole slew of official releases on this first of the press days. I’ve even had a chance to do some test-drives too. Without further ado…

Time for a few test drives then. First up…

That’s all for day one. We’ll conclude press coverage tomorrow. For now, it’s time to find an afterparty and a hotel room for a one night stand, cause my god am I going to need one to clear my mind after some of the stuff I’ve seen today.

- Gavin Anderson

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

Montes Roadster: time to enjoy the wind again!

10 years after launching the last generation of the Roadster, today we present the new-gen Roadster. And it comes with a lot of new features!


For the development, we have focused on two basic pillars: enjoyment at the wheel, and design.

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of the driver, we have taken into account the following factors: weight distribution, position and driving position, detachable assistance elements, and precise and direct touch of the control elements (steering, pedals …), and simplified infortaintment system. Reduced to the essential.

Another new feature is the option to switch off the electric power steering, if you want a more sporty and old-school feeling.


The 2018 Roadster it comes witt three engines: a naturally aspirated 2.0L 160hp engine, the turbo 2.0L 230hp (used on the Urban GT Turbo), and a 3.5 V6 (a detuned version from the MRP RX35VG) with 336hp.

The only available transmission, is a 6-speed manual gearbox, coupled to a geared LSD. Later, a six-speed double clutch box will also be offered.

B O D Y & C H A S S I S

The new chassis, monocoque type, is built in lightweight AHS steel, and has 50% more torsional rigidity than the previous generation, but with less weight.

As for the body, has a retro design, which collects features and characteristics of sports cars of the 60s. A large front grille and details such as mirrors (extra), as well as the rear and side grille, in chrome. Combined with contemporary details, such as the lean and thin headlights, Matrix full LED technology (and laser in option for the high beam), LED tail lights, slim design, and aerodynamic handles, with chrome finish.


The 2018 Roadster is available from:

-2000 160: 27.122€
-2000 Turbo 230: 29.023€
-3500 340: 36.192€


Responding to the comments about the rims seen in the photos of the teaser, are some optional rims (+ 1200 €), created by Borrani, exclusively for this model.

So, calm down. We also have more alloy wheels available.


More photos, soon :tm:

And, @DeusExMackia, we have an Assetto Corsa car model, if you wish to drive the car! :wink: