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A.C.M. (Alessandria Cars and Motors)


We’re blinkers an afterthought on the 72?


The correct frontal look of AC 72 and sorry for my mistake.


In 1983 the A.C.M. produce her first Hatcback with Transaxale FWD



Transaxle FWD?

Wait a minute… That would mean that this car has basicly reversed drivetrain from cars like Porsche 944, so here it would mean gearbox in the front, engine in the back.

Didn’t you mean transverse?





@squidhead ait, according to this text, his car is transaxle FWD, yet transverse, I believe that’s a typo, but strange one

And 911 was never FWD. :stuck_out_tongue:




None Audi had transverse FWD until the A3, and that AFAIK isn’t transaxle, being just a better Golf.


The only one talking about transverse is Oskiinus. It was not mentioned anywhere before. If the guy wants to rp as a transaxle fwd manufacturer let him. After all we have diesels and hybrids on these forums


Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I interpret from the intended use of a transaxle is to mount said transaxle perpendicularly to the engine’s placement (i.e. transverse “engine”, longitudinal transaxle, vice versa). Transaxles are almost always found in vehicles with the engine mounted in the same position as the transmission. The conclusion in which I come to states that @Oskiinus isn’t 100% wrong - nor 100% right.

In layman’s terms, this car would almost certainly contain within its inner workings a transaxle - but it would most likely be mounted in a longitudinal formation.

EDIT : Whoops.


Screens show a transverse layout, and since in UE4 it is no longer a problem to fit sensible engines in longitudinal FWD I guess it was meant to be transverse. We can rp a V12 as a turbo I4, but what for, if we have turbo I4s?

I don’t have a problem with roleplaying things that are not in Automation, such as said transaxle - in the end I’m making “diesels” myself, even one “5”-cylinder. I was just pointing out that this car has a transverse layout, so giving Audi as an example of a transaxle layout isn’t really relevant for that case, as they (AFAIK) don’t use transverse transaxle.

@FalseDevz From what I know transaxle in FWD means that the engine and the gearbox are on the other sides of the axle - for example engine in front of the axle and the gearbox behind it (like in Audi). And now I wonder how two such different layouts as FWD and RWD transaxle ended up being named the same.


In contemporaney with the ACH83, a controversial car for the motor and traction configuration, was produced the sedan AC 83 in two trim, interior and motorization.

Standard Sedan

Premium Sedan



In 1985 arrived the MK 2 of CL 75. The news is tail light, front aerial and new motor version more powerfull and economy.


In 1987 A.C.M. present the big sister of CL 75 MK 2 named CLS (Coupè Luxury Sport) moved by the first natural aspirated V8 producted by the A.C.M.


CLS you say…


I Know the mercedes car but i don’t copy. CLS is acronym, in italian language, Coupè Lussuosa Sportiva.


30 years ago, 351 horsepower was a lot. Putting it in a body that would have looked futuristic for its time didn’t hurt either.


in 1989 The A.C.M. was merged with the IAR (italian auto regroupment) group becoming the design and construction department of premium sedans.
The first product of the new situation was the AC90


Nice car, man.

But about the FIAT thing, try to don’t mix real companies with automationverse, there is no point in it.


I have modified the post with a fantacy car group