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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]



may change as ardent didn’t enter his car fully


LMC with £70000


TAKEMI and FRANKLIN with £65000


WASP with £62000


ARDENT with £61000


OLYMPUS with £60000


BOGLIQ with £59000


GREHET with £57000


LLA with £55000


MANCHE with £52000


LEDOREAN with £46000


CONTENDIENTE with £41000
PETOSKY with £41000
LHE with £41000
ROMANOV with £41000




Round 3

The year is 1955. The car industry is changing at a rapid pace. In this year, VW had sold 1 million beetles worldwide, BMW were starting to finally make post war cars.
During the mid to late 1950’s two types of car were starting to become very popular worldwide, however in Europe (where this is set) the bubble car was HUUUUGE. One of the greatest car series of all time, the Citroen DS was first produced this year aswell New laws were put in place requiring seat belts to be installed on all new cars (Bear this in mind if you are redoing a previous rounds car)

However, 77 Die in a disaster at a 24hr Le Mans Race, while they thos happened in America this sent shockwaves throughout the globe. The Warsaw pact is signed this year so dark times are ahead for the transport industry aswell.

  1. Nothing can be from after 1955
  2. All vehicles must have 0 markup
  3. UE4 Engine must be used
  4. The two most important things are looks and sellability, but do not underestimate the other categories
  5. Name your model And engine by JTT - name
  6. Export and pm me the files
  7. Make your post here like an advertisement, try and actually sell your car
  8. Deadline is Wednesday 29th 1200GMT
  9. Mods are supported
  10. Quality sliders at 0


Since the competition is set in Europe, i think it’s kinda confusing that all the consumer related statistics in the introductory flavor blurb are about the US…

Maybe replace that with with some European stuff?


Yeah, you did, I just made a link so that Vic could find it easily… :grin:

Damn! Still gotta wait for the results so I can wrap up round 2’s rivalry… Who will reign supreme? :thinking:


i have a few things to say, and i’m going to be honest about it…

  1. you’re coming in under a lot of fire. i’m honestly amazed you still have the guts to keep going at all. a lot of newcomers didn’t even make it past the ‘challenge idea’ stage. but, what i am not impressed about is the way you are responding to it all. you are taking every single ‘comments’ or ‘opinions’ VERY personally. just calm down, and ignore the one that you think doesn’t matter, or have 0 constructive critic. the one getting mad is you. don’t think the other party that’s making you angsty is felling the same way you do. no need to waste your anger. (TL;DR you’re giving out too many ‘fucks’ :stuck_out_tongue: calm down)

  2. i do feel like we are a relatively harsh community to newcomer. just because there have been a lot newcomers in the past that are just absolute trash, and annoying everyone at every chance they get, despite the response, or the effort to give critic, or even warning given to them. so do take note of that when one of us is being an ass (although, forget this bit if one does it over and over)

  3. an opinion is an opinion. disagreement is normal. if i were to post my own judgement, as i did, about something. it is an opinion about the object/subject. i shot a lot of fire to the cars i said a lot about. and i disagree with your judgements of the car. this doesn’t make your judgement wrong. it means out views are just different. you are reviewing cars, and the setup you set, calls for you to be a journalist of some sort. do try to filter as much personal bias as possible. it will never be completely gone. but even irl there are times when the whole buying public completely disagrees with the view of a certain journalist. in this case, it’s up to the journalist to question it again. is the whole buying public biased for a reason? or is he personally biased?

and now after i probably made myself like a complete stuck up snob, let’s move on to the actual ‘relevant to the competition’ stuff

when i first asked about the setting before i entered.

and now

why the inconsistencies?

  1. my car didn’t have 2L in it. you’ve been looking at the engine family size, probably for all cars? because i put a 1.4L engine variant in mine.


See, I had no idea I hadn’t sent it. I could have sworn that I did, but apparently I hadn’t. It’s not unusual for hosts to prod people before the deadline if they see an ad but haven’t received a file (I’ve done it twice now in CSR 67 alone, without specifically calling anyone out).

It’s in your inbox now.



