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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]



First Of All

Please tell me if your not OK if I give the company a bit of banter in regards to it being a soviet company, if people do not like it I will remove the lore.

A new company on the scene a company fresh from Mother Russia, the Uspekh use an extremely low paid and exploited workforce to drive European rivals into the ground.

The car looks like it is an executive Bentley style car with a budgety engine. While i really don’t like the headlights, they are understandably acceptable for the era. Also the grill actually works for the era, even though you could look at it as if it was a 2018 Bentley. I also like the idea of the lower vents even if they aren’t very era relevant. One point for improvement would to be to add something to the bonnet, maybe some chrome or a raised area, a vent anything it does look quite plain.

One thing I would definitely recommend here is a rear rim offset as this is what the body is pretty much designed for, it does look off having a large rear fender with nothing to fill it. If that was not what you desire most bodies allow you to change the fender size.

On the other hand, the sharp thick chrome line gives the car an aggressive look not found on any car so far. Overall apart from the chrome line its pretty average

The only thing I would say is that the indicator should be a good amount smaller then the brake light itself, and while a reverse light isn’t overly essential, it could be added for next round. While the rear looks plain but sometimes you do want a simplistic rear


Didn’t expect that, a 1000 cc I3 makes for an economical yet underpowered car. It depends on the other factors as well as its weight as to whether this a good idea or not. I’m surprised you haven’t used a push rod however for a small engine.

This was exactly how I was expecting, an economical single barrel with single carburettor and a lean fuel mixture.

I think you could have made a cast log work as long as you used the push rod. however it isn’t as if it is a terrible choice. Double baffled also suits the car.

4/5 (would have been 5 if the two improvements were made)

I wonder why there are no automatics, i wonder why after last round. Another 4 speed RWD manual, its became the norm for this round. With a top speed of 75mph it is good when you consider the engine size

Like i mentioned in the design a rear offset would have been a good thing for the car. however hard long life cross plies is a good idea for the economical commuter car

Just what I’d expect, however like i said in the last one i think a standard-basic or a basic-none would be a better idea.

4/5 (5 if the rear offset was used)

overall, this is really the only car of its type, a large yet economical city car good for use as taxis, or the commuter. While it is underwhelming for its size it is very reliable. A very good way to enter the market you blasted Russians!

I would have used some more engaging and provocative language however unlike a lot of adverts everything is there

This surprises me as i thought it would do better in the market, after looking the gearbox gives a -14.2% for drivetrain and performance and steering gives -5%



DESIGN - 7/10
ENGINE - 4/5
OVERALL - 31/45
EARNINGS - £31000


ROUND 3 ANALYSIS #6 Birmingham

First Of All

Intentional or not, the off centre badge is bugging the OCD out of me, let alone in real life? was it intentional? a mistake? Please let me know.

The simple grill is infact very typical, however it is a little too chromed and the headlights need to be either made bigger, or some chrome needs to replace the empty parts around it.

In my eyes the handle is a little too far up you’d have to open if very uncomfortably, it wont be practical in real life and simplicity is hard to master, and i think you’ve gone a little too simple.

I like the writing design, but there is now way to open the boot!!!


Bit of a naming problem, a ‘2 litre’ BadBoi which is infact 1.7 litres. Oh well. Also, OHC is way overpowered for a 1.7 i4 in '55.

A lot of things seem to be conflicting. A very good OHC with a very poor single barrel eco yet performance intake

And a tubular? There are faster and better cars who use worse headers.



2 speed manual? I know the game for some reason prefers it but really? in real life it would be shite (excuse my French)

I would make the brakes bigger, the braking at max load is -11.

However the fact that you got a premium interior with a standard radio in a budget car beats what I could do, ill give you that


Ive got to admit, there really isn’t a place for this car in the real life market, even if Automation disagrees. It is a wild car which probably wouldn’t work

Yoiuve used incorrect stats in your advert, you said you had a 2 litre but its a 1.7 litre. and 70 hp isn’t almost 100hp either

I think what happened is that you tried your absolute hardest to please the sellability and forgot that it isn’t in kee campaign and it is infact a UE4 competition. Its not something that is hard to fix however



DESIGN - 4/10
ENGINE - 2/5
OVERALL - 21/45
EARNINGS - £21000


the badge was meant to be in the middle, i must have nudged it by accident when i was doing something else



You actually made me speechless on this one it actually took me about 15 minutes before I started writing! Its like someone took a relatively modern mini and stretched it until it cried ‘no more’! All joking aside, the simple front works well, the grill type was very typical of the era however the same cant be said about the placement of the numberplate, it isn’t that it doesn’t work, its just that that’s not a very '50s thing to do. Also when you open the bonnet does the indicator split in half? Was that intentional? On the whole the grill criticism you got was taken onboard.

