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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]


I can’t join, as my company doesn’t exist until at least 1955, RIP.


I can put you down now and you just join in round 3? @goblin95


I’ll just spectate and not participate. Real life wouldn’t like me slacking around anyway.


No worries @goblin95


@everyone please can you ed me give mods you are using when you enter the car plz


I’ve subscribed to all of the mods.


I guess I’ll do the same in that case


Ardent Motors would like to join.



Company rivalry mode unlocked!!! :face_with_monocle:


Put Cugnot Moteurs on the list. a brand that’s a distillate of French eccentricity


EDIT: I enter the competition with Ponni Motors
Company and its first car, the Familine, aimed at the Family Premium and Muscle car market.


@NiuYorqCiti what is your company name?


So if I understand correctly, if my brand were established as a high end luxury marque, it would remain that for the entirety of the challenge. But since the first round states that many customers are not flush with money, that would be a negative for my company?


as a whole, you can change your company, in terms of products just don’t go too drastically, so no it will not affect your company as in later stages you can revert to high end. You can still build a high end car now its just that it wont be marked highly


I will enter Olympus Motors then.


PMC (Ponni Motors Company).


You aren’t the type to settle. Discerning of taste, frugal of mind. Ardent knows that your demands aren’t unreasonable.

For you, we present the new Midnight. European styling mixes with American engineering. Uncompromising, like yourself.

Starting at $875*, you can choose a 4-seat model 300 Standard or convertible 310 Custom, powered by a sporty 99 cubic inch Cygnus engine. Anti-blowout bias tires are standard on all models.

Or choose to step up to the luxurious 320 Deluxe and 330 Roadster models, starting at $988*, the perfect cruiser for two. Fine details await you, such as a genuine walnut steering wheel, AM radio, and pillowed seating that is double-stitched by our master seamstresses.

Mix yourself a nightcap. Midnight is here.

See them at your Ardent Motors dealership today.

*MSRP varies by model. Shown above is a Midnight 320 Deluxe in Ink Black, MSRP $988.

Notes: I put the price in the ad to what would be the inflation-adjusted equivalent in 1946, after a reasonable markup. In terms of Automation dollars, this model is $9800 at 0%. The submitted trim level is the 320 Deluxe.


Looks pretty interesting, think I’ll join.

Takemi Motor Company

(commonly just Takemi)


An advert found in a paper of the day

*Like VicVictory, I used inflationary numbers: Automation Value (0% markup) $20,800.


MY1946 Bogliq Bastion

Rising from the ashes of post-war Europe, Bogliq Automotive chose to put into production a wholly revamped version of the MY40 version of the Bastion. While the pre-war Bastion was solid, it wasn’t optimised for mass production. The revamp resulted in a neatly styled small car that was more cost effective per unit without sacrificing the perception of quality per car.

Designed for the everyman, the Bastion was cheap, reliable and easy on the owner’s wallet. It could seat five and had a tall ride height to aid in the navigation of poor road surfaces. The Bastion was also easy to drive, with only a spartan cabin betraying it’s low cost origins. Bogliq Automotive wanted everyone to have a Bastion in their driveway and sold their car accordingly… $7100 AU’s per car were needed to gain access to a Bastion and a range of colours were a no-cost option, with Bogliq Blue being their signature colour.

The head of Bogliq Automotive USA also made waves after the release of the Bastion remarking that “The age of excess is over” and inexplicably took a personal swipe ate the CEO of Ardent Motors stating:

“The World has been ruined by war; valuable resources wasted, lives ruined and countries shattered. For what? I would hope that it isn’t to waste time on frivolous little playthings like Ardent’s Midnight? What a pointless car! We need to focus on getting everyone moving, not cater to the whims of cash strapped playboys who want to look fast on a budget…”

How Ardent will react, no-one knows, but watch this space to see whether a full blown rivalry comes of this clash of automotive ideologies!!!

As for advertising, Bogliq Automotive simply ran a full page ad in the Saturday paper with a big colour pic of the Bastion and the words “$7100 driveaway… Buy better, buy Bogliq”