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A few observations from a newbie


I recently bought the game and love it so far. I know the game is early access and is bound to have a few small issues. So I made a video of a few bugs/issues I’ve come across and hope this helps to fix them in the future.

This is a link to all the vehicles mentioned in the video, in addition to a few others (in case I missed something).

Since I’m a new user on the forums I’m unable to upload my designs for help I just tried and got the error


Hey! Thanks for that :slight_smile: we certainly can take a look into the lights issue. Could you email us the example .car file to support@camshaftsoftware.com linking to this thread?
What is happening is that the more lights you add, the lower their individual intensity gets. That exporter algorithm most likely is flawed. Cheers!


In general though, all Automation exported cars lack the ability to light up the environment compared to the Beam cars. (Despite the actually light bulbs/light fixtures looking much brighter.)

But driving at night in Beam with Automation exported cars is always nigh impossible.

(Personally I find that a fringe issue, but I thought you guys did have it on the radar as low priority, so I’m glad the OP pointed it out if that was not the case. As always, overall fantastic job by the both teams to make this work.)


I’ll be sure to send the car designs over today. I’m at work now and will send them when I get home.


.Car files have been sent to the email you gave me.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: