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89th International Motor Show (Geneva Motor Show 2019)


2020 Blaire New Car “The legend is back”


Keen eyed Motoring Journalists noticed some activity on Verna Automotive’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
A single image and a caption was all that was posted.

Good things do come in small packages. Geneva, 2019.


It looks cute, but is clearly dated - any claims about it being “a new standard in MPVs” are doubtful at best unless it has some clever engineering underneath the skin.



Corsica Motor Company

Corsica will announce their plans to step back into the European market, after being absent there for 10 years


Geneva Motor Show Pre-Show Coverage

We're back, and today is our first ever coverage on the upcoming Geneva Auto Show! This show, like any other year, will showcase all of the latest and greatest vehicles of the world. Major manufacturers such as Kimura, Ursula and Kyoki, as well as some smaller guys are here, showcasing their latest shi- *ahem* I mean latest creations, on the biggest car show ever!

Excited? Let’s begin.


  • Kimura is planning for their next-gen electric vehicle, and they named it after the famous mathematician Georges Lemaître (pretty weird for a car) and they took inspiration from the first-gen Auburn. No pics of the car was shown yet, but I wish it will be as good as the original Auburn.
  • AL Autos will release a new luxury car named as the Aurum, and judging on the looks I have no idea why AL use such edgy design into a new car. At least they claim it will be more luxurious.
  • CONFIRMED: SPAF isn’t going to this year’s Geneva Motor Show. We wish they will get their releases in a better condition next year.
  • Tanaka’s new car has no major info, but it seems that it will be some new supercar. Maybe I was wrong tho, but I’m sure it certainly looks like one.
  • After changing their logo Ursula then went to made an advert about the upcoming F5 coupe. We have seen loads of spy pics of the car, but this murky ad doesn’t seems like to be some great news either.
  • Retronix is also announcing two tasty sport cars in this show. But I can’t really prove anything about it tho.
  • After the splendid launch of the Pandora in the NAIAS, this time Kyoki might did a oopsie on the new design of it’s EC-02. “Kyoki, please, that’s edgy as [censored], can you make it tamer?” - Ed.
  • The Kaze will be “as fine as wine”, quoted Aria. Hopefully the wine doesn’t end up as grape juice instead.
  • Honghu will showcase two new cars, and both does look great. Ursula may shit their pants if Honghu show these, but only time would tell.
  • On the other hand, Canadian Motors has just announced two cars will be released in Geneva. And I can’t see any reason why these cars look like some sort of riced up.
  • The uncreatively named “New Car” is going to be Blaire’s newest release. Honestly, the name would halve their chance to succeed tho. UPDATE: Blaire’s representative told us that the New Car name is used on the car since '84. But we still don’t know why the car has a pretty generic name.
  • Verna Automotive spammed FB and Twitter just to promote their new car, with only a picture and some quote. But bigger doesn’t mean better right? We’ll wait.
  • “The King is Back” - Sakura Automotive, claiming their new car will beat the shit out of it’s competitors (2019)
  • After 10 years, Corsica has finally released cars to Europe again (yay). But why they picked a unoriginal coupe and a muscle car as their candidates to diesel-sipping, hatchback-loving Europe?

And we make an end to the highlights for the Geneva Motor Show. There’s more to come, and we will be (literally) in Geneva this March for the live coverage of the announcements!

Restez à l’écoute! (“Stay tuned!” if you’re bad in French)

Drivers.com - The Internet's Auto Guide

Holts will be at the Motorshow

2020 Trova, Slightly refreshed, more affordable.
2019 Suro, Budget Fullsize SUV






Ökul Motorcars will be present at Geneva.
We will launch the S73 model lineup, offer a more detailed look at S98 NH concept and present a facelifted Opus Model 1.

If the game and mod updates doesn’t brake the mentioned models.



Twice The Power, Twice The Driven Wheels, Twice The Fun.

More info will be revealed at the show.



It is not dead, more info, soon.



The Cardinal Skyline GT-R is highly inspired on the real-life version of the legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, however with 4 doors and 5 seats plus a RB28 based single turbo inline 6 engine pushing more than 710 hp and 500 lb ft of torque. This masterpiece reworked by Cardinal can attain 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and a 365 km/h top speed! Not to mention a 1.18 G skidpad score and 100 km/h to zero in merely 31.3 meters! With such performance feats it will surely be able to strike fear to likes of any super sedans such as the BMW M5 or the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG.

Note: To anyone who might think it is a copycat or clone: This car is some sort of a homage to the legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. Don’t hate me so much as I am a huge fan of the Nissan Skyline GT-R itself, so I decided to make a version of my reimagination.


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NIssan wants to know your location


Just to state that I am a big fan to Nissan, no offense.