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A.C.M. (Alessandria Cars and Motors)


A.C.M. was founded at the end of WW two by two ex Fiat’s worker in Alessandria, a town of Piemonte in northern Italy.
The beginnings were not easy due to the shortage of money and the first machine built was a mix between an old fiat chassis and a volkswagen engine subtracted from retired German soldiers.
after two months of work and modifications saw the light the AC 46 a sedan-pony car four seats with standard interior.



Completely unfitting design for the era


Yeah the headlight design is way too modern.


599 headlights don’t belong on a 50s car, but a pair of circular ones most definitely would. And that kind of lime green is way too bright for the era.


Thanks to the money from seal of AC-46 in 1955 was presented the AC-55 in two version Sedan and Station Wagon, or Estate, with a Galvanized steel chassis, standard interior and a basic am radio. The new motor produced 6hp more and cutting the consume of 1L/100 Km.
The AC-55 enlarge the client list in Family and Utility segment of market.

P.S. a more historical designe in according with the other users’ suggestions.


Historical it might be, but you’re using square taillights on a triangular bit of bodywork. And they’re all yellow. You should look at cars of the era to see what’s likely to be period correct and what isn’t. This is 50’s so there should be quite a bit of chrome work going on, huge extravagant grilles, etc etc etc… This car could have a market base behind the “iron curtain”, but it would have to be made there…


in 1957 arrived the restilyng of AC-55 with more metal, second indicator,progressive spring and a new motor setup for more 4.2 Hp.



In 1960 arrived AC 60 in sedan,estate and coupe basic version (5seats with basic interior).

The AC 60 was declinated in Light Sport two seats version with 86.6 Hp


Better and better designs. Keep up! You seem to have similar attitude to 50s designs with me: not much chrome. :stuck_out_tongue:


the chrome is albeit less accentuated and the Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlin chassis is on the side. It’s Italian style not british or american massive chrome.
this is not an accusation against someone but just a clarification. in case someone was offended I apologize in advance.


Those front doors are so small that a coupe makes no sense. The coupe has usually big doors, so you compensate for 2 less doors with ease of access to the front and space up front. In any case, the car looks interesting


What if I told you that this car may actually be a two door sedan?


I would reply that this is a copout answer trying to weasel out of being pointed out the obvious. And post these three pictures for you to see what differs a 50’s 2 door sedan from a 2 door coupe


2dr sedan


But hey, good thing we’re operating in “what if” and this whole ordeal never happened


thi is my inspiration and I admitted I had to give greater thickness to the chrome plating on the door.


In 1965 was project the AC-65 a standard five seats sedan born to expand the range with a more compact car. The other two version was Estate, five seats, and Coupè with four seats.

the next project was a light sport car not derived by sedan trim

P.S. I inspirated by this car


After car with standard’s interior the A.C.M. in 1966 present a first sport car named CL .
CL have a Luxury interior with phonogrape, disk brake in all wheel and alluminium panels.



I like, but this wheel offset kind of looks bad.


Looks futuristic (although I suspect the phonograph is overkill in what is meant to be a light sports car) and quite fast in a straight line considering that its hood only conceals a V6 engine.


In 1972 arriving the substitute of AC 60 the AC 72 the first standard sedan with FWD, the car is disponible in Estate and 2 dors-4 seats coupè.


In 1974 was delivery AC 74 a substitute of AC 65. This car is basic sedan, or Estate, FWD


AC 72 and AC 74 have the same bodywork of AC 60 and AC 65 but have a new look, more HP and more economical for fight the 70’s oil crisis.


In 1975 A.C.M. present a new Light sport coupè 2 seats and 2+2 seats.
The AC CL75T it’s a first turbo car of brand an there is more power and more economical of the AC CL.