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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]


“Have you seen this, sir?” Clarence slid the neatly folded business section of the Cincinnati Enquirer across the pristine waxed top of the mahogany conference table. The eyes of the gathered department heads followed, landing on the man seated at the head of the table.

Jack Chancellor barely took a glance at it, not even bothering to lift the pages from the table. The CEO of Ardent Motors shrugged. “Another competitor joins the fold. Your point, Clarence?”

“Sir,” Clarence continued after a moment’s hesitation. “They’re coming directly at us. By name. They’re calling our brand new product…”

“I know what it says, Clarence,” Jack interrupted coolly. He fell silent for a moment, tapping his index finger impatiently just a few inches from the newspaper. The accounting and marketing heads looked at him expectantly. The engineering heads seemed more interested than concerned.

“Stanton?” Jack muttered.

Stanton Glass grinned, slightly distorted by the burn scars on his neck and right cheek. The young chief engineer rose, slow and stiff, and reached for his cane. “I imagine they can’t even test a product like the Midnight where they’re from. No good roads left. Why should that stop the fine gentlemen of this country from having a little fun?”

“And the undercutting?” Clarence queried, echoed by a sea of nervous head bobbing from the accountants.

Stanton pointed his cane at the marketers. “That problem belongs to these gentlemen. Besides, this upstart competitor is making the wrong comparison. Anyone who would want a Midnight isn’t going to look at this… Bogliq. It’s going after the market for the Starlight.” He started for exit of the board room, limping heavily on his right side. He paused for a moment at the end of the table and cast a sideways glance at the Starlight project’s lead, John Case. “I wonder if it’s because they smell blood,” he added, ice in his tone. Stanton Glass then proceeded out the door.

Jack Chancellor took his glasses off and gestured toward the door. “Gentlemen, the cold, hard truth. On your way…”


It’s funny how I managed to predict the rivalry as soon as you two entered…


Oh, Bogliq and Ardent go waaaaay back on that… lol


That is a very period correct advert. Nice job!

Also I don’t know if the file I sent will work or not, but hell… one extra advert isn’t going to hurt, is it? Regular open beta crashes once every 2 minutes or so, and the r5 into which I opted works a lot better. I’ve designed the car in R5, so Im not sure if that’s the actual open beta we’re supposed to build cars in.

ANYWHO. You guys are doing all your classy sporty, luxury stuff… it’s post war MURICA, and what we all need is

more pics




@everyone 1/3rd of entries that have been noted down to take part have put their entries in!


Working on the finetuning and working in general, that’s why I love the weekends, I get time to do stuff like this properly :grinning:



Well, not super happy with the stats, but I don’t usually build cars quite this old.

Price adjusted for inflation

I originally had it as a convertible, but I changed my mind since the demographics weren’t as good. That and I forgot side mirrors again :confused:

More pics:


how do I submit an entry?


Opt for the open beta in steam, build your car to spec in the R5 version of the game’s beta. Press “export” on the car in it the car selector menu of the sandbox. Send that file to Imperator through the forum. You have literal hours to do so, the deadline is almost upon us


Since Takemi is Japanese and Kei car regulations weren’t around until the the early 50s, I thought a sort of cheap post-war work van would be the only real option to go.



Fixed it for you


Meant by that that all the stuff there is just gibberish thrown into google translate, but yea. (I can’t read any of it myself)


Due to RL issues and a persistent safety problem which I’ve been unable to solve, I’m afraid Petoskey Motors is going to have to withdraw from this challenge.


Due to technical issues I’m having with the game right now, it looks like LeDorean will have to pass the 1st round and enter the fray in 1950.


1 and a half hours left for entries @everyone


@BobLoblaw you can enter into the next round as usual if you like. Anyone who doesn’t enter due to actual issues will be given some money equal to the lowest placed car in order to keep them in the running


'46 LLA TFR1

Reaching out for all of those cheap chappies out there. Yes, I mean you - I’d like to show you around this new marvellous LLA sports car we have here. With enough seats for the family and a peppy little engine you can have money on the budget of moustache cream. It corners better than your average saloon and sounds better too. Available in a multitude of colours you’ll never never see on your camera, this little beauty is available at just $8100


I’ll wait until the next round to enter, if for no other reason than lore.