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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]


It is time for a new challenge!

Every 3 weeks, we will move up 5 years at a time from 1946 all the way to 2020 on the brand new UE4 designer. The winner will earn money depending on how good their car is (everyone will get money), this means that the more rounds you complete the better. By 2020, the manufacturer with the most money wins!

On the whole, there will be very little limitations, however the key is to develop a good car that fits in with the era and maintains a current theme, very little companies build an offroader, then a sports carrier, then a van, so try and keep to the same theme

You cannot bring a newer car into an older era, the max year for both trim and engine is the year of the round (e.g.1946) but Be Realistic! e.g.Dont put an 11 litre engine with race exhaust on a van


Each car will be marked by:

0/5 - Relation to era
0/10 - Design
0/5 - addons and suspension
0/5 - Car advertisement
0/10 - Sellability

1 point £1000
5 points £5000
20 points £20000 and so on


#1: LLA (LinkLukeAuto’s)
#2: LMC (Leviathan Motor Company
#3: Petoskey Motors
#4: LeDorean
#5: Franklin Motors
#6: Bogliq Automotive
#7: Ardent Motors
#8: Cugnot Moteurs
#9: Olympus Motors
#10: PMC (Ponni Motors Company)
#11: Takemi Motor Company
#12: Wasp motors
#13:Grehet Motoring
#14: Contendiente (entering 1960)
#15: Birmingham
#16 Uspekh


LLA - LinkLukeAuto’s I would like to be added please


Sorted :smile:


LMC (Leviathan Motor Compay) - I’ll give it a go.


So, if 5 people join you for round one, that means you’re running 20 rounds worth of competition for 5 people, 4 of which will get tired of constant building and drop off by round 5.


Maybe if you open it up the competition so people can join in later rounds, you could just divide the money they made by the amount of rounds participated, and maybe add a little bonus based on the number of rounds participated in so that the winner isn’t a one round wonder.


Good idea , will change the rules accordingly. Thanks for that


ABR (Ambitious But Rubbish) would like to join this


I’ve added your companies @Puffster and @Chickenbiscuit


Round 1 Rules Are Up! Get posting


Petoskey Motors would like to take a crack at this.


The markup requirements conflict a little here - which one is it?

Also, LeDorean would like to take part in this.


Sorted sorry


While I find the idea of this competition interesting, I am unsure of a few things:

  • Mods supported or not at all?

  • How will the cars be comparable, if everyone builds for their own category without any general theme to follow?

  • How will you handle abuse of quality sliders?

  • Last but not least, my company begins in 1955, so I can’t join with that one before. Is that okay?



Mods are supported
Your company can start in 1955, you will receive a small penalty tho
Quality sliders at 0
They will ne judges mainly on sell ability and design (50%) and the rest will be marked on how well ornate complements the car, for example you womt get marks for a van with a gigantic racing v8 engine

Can I have the name of your company?


Romanov is the name. Thanks for clearing that up, I am looking forward to building!


all sorted, thanks


Are we using the same type of car throughout the timeline? So designing a family type car in '46 is carried through the entire timeline or are we free to change the type each turn…within reason?

Franklin Motors would be interested in partaking. 1968 sees them changing the name to Franklin Marshall. :slight_smile:


within reason yeah


Looks like fun, Please add Bogliq Automotive as of Round 1!!! :cowboy_hat_face: