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89th International Motor Show (Geneva Motor Show 2019)


Holts will be at the Motorshow

2020 Trova, Slightly refreshed, more affordable.
2019 Suro, Budget Fullsize SUV






Ökul Motorcars will be present at Geneva.
We will launch the S73 model lineup, offer a more detailed look at S98 NH concept and present a facelifted Opus Model 1.

If the game and mod updates doesn’t brake the mentioned models.



Twice The Power, Twice The Driven Wheels, Twice The Fun.

More info will be revealed at the show.



It is not dead, more info, soon.



The Cardinal Skyline GT-R is highly inspired on the real-life version of the legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, however with 4 doors and 5 seats plus a RB28 based single turbo inline 6 engine pushing more than 710 hp and 500 lb ft of torque. This masterpiece reworked by Cardinal can attain 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and a 365 km/h top speed! Not to mention a 1.18 G skidpad score and 100 km/h to zero in merely 31.3 meters! With such performance feats it will surely be able to strike fear to likes of any super sedans such as the BMW M5 or the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG.

Note: To anyone who might think it is a copycat or clone: This car is some sort of a homage to the legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. Don’t hate me so much as I am a huge fan of the Nissan Skyline GT-R itself, so I decided to make a version of my reimagination.


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NIssan wants to know your location


Just to state that I am a big fan to Nissan, no offense.


Ok this is just my first post in this thread, please don’t take too much offense, I will improve the car later on, anyway thanks for your advice.


Maybe you could make something like a Ford Mustang/Shelby/Saleen kind of thing? ie: A modified version of an existing car? Not sure how that would go down here, but there’s a chance that could work.


Please edit your posts, instead of double posting


I know people like to keep the game “lore” seperate from real life but Matthew is new, and we have plenty of car knockoffs around, it’s what inspires a lot of people. I don’t think Nissan are gonna take much offence to a fan made car made in a game inspired by the real thing.


Helios Motors will be attending the 2019 Geneva International Auto Show


We will get to hear many things from Murasaki Automotive at this show. So far, no teasers were released, but their social networks and official announcements hint towards new, more aero-based design study and style, called DynamX.

As well, full international roster was released.
Those account for :

Sunray - A small compact equipped with two engine options, a 90 kw 1.4 I4, and a sportier ~200 kw I4, the latter being variation of engine found in their SUV.
Sunray is also rumored to come in sport trim, but the details are not clear.

Yasai - Big, Strong, and Economical, that’s what Murasaki tries to market it as. Under the hood lies a 2.2 Inline four pushing slightly over 200kw.
What we are sure about is that they are right about Yasai being big.
But it is a crossover, don’t get your hopes up.

Umbra - This year, Umbra leaves it’s place as wagon version of the Holo, and becomes a car of it’s own. The new Umbra promises terrain capabilities and lots of space.
Engine is a bit of dissapointment, while new Holo gets fancy new inline six, Umbra keeps same engine as previous generation, a naturally aspirated V6. We hope they have a good reason for that.

Holo - Speaking of the wolf, we have fresh news on this one. New powerful inline six turbo, more luxury, and new style in their DynamX.
It will continue being the flagship of the series, and we have some special news on model called “Holo Mirai-H”. As the name suggests, it will be Hybrid model with more mileage and power, but that is all what we know now.

Akari New layout, adjusted engine, and new looks. That’s the promise of Akari we got.
What we really will be getting is a $120-135k hypercar slapper with launch time of 2.8 seconds to one hundered. Mid-Mounted V10 and option to have manual transmission [Warning : In standard trim it has Dual Clutch Paddle] Yes please.

Sentinel Okay Murasaki, i thought it can’t get more ridiculous after the last one, but here you are, a Van.
Yes, Van.
Why am i saying they are making fun of us? The Van looks good (By what we got to see) and is fast… like, in the higher trim it goes to 100 in five seconds, and is equipped with same engine as Holo. (Gotta be joke, right?).

Okay, that’s all for now. More info will be released on 26th, according to their official web.