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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]


@chickenbiscuit … I think your company should probably stop playing with phasing cloaking devices. Clearly it’s not going well.


now now children @VicVictory @Chickenbiscuit. To be fair the mini is half in a wall
let the judging begin!


It’s a picture of a restaurant. Obviously it’s a wall decoration.



My analysis seems to get better and better! I’m off from college for the next 3 and a bit weeks so expect the next 2 round’s analysis to probably be the best yet! from now on i will provide a quick analysis for quick reading at the start.


LLA had a disastrous round 2, receiving the lowest score. The nicer looking body, an i6 which is a 4 litre, however I’m removing most restrictions on engine size as it is 1955, rationing is at an end so on and so on. A single barrel fuel system would have been better and a twin carburettor would have been fine rather than a triple. Short cast header would have been better aswell. As for the addons, gearing is good, nice 4 speed manual rear wheel drive, great wheels great brakes along with sporty and premium interior and entertainment, which sells well in the GT market. On the whole a huge improvement.



Straight away it is clear to see that the car is significantly less rushed then the previous car from round 2. The grill remains similar in shape but has been refined with very classy looking chrome on the sides. My last round’s criticism on the indicators has been sorted out well, as LLA has returned to a more simplistic indicator very common in this era. The headlights are still the same from both the previous rounds maintaining a look of continuation of the company, which is a lot better then some companies which are jumping around the market erratically, maintain no specific style which is no where near as good. I’ve also never seen someone put a second plainer grill underneath the bumper bar, along with 2 extra smaller ‘fog’ lights which leads into my two criticisms of the front. Very little cars (yes I checked this) in 1955 had these, which although there are a few don’t get me wrong and they come into wide use in the 60’s, it is a little ahead of its time. The vents on the bonnet are rather peculiar and I couldn’t find any vents like these, large raised scoops are relatively common in sports cars of the era but not these.

I could not find any example of coloured wheels in 1955 except cars which had been revamped in later years, I could only see examples of these towards 1970 so it is very out of place unfortunately. The style of the wheel is a relevant style it is just its colour. The chrome lines blend nicely as they protrude straight out of a side vent which although these are nearly unheard of in this era, I’ve let them go mistakenly for 2 rounds already so I’ll let it slide for all the cars. However the chrome lines do not end very nicely at the rear end of the car. They clip into each other then meet the slightly bugged out tail lights which protrude onto the side

The rear has been heavily modernised compared to the companies previous cars. What I would have done with the taillights is covered up the indicator part of it and made it red or something as that is the part of the tail light that is too modern, then you could have put amore typical round indicator light somewhere else. Also, some of the writing is quite wonky, it is hard I know but with time and effort it can be made better.

7/10 +2 from last round

This was what killed the previous car, the engine. This time there has been a halving of the number of cylinders but an increase in cc. A 4000cc is in fact quite good when you consider the market that the car is being aimed at as you will see later on. A Direct Acting OHC is probably the best option here, anything else would be a little too powerful.

Here is where some of the engine issues lie. A DCOE is too powerful, a single barrel would have done the job and would have made it more appealable to lesser high end markets. Also, a twin carburettor would have done just fine.

A short cast would have been a slightly better choice, again it would have made it available for less high end markets as the performance decrease is quite minimal compared to the cost save and engineering time save.

3/5 +2 from last round


The drivetrain is infact very good. A RWD 4 speed manual is perfect for a GT car, and a 133mph limit is very respectable indeed

The sports compound radial wheels are good for the car type and era, I’ve already deducted points for the colour. The tyre and rim diameters are good and the rim offset is ok too.

TUT TUT. It is clear in the rules that quality sliders need to be 0. +8 is quite far out! As it is the first rule break it will be a warning and point deduction. Please make sure your car fits the rules next time, a +2 quality slider is used later on as well.

The sporty premium entertainment and interior set up complements a GT car very well.

Here is the other quality slider abuse. The advanced 50s safety is a good option aswell especially seeming the speed and power of the car

4/5 +1 from last time but an overall -4 points has been given (2 for each rule break, after 2 rounds of rule breaks car disqualifications will happen)


Overall, there is a significant improvement from the last round. The engine is loads better, apart from the rule break the add-on section has seen a major improvement as well. Apart from some modern features on the whole it is good.
4/5 +2 from last round

That font makes my head hurt… Some spelling mistakes aswell and some punctuation is used. There is no price either
5/10 -2 from last round


Due to the type of car it isn’t going to be hitting a lot of areas, however the areas it has hit it has hit well which I cant complain about, and it is both affordable and competitive

7/10 +1 from last time


DESIGN - 7/10
ENGINE - 3/5
OVERALL - 30/45 -4 for 2 rule breaks
EARNINGS - £26000


Only thing I criticise is that you said the wheels don’t relate to the era. In the 50’s, it was very common to have wheels painted with chrome accents. Although this was more popular in the US it still could be seen some European cars. Other than that I agree with all of your other statements.