Things have been simplified quite a bit which in this car it is not a bad thing, it is when you oversimplify a powerful prestigious car that you get problems. I would move the fuel cap further back i think.

I like the different toned roof, and the fact that you put two small badges one on either door makes it different. Also, the numberplate is in a good position

8/10 (front lets it down) +1 from last round

For a 994cc a pushrod could work as although you might lose about 6 horsepower you will get better cost and efficiency et cetera

I’m surprised you didn’t go for a single barrel eco, the only one it didn’t improve the stats with was the fun budget, however most stats preferred the eco single barrel.

However a cast log with double baffled is a good idea and no improvements can be made here

4/5 (single barrel eco with push rod will be 5/5)

The first FWD of the round and maybe even the series, the bogmatic has faded from peoples memories, why the game likes such a long gear I don’t know! I’m assuming it helps with hill starts and stuff being such an underpowered engine.

I am surprised you went for a basic-basic, a basic-none or standard-basic would work better in real life.


A rather unusual car means it has very little competition. This is the first ‘small van’ if you could call it that and there is a need for it

Did you just try and soften last rounds blow? Either way, the new car is very boastful, which seeming it isn’t that small of a car and there are a lot of small cars it is a big boast to make.

there is a 19% comfort penalty! maybe basic seats really wasn’t a good idea, without that you would have had one heck of a sellability score!



DESIGN - 8/10
ENGINE - 4/5
OVERALL - 32/45
EARNINGS - £32000




I’ll be participating again, i had a rough week


March, 1956, What Car? Magazine

Corporate news section:

It’s been just over a year now and the new Bogliq products haven’t seemed to have made any headway against Ardents product onslaught. Despite being the cheapest and roomiest of the two, the Buttress is being shunned by buyers who are flocking to Ardent dealerships to get their hands on a new Wren or settle for a facelifted Starlight.

With these revelations it will be interesting to see where Bogliq stands in the overall market, when all the numbers are crunched, as the market is only going to get more crowded (and the competition fiercer) as time goes by…

Watch this space folks, and don’t forget to bring the popcorn!


Thanks Imperator - No issues with lore/fluff. The company was something I had in my head for a while but started “properly” for this comp :slight_smile:

I was aiming for something vaguely realistic that was a bit dated in both looks and engineering, but made up for it through sheer price and ease of repair :slight_smile:


Ardent Headquarters, Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday, February 1, 1956

“A toast, gentlemen,” Jack raised a crystal old-fashoned glass. Within, 18 year Glenlivet, neat.

Stanton Glass and Desmond Wainwright raised theirs as well, as did newly promoted designer Eugene Morrow.

“To the Wren. To the rise of Stanton Glass, and the illustrious career of John Case.” The men tapped glasses and took a sip.

John Case was not present; his retirement followed the release of the Wren by two months. Stanton Glass took his position as head of design, and now Eugene Morrow was in the mix, a man trained by both Glass and Case.

Jack Chancellor grinned. “As bittersweet as this occasion is, I am thrilled with the end results. End of year sales figures are in, boys. We put the screws to Bogliq this time around. Black and white. And on their own home turf, no less.”

“We’re not relenting, are we?” Glass asked. A hunger for further victory burned within him.

“Of course not, Stanton.” The CEO set his glass on his desk. “We can’t let this victory make us complacent. We now need a comprehensive strategy for domination, home and abroad. Eugene, It’s time for your first design. We need an all-new Starlight. Not just a refresh this time around.”

“Yes sir,” the Morrow chirped.

“Stanton. You’re going to have a full plate. I know you just finished with your Midnight redesign. I need you to give you the next redesign of the A1 Series. I also want to assign you to the new X2 project. Take your pick of the junior designers.”

Glass smirked cockily.

“I’m also adding more new blood into the mix. We need more models.” Jack scratched at his chin. “That young guy we got from Townsend, what’s his name?”

“Cole,” Glass chimed in.

“Cole. Good. You’ll be overseeing him as he works on a new project, the A7.”

Stanton Glass perked up his eyebrows. A new project that I haven’t heard of? What the hell, Jack? He thought for a moment. But at least I get a hand in it.

“That will be all, gentlemen.” Jack waved. “Except for you, Desmond. I have a feeling something is brewing. I need your advice here for a minute.”




Maintaining a similar style to last round with the grill however they have reduced the amount of chrome on it, which was part of my criticism from last round. Overall the front is significantly better, the chrome is added in other areas where it was needed such as the bonnet and the addition of the dual headlights makes it more inventive. however the vent on top is not actually on the bonnet and is a bit weird and not realistic for the era

Another criticism from me last round was that the chrome use was inconsistent, this is changed by the addition of the chrome line on the side, the windows are depthed and look rather unique and defining although the fuel cap is a little on the small side and there is no glitching like last round either. Howeve

The addition of the duel headlights makes it completely different from any other car. Also, the spare wheel has been integrated into the design this time compared to with last time it was just stuck on the back, that is if it is meant as a spare wheel as it may not be due to the fact that you cant really do it with automation, please let me know if it is or not.

9/10 (would be 10 with the vent removal) +3 from last round

With a modest 1600cc i4 the car packs a punch without being expensive, however I think a direct acting OHC would be a better choice due to the weight reduction and cost of repair versus the small amount of power lost.

The only thing i would suggest different here would be the use of a single carburettor as for the same reasons as the Direct acting OHC.

Same again, a short cast would be a slightly better option for the same reasons.

3/5 (5 with the changes made) same as last round.

Another RWD 4 speed manual which is proving very popular, with good gearing compared to other cars with an 87mph top speed is very good indeed.

I cannot believe this, 50% affordability in sport budget with luxury-luxury interior! Ive got to applaud you for that as this luxury interior for the cars price would sell loads!

5/5 +2 from last round

A car that is cheap yet a joy to drive, with luxury interior that beats any other car. In real life this car would sell out, and would boos the companies standings substantially.
5/5 +1 from last round

With significantly well written lore and a good overall advertisement, it is making me want to buy this in real life, even if the car would be 60 years old today.
9/10 +3 from last round

With 3 in the 100+ competitiveness range and appealing for the top, medium and bottom classes all at once is a significant feat to say the least.

9/10 +3 from last round

DESIGN - 9/10
ENGINE - 3/5
OVERALL - 40/45
EARNINGS - £40000



You can tell ive been putting the minis off, got the 3 minis to do and that’s it


September 22nd, 1954. Grehet Headquarters

a day after the Grehet Urban car launch event was held.

in the Grehet’s CEO Office, Joseph Blake.

“Well this is it gentlemen. our second part of our big plan has just started rolling off the factory floor. how are you feeling today?”

Head of Financial Officer, Yames Thomas Grudsen

“a little bit excited. but mostly still terrified. my hands are still shaking. we certainly can’t pull out of this now even if we wanted to. we’re in it, and we’re in it big. everything was big. and expensive. we decided to start a car company that makes cheap cars from the get go. and that was never gonna be cheap. not the factory, not the people, not the project. and you, Blake, had to threw a wrench in it. and that is you, Hamston. you and your work are now our foothold for the next decade”

Head of engine Engineering Department, Rabion Hamston

“excuse me. but would you please not put emphasis on that? i am already aware of that fact even without you saying it. you two are putting your hopes up way too high on this young and inexperienced engineer”

Blake: “you really are too humble. you’re only 32, and you are already the head of an automotive company’s engineering department. you are a genius. be proud of it. the world just don’t know it yet”

Hamston: “no i’m not. you just hired me because i used to work on the Merlin Engine”

Grudsen: “yes. at the age of 21. why can’t we just use the simpler and proven pushrod engines anyway? why did you have to go for the expensive route? at a time when our nation was also still rebuilding. i never actually asked it, but why did you made that decision back then? even though i even threatened you to quit”

Blake : “because if we were going the cheap route, it’s better to just buy engines from someone else. but we were already going big. might as well go for the long run. that overhead cam engine will stay with us for a long time. and it will be cheap to make new engines out of it while it’s still within our option. it’s cheaper in the long run. and this young lad over here is both our key, and our insurance. soon our engines will be cheap, efficient, reliable, and dominating the market. it will be as ubiquitous as Radios. or at least, that’s my dream. and you Hamston, are our Key. stay with us, and i will make sure you will get your rewards. more than just financial rewards”

Hamston: “i don’t care much about the money as long as i can work with my love.”

