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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]


Extending the closing time by 1 hour, a few people are having problems with their game


I’d just like to drop here that as far as I’m concerned, no “compensation money” for a missed round or any other kind of leniency is necessary. I don’t intend to be super competitive here anyway, just using this as an opportunity to get my UE4 design skills up to snuff - and for the fun of it, of course.



@everyone I will start judging over the next week and the results will be out saterday and wi start round 2 on sunday



Everybody who’s doing period correct adverts - PROPS! Good job, and gets you in the mood of mid 40’s. Very cool for this challenge.


I would love to do even more to make mine period correct, but 0 photoshop skills = have to wing it. :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s basic photoshop things, paint even. So god spud, brave young advertiser!


@Imperator I would like to join by Round 5 please. As LHE by the Lore I have crafted did start sales till '63

If you will allow that I will be glad to participate, I run a tight ship on my company’s lore.


:grimacing: $6800!!! :grimacing:

My one USP cruelly taken from me with a $300 sting in its tail… I’m doomed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wouldn’t be too concerned if I were you, my car is like the old beetle;
“0-60? Yes it does”.
Selling cheap cars to the people, we welcome your competition in the liberation of commoners :kissing_heart:


to me its sensible to make a work vehicle, there’s a lot of rebuilding to be done.


Mmm… God Spuds. :stuck_out_tongue:

And my ad this time around was about the limit of my Paint skills. Better than my usual garbage, till not up to snuff with most other people. :smiley:



#1 Ponni motors - 5/10
Very sellable, however the advert doesn’t suit the era. For one there is colour, but it gives good explanation on car features and makes me want to buy it
Fm radio!! In 1945???

#2 Ardent Motors 6/10

Again, in colour
GGs on calculating an inflated price
Range covers multiple markets
That advert makes me want to jump into a time machine

#3 Olympus Motors 7/10
Extremely good description, maybe a little too long. Try and summerize it better before going into more depth
Colour picture!!!
(Well, one of them)
Where is the car stats?

#4 bogliq Automotives 6/10
Where is the car stats
Will the rivalry be off putting? Only time will tell.

#5 Wasp Automotives 7/10
Probably the most suitable car!
Could do with some More innovative language
Car stats?

#6 Franklin Motors 4/10
No offence but Is that it?
Car stats?
Innovative language?

#7 LMC 6/10
Not sure what the customers would think about no wingmirrors but I doubt it would be good, mirrors are not essential in 1946 though.
good inflated price
try some more provocative language

#8 Takemi 7/10
Lovely originality.
B&W picture yet you have some red writing lol!
Loving the correct language!

#9 LLA 7/10
Price is not inflated, nevermind.
what does ‘peppy’ mean?!?!
Good humour and originality

#10 ABR 5/10
COLOUR (enters a state of depression at the lack of b&w)
Not an inflated price, nevermind ddoesnt really matter
Just watch your spelling and punctuation

#11 MANCHE 5/10
No car stats, innovative language or price however…



#1 Ponni motors 2/5
The FM radio which hasn’t been invented yet
170 horsepower and an uneconomic v8 for post war Europe

#2 Ardent Motors 4/5
Very realistic
Wide range of models
Rather Typical engine
Aims high up but in a good way

#3 Olympus Motors 3/5
Extremely suitable design
Very ‘chromafied’
A little too expensive for post war Europe, especially seeming it has to be imported.

#4 Boqliq Automotives 3/5
Grill isn’t overly suitable for the era, they tend to be rounded and large single shaped
Little too modern of a colour
On the whole, quite ok

#5 Wasp Automotives 5/5
Extremely suitable, can be used both for cleanup, transport and for everyday use
Very well ‘chromafied’
Realistic Front which outplays all entries so far
lucky 13 likes!

#6 Franklin 3/5
Very realistic body, Fits the family style which is what you said
Ride height is very high but part of that is down to the game giving you higher score for higher ride heights
Grill is a little too square and modern.

#7 LMC 3/5
The best premium car
A little too 50’s
Suitable range of styles however

#8 Takemi 4/5
Vans are very usefull, however they do tend to be extremely slow and heavy and thus not really used for everyday work
Slightly European in design, rather than Japanese. However it is acceptable due to lack of body styles
Innovative front

#9 LLA 4/5
Sporty, but due to its low price with inflation £600 it is a very good car and would probably sell well
Not too sure on the front grill. However the lights and bumper bar are very 40’s

#10 ABR 3/5
Indicator is too modern and the grill is a little to small as cooling was a problem in the 40’s.
Other then that pretty good

#11 Manche 2/5
Overly slow and probably couldn’t really move
Would only be used for very heavy haul jobs
not useful for much else
Very Realistic Front

1st Place Wasp, £12000
2nd Place LLA, Takemi £11000
3rd Place Olympus, Ardent £10000
4th Place Bogliq, LMC £9000
5th Place ABR £8000
6th Place Franklin, Manche £7000


Nice writeups, agree with the punctuation, but the ad is very similar to an ad from 1948, why I made it like this. Respect your decision though, look forward to the next round and such!


Meanwhile at Bogliq Europe HQ…

Banner headline in What Car? Jan '47 issue

Ardent outsells Bogliq!!!

Despite his strong words at the January '46 Motorshow, the CEO of Bogliq Europe must have egg on his face as, contrary to his bold statements, Ardent was correct to sell a small coupe at a higher price. Ardent has managed to seize equal third place in market-share with Olympus, comfortably edging out Bogliq Automotive at fifth place.

Market analysts point to Ardent marketing both a small coupe as well as a small sedan means that Ardent was able to capture more customers than Bogliq and the feud probably had a small part to play as well.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ardent is a US company, on the winning side of the war, and Bogliq hails from Moldova which is currently beseiged by Communist scum…

But, regardless of the reason, Ardent will be cheering their success and Bogliq will be looking for someone to blame today…

Congratulations Ardent on winning your first round and here’s hoping you grind Bogliq into the dust!

Bogliq HQ, Europe

The CEO of Bogliq Europe hung his head in defeat. Despite having a car with excellent reliability and an affordable entry price, the people didn’t want it! They wanted to flit about in impractical coupe’s and pay extra for the privilege. But, despite the unfairness of it all, he would have to pay. He made Bogliq look bad and would have to answer to the Board. Hopefully they’d be lenient since Bogliq had established a nice bridgehead into the market but who knows? Maybe this time tomorrow he’ll be standing in line for bread, unemployed just like so many of his fellow countrymen…



Woah woah woah I’ve only marked 15 out ignoring a possible 40 marks!!!


I haven’t marked the design, engine, suspension, adding or sellability yet!!


We’re an eager bunch😀