Here are some images to back up my points:

From a car ad:

From an unrestored car:

Although there may be a bit much colour on my wheels.


definitely not much red though, please re read it it has been finished now


Also there was a price on my advert, take a look at it again lol.


Sorry, adjusted appropriately




Ardent has been performing pretty consistently with a 30/45 and a 31/45, while a lot of other companies have had a really good car followed by a bad one or vice versa.

The car is in a very typical mini style, it is quite simplistic which for a mid to low range car is quite fine. The touch of the writing on the rear makes it feel urban and funky. A mid ranged 1600cc i4 follow on from an engine used in Round 1, although the engine is nearing its 10 year mark, it might be worth bringing in a new engine next round. The fuel system is perfect and so is the exhaust. A 3 speed RWD manual is suitable for a mini and it is weird that the game is preferring quite a long gearing system. Cross ply rims are not recommended, you will get better sellability and add-on points if radial was used and the standard entertainment is good as well.



Welcome to one funky car! The colour scheme is ‘inventive’ to say the least, and the combination of other factors talked about later it makes a very good for a hormonal teenager who wants to impress someone. The simplicity is not to be frowned at, after all the first mini was the same. However, the first mini had a significantly bigger and less modern grill but however you can’t just copy a real life car. The headlights and indicators are nothing to be criticising about either. The dual chrome strips on the bonnet and on the roof bring a nice touch to the front and the black roof finishes it off nicely.

The simplicity theme is carried on to an even bigger extent here, the only thing that stands oit is the dual chrome strip, which by ending it part way through it doesn’t spoil the simplicity. The wing mirrors are very mini like as well.

As I said in the quick review, the slanted stylish writing makes it teenager and funky like, and would appeal to a very different audience which will prove very good for the company. The only thing I will complain about is the indicator shape.

9/10 Only thing holding it back is the front grill (a little) and rear lights.

I’m surprised that you have used the same bottom end from round 1. I’m strongly hinting at you that another round with it is not a good idea.

The fuel system is flawless, all the different bits complement each other and they are all the best option for the car

The correct mufflers have been used to provide a balance between noise and performance, the exhaust diameter is at its best position and the short cast is the best option.

5/5 A perfect engine.


A 3 speed RWD manual is good for a budget style car, especially seeming it is a small mini. The game seems to prefer a longer than usual gearing, however that is the game being slightly weird so you won’t be deducted.

Cross ply wheels are not preferred by the game but it’s is historically ok to use them. the 7.6% wheelspin isn’t good either, the wheel type and size versus the weight and power of the car doesn’t match very well at all.

Good interior but a little surprised at the basic am radio however as it is a mid range car.


There are a few nagging features in the car, however its design stops the company from receiving a low ROE score. Cheeky, ‘throw aroundable’, and an all round good urban car.

A very good advertisement. A lot of background with the magazine article which builds up a substantial amount of lore. The advert is inventive, keeps it short and snappy, and tells us all we need to know. Probably the best advert so far

with a very respectable 5 categories above 100 competitiveness and a good affordability for middle categories it is a very sellable car


DESIGN - 9/10
ENGINE - 5/5 +1 for engine reuse
OVERALL - 39/45
EARNINGS - £39000


(redacted, since Imperator got everything that he needed from my post)


Im just being an idiot ill sort them out now. I researched most things but I mustn’t have missed that. I didn’t mark you down for the gearing as it wasn’t More down to the game. The fact that it wasn’t used round 2 doesn’t make any difference. I saw the chrome strips sorry I didn’t mention it


when was radial tires actually started to be a big thing in europe?

i only know that in the US, it was a ‘performance option’ starting the mid 60s for their muscle and pony cars.

i don’t know what’s the case everywhere else


I believe it is towards 1970, correct me if I’m wrong


nah. we had a discussion about this. if we’re talking europe, you’re not far off. the first car to come standard with a radial tires is the citroen 2cv from 1948 apparently.

so i learned that europe actually adopted the radial tires tech a lot earlier.

granted irl, back then, their tires were small compared to the tires on the American land yacht of the same era


1955 might be a bit early to have radials on basically every car, but it was certainly increasing. It seems the cars with smaller tires picked up quite early. The wider tires remained cross ply, which was also the reason the US only started in the 70s to use them as standard tires.




Tackling another sector of the market, the cyclops is a semi-coupe and incorporates the now world famous Wasp front grill, making it something like the current Mercedes AMG grill, it allows you to tell the car from a mile off as seen below

If Wasp makes a very good name for itself this round, the Wasp grill will probably see replicas in different companies.