@koolkei thanks for the words. I got to admit I was taking the criticism very personally, I should have been More professional about it. IT has been quite a learning curve especially in round 2, and with 2 rounds under my belt I do feel like I can make the coming rounds a lot better. Lurking on the forums for a while didn’t prepare me not only for the bad bits, but also the pure satisfaction and pride when I see companies like Bogliq and ardent building rivalries and lore, and on the whole I can see a lot of improvements that I could make.

Onto your fair criticism on point 4 some of that information is irrelevant, I shall remove that now and replace it with European stats. I probably shouldn’t have rushed that like I did

A Message To You All

First of all do you like how i am analysing now? It that’s what you want I will video analyse the cars despite my unusually high pitched annoying voice even though I’m nearly 18. It may take up More time but I feel not only will I get more satisfaction out of it, I can put more points across much More clearly allowing for more description and less defending myself.

Or do you have another suggestion other then that? Please let me know.

Thanks for sticking with me even though being a newcomer I didn’t understand how dedicated you all are and your eagerness to get to the next round and I hope you be sharing many more rounds with you


Video analysis seems like a very interesting idea, would there be a video for each round showing all the submitted cars or would there be like a short video for each car in a round?


It would be one edited video for each round going through all the cars, although it wont all Ben recorded at once tic make things less drowned out and rushed.


@koolkei as you said, I have updated the round 3 background info


I have no problems with the way you are laying out and judging the cars. I like that you provide multiple angles and a bit of depth on why you have come to the conclusion you have.

My only issue so far stems from what is an apparent lack of organization on your side. That’s not meant to be harsh but let you know there’s room for improvement there. I don’t know how you’re tracking/writing this down, but I use extensive and detailed spreadsheets in the competitions that I run. Given that this is a multi-round competition, if you don’t already have one, I would suggest a second tab on your sheet so that you can track who has and has not submitted in a round. It will help you keep track of cars you’ve already reviewed, and potentially weed out duplicates or assist in tracking down missing entries.

(that said… did you get my submission for round 2 that I sent earlier today?)


Yes I did, it’s nearly midnight for me so it isn’t something I’ll do first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion on the spreadsheet idea, it wasn’t something i really thought about


To add to Vic’s comments, I think if you’re going to judge cars based on their market tab effectiveness then you need to select the right region!

Gasmea = USA/Australia

Fruinia = Europe/Japan

Archana = Africa/SE Asia

A video is overkill IMO, I prefer to be able to re-read the various categories rather than watch them! Just keep your word count small and your comments on point and relevant and you’ll be fine! (plus save lots of time)

Finally, just make sure you’re marking competitors consistently. Then, even if your judgement is questionable, at least no-one is gaining an unfair advantage! :grin:

Now… Time to plan my 1955 entrant to finally crush Ardent, once and for all!!! :face_with_monocle:


It would have to be fruinia seeming we are in Europe


I would be VERY careful about shouldering any additional workload on top of what you already have - you’ve bitten off quite a chunk as it is and the review process already takes you a fair bit per round. I think it might be a better idea to keep the format as it is and focus on getting better and more efficient at that first.


What I sometimes don’t have is the enthusiasm to do them all at once as it is repetitive and tedious. However doing it as a video will remove a lot of that, make it more enjoyable for me and therefore get the round done quicker


Worth a shot if it’s easier for you ^^, Car Design Competition Lite :slight_smile:


I’m going to parrot HighOctaneLove’s comment about the video. I, myself, am not involved in this challenge, but I am a watcher of the challenge. I think video results will be less beneficial to the continuation of the challenge, and will make it harder to follow along with the results as they come out, and continue along. Some people don’t have the time to watch a video, but the text means people can read the results at their own pace, or just skip to their own car.


Thanks for all the comments on the analysation topic. I’m going to keep on with the same format however I am going to restyle It a little. For example, relation to era should not be at the start, but afternoon the design, engine and addons. Design will go first with engine and addons next, then relation to era, then advertisement and then sell ability.

I am going to at the start provide a small summary of the area (e.g Design) in about 2 sentences so people can quickly read. That’s means that’s after that I can provide More detail