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A collaboration for a company project


A British car company looking for a buyer

I’m working on some designs since a few months, and I think I’ve found an idea I want to continue.

I want to run a Mini-ish company, with an emblematic old model, and a buyout in the late 90s/early 2000s. It will be easier for me to stick to one or two model that are declined in SUV, break… Than a Generic car company like I did before where I’m lost in the amount of possibilities.
I’d like to make a collaboration with someone’s company/group, to use your engines for the models after the 2000s.
I could create a company but it would take time and this company wouldn’t be interesting. And I think it could be cool to work with someone else on a car company.

The project

Initially the company is British, but I don’t car so much about the origin of the brand that will buy it, if it’s not Chinese, or Polish or things like this. Not that I don’t like these countries but for bring a bit realistic it should be European (yeah poland is in EU but you understand :slight_smile: ), American (like european Fords), Japanese…
I need a consequent engine bank, mostly inline 4, NA or turbocharged whatever. The cars will have a “GTI” version on every generation, so it needs a good and punchy small engine (from ~1.4L to ~2.0L), I do not exclude the possiblity of having a 5 cylinders on one generation of the sportier one, or a 3cyl on the newer eco. (tell me if my english isn’t clear I’m not sur about this)

I do not exclude to have a sport model only too, like a lotus-ish model.

The Design

These aren’t definitive, but gives you an idea of what I’ll be doing.

Here’s the classic design:

And the modern one:

It’s not fully detailed already, but I think you see what I’m about to do :wink:

If you’re interested, send me your company thread/cars/engines. And if I’m interested too, let’s go!
Even if I won’t use your cars, over the fact that I need good engines (that I’m not really good at haha), I want a collaboration with a good looking car company with realistic design (not a 4 fixtures design).

If you want more details, ask me down here!

I hope I’ll find someone :wink:


i’m interested.
thing is:

i am currently hosting CSR 100


i do not have an active thread and only two post-WWII cars…



It’s not for tomorow, I haven’t found a name already haha!


is that thing supposed to be actual mini, as in cheapo fun or more aston martin cygnet as in smol bentley?


More actual mini than cygnet, a small “kart”


My company thread is still in the mid-70s…


Meh, I am from Poland aaand… most popular polish cars (Polonez) were produced in Poland and SOMEHOW China :confused: image


i already have Keika as my sports car company, making the (to be renamed) Kunai as my pocket rocket


My company isn’t a sportscar company, it’s like mini, the majority of the production are regular cars/SUVs
There is a sporty version, but that’s all.