The bottom half of the grill lacks some style and chrome and lacks the style seen in LLA’s car. rectangular indicators are seen from time to time on the rear of the car however I couldn’t find one car (correct me if I’m wrong) that has a rectangular indicator on the front. The headlight is seen here like with most cars of the era. I have to admit though the body is probably my favourite body from this era, you will see why when we get to the rear. The single chrome strip slightly resembles a racing strip, which while isn’t very common at all in the era it isn’t as if it is out of character.

Most fuel caps of the era are still rounded, I could only find one example from a Chevy. One funny thing I found is that plenty of cars tried this method for the fuel cap…
Unfortunately you cant really replicate it in automation but it is still quite hilarious that they thought this was a good idea. The one problem I do have with the side is that two of the chrome lines don’t line up as seen in the picture below.

However, a lot of time has been put in to make this curved chrome line which I can only applaud

Unlike other cars, the wheels are era correct and perfectly fine

And the ‘Rear of the Year’ award definitely goes to wasp. Significant time has been taken to perfect the already sleek looking rear using curved chrome lines. i like the single white reverse light and the tail light is fine aswell

8/10 -1 from last round

With a brand new 1600cc i4, this engine brings the car into a newer era well compared to the other 2 cars from the company while still remaining economical. Multiple companies have gone to more prestigious cars while Wasp remains in the lower end markets, which is a good thing as there is little competition

As said earlier, a single carburettor with a eco single barrel along with a very lean mixture makes this very economical while still having reasonable power

After experimenting a little bit, the short cast does seem slightly better. Also, the game slightly prefers one baffled muffler rather than 2

4/5. very economical with one or two small issues +1 from last round

Veering away from the disastrous automatic from last round, this new gearbox is a 4 speed rear wheel drive manual which makes it work significantly better then last round, it is good to see that companies do take on my criticism most of the time.

For the size of these cars and historically cross ply would be better here, and I’m surprised that a budget car has sports compounds, medium or even long life’s when you consider that the car is supposed to be economical

I would have gone for a standard-basic or a basic-none rather than basic-basic as it is quite common for entertainment to not be fitted in budget cars of the era.

3/5 +1 from last time

There are a few nagging features in the car, which are quite minor. Design is on the whole very good, and the fact that it is a budget car in a flashy body adds an extra appeal to it. There are 1 or 2 historical inaccuracies but unless you spend countless hours these are unavoidable.
4/5 +1 from last round

I like the slogan! although there are one or two missing features in the writeup such as the price. BTW you cant sell a seatbelt separately, that is illegal it is now a requirement in 1955 that seatbelts are in cars

7/10 same as last 2 rounds

IT does appeal to a rather low amount of areas due to the specialisation of the car, only 2 100+ has been hit however the affordability is surprisingly high due to the cheapness of the car.

6/10 -1 from last round

DESIGN - 8/10
ENGINE - 4/5
OVERALL - 32/45
EARNINGS - £32000


Unfortunately this cannot be washed down

I’m going to have to disqualify Franklin’s car this round. The engine is from 1959, this gives access to many better features such as a forged build giving it a severe advantage, therefore I will give it points equal to the lowest pointed car

Please Note

I did say warnings will be issued first before disqualifications but the car has such an advantage that it has to be disqualified. I really didn’t want to do this and I must let you know that. No i don’t have a grudge against some people. No i don’t want to be biased, but sometimes a decision has to be made, please can you at least respect that part, even if you disagree with the disqualification itself


I fully understand. A warning would have been appreciated first though.


As a neutral observer I don’t see how a warning would have worked. It’s too late for you to offer an alternative submission, and it’s blatantly outside of the allowable submission window.

As far as I understand you are not DQ’d from the rest of the Rounds, you just got the minimum score on this one. I think that’s pretty fair for everyone involved, including you.


Yeah, I see I sort of screwed up with not knowing what I wanted this car to be… I kinda went with the “what sort of cheap economy car could I build” and then somehow changed my mind mid build and thought “yeah, we need a sporty car, like an Escort or Fiat 121!”. I didn’t actually realize it at the time, that it would totally be against the main idea of the car.

Anyways, will wait for next round to hopefully improve.

Also the rules are the rules, if somebody is running a very long entry collection on a far off deadline - yeah, you can get a warning about your car not complying. I’ve done so before, but we had a MONTH to build initial cars, and then 2 weeks or so before the first round of the championship. Here - we’re kind of on a schedule, and teh screw up is on the creator of the car who broke the rules, willingly or not. Since you are not disqualified from the rest of the competition, I’d RP this as “we’re investigating and developing new technologies” for this period.