Grudsen : “… sometimes, your humbleness irks me”

Blake: with his heavy and hearse voice he let out a light giggle. “well Hamston, again, as long as you stay with us, i’ll make sure get what you want”

see? this is what happened to my challenge. i just wanted “let’s just write a short lore blurb like Boqliq or Ardent. that seems fun”

spends 30 minute writing an overly long story.

FFS i did it again. I JUST CAN’T STOP


April 10th 1955 - LLA Headquarters - In The Middle Of The Cotswolds

John Marchetti - CEO - ‘After a mild success of the 300s, we need to think about taking that same formula and make it more affordable’

Tim Marshall - Cheif of engineering - ‘But how?’

John - ‘Maybe make the engine smaller…’

Tim - ‘But won’t that reduce power??’

John - ‘Maybe, but it will also reduce weight’

Tim - ‘Ahh right, On that case should we make the body out of Aluminium?’

John - ‘No! It’ll cost too much. But talking about body, it needs to be more streamlined’

Tim - ‘I may have an idea for that…’
Tim pulls out a picture of a Cord 810 and points to the pop-ups*

Tim and John - ‘Mmmm…’
Both men nod and walk away - naming the project, Proto-M

*Pop-up became popular in the 1960’s with the corvette in 63, alkthough a few examples from Cord and Nash were seen with them. So you can take this as a small hint for my next car for 1960


May 19th, Birmingham HQ in Birmingham, Alabama
Designer: Boss, have you seen that new body style thats spreading sir, the wagon?
Birmingham CEO, Alex Wilson: Yes. I think we need one in our lineup. I want one released by the 1960 model year. Go and gather your team, lets get the drawing board out.
Designer: Yes, boss.


April 5th, Leviathan Motor Company headquarters

Eric Jonrosh, CEO: You’re fired.

Engine engineer: What? Why?

Eric: You haven’t designed a new engine in over 9 years…

Engineer: Sure I have, there’s the 78 hp 1.3L inline-4, the 84 hp 1.3L Inline 4, oh, and the new inline-4 for the Bene-

Eric: I’m gonna stop you right there. We can’t tweak the same engine over and over and call it revolutionary. The Benevo is supposed to be the car to take the world by storm, but the engine is a weak link. Who wants a 10 year old light sports engine in their family fun car?

Engineer: A lot of people, the Benevo is projected to be our best selling car ever!

Eric: No thanks to the engine, get your things and go…

Hey you, know anything about engines?

Some guy in the office: I work at a car company.

Eric: Great, your our new lead engineer. Now get to work on the 1960 model.

That guy: Cool, how do you feel about V12s ?


Wow… I hope that’s not 1956… cause you’d have to be a mega jerk to call someone in to fire them on a Sunday… lol

Also… V12’s. That escalated quickly.


It would fit the character he’s named after, but it’s '55, just before the car is released and reviewed


Dale Rathbone flies to Turin Italy to congratulate Giusseppe Ferrari on a well executed collaboration. Extending his right hand, he finds Giusseppe holding his arms open to embrace. Dale walks into the hug, thinking “…when in Rome, uh Turin…”. The two men hug and slap each other on the back. As Dale pulls away, the smile quickly disappears from Giusseppe’s face and he slaps Dale across his face.
Dale is stunned, but not really shocked. In the lead up to the release of the Karkenos, Giusseppe’s eccentricities had become more erratic. Dale wondered, was Giusseppe losing it, or was this the price of genius?
“I tell you, the smaller car, she is what Europe wants.”
Dale had ceded the dimensions of the vehicle to Giusseppe’s whim, but insisted on decking it with his gaudy American luxury, and sporty flares. “We need a car to usher in the 1960s”, he told Giusseppe.
“I already have one for you.” Giusseppe snapped his fingers, and two engineers cleared a table and unfurled a freshly minted blueprint. “Hollywood is coming here to Italy, but they do not want Giusseppe’s car. They want something American, they can pretend is Italian.”
Dale smiled. He wanted the same thing.


Just curious, but how are the analysis going along?


I agree and if the results were being done an a quick turn-around then I’d understand that I couldn’t have a warning because it would impact on the rest of the round.


Any updates? What happened to this?