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'93 P74 Crown Victoria (long live the Panther)


Guess I didn’t close the drivers door all the way. :slight_smile:


So, the owner of my old Crown Victoria came by the shop today. Still running strong with 532K miles. Looks like shit.


Just took the Vic to the Aqueduct for a photo-opp


So, the kid who bought my old Vic got it painted. Glad to see him taking care of it.


Got this a few months ago. Don’t see many, and just now doing some research. Really like the ride :slight_smile:


They really are great rides, judging by the grill, wheels, and antenna, you have a '95


Anything built on the Panther platform will be hardly the last word in driving excitement (Mercury Marauder aside), but if you’re looking for a comfortable barge, you could do a lot worse… especially if the Panther in question is a Lincoln Town Car, the last old-school American luxury car ever made:

American full-size luxury cars have definitely gotten objectively better in every way since then, but they are still being severely held back in the marketplace by simply not being long enough compared to foreign rivals:

Unless they want to permanently hand over the luxury car market on a silver platter to the Germans, the Japanese, and the British, the only way for Lincoln and Cadillac to maintain relevance in that sector would be to build a humongous retro-styled four-door sedan on their full-sized SUV platforms, with loads of power, less ground clearance, and plenty of potential export appeal, especially in the Middle East.