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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]



So lets see what last round’s winner is going to pull out of the bag! With the full recycling of last rounds engine bringing in an extra £2000 we shall see. On the whole, There are a few improvements and it is almost as if it took Ardents car and make it look so much better. The only main complain is the tail lights being too modern
4/5 +1 from last round

With a custom designed grill, the bravos looks quite different to other cars, setting it out from the rest of the pack. And although the indicator is unrealistic and personally i hate the yellow lights on the grill, it is more my personal taste that has a problem and not the overall public.

When your car is a sleek black colour, simplicity often makes the car actually look better. Although there is a lack of chrome linings apart from near the windows, it does make the car sleek and streamlined, which I do like a lot.

As I said in the era relation section, the tail lights are a little too modern. However reverse lights are there and the minimalistic design continues nicely.

8/10 +3 from last round!

with a small and efficient 1350cc I4, the engine (which was the same as last time) proved to be such a success that they decided to reuse it, and what a good idea it was as it will maintain the 5/5 it gained last time

5/5 same as last time

The only thing that does seem to confuse me just a little bit is the sports compound tires. With such an efficient and sleek car designed for long trips would at least require a medium compound as the car isn’t really built for sports. For that it needs a larger engine

The interior is of a higher quality than the previous round while maintaining the same level of entertainment. Ill have to wait to the sellability to comment on that as I am not sure if it is going to work or not

4/5 No change here

A very good advert which practically destroys your old one. It is very era correct, in black and white and contains very innovative and persuasive language.
8/10 +2 from last round

A slight downgrade, which would usually deduct around one point, but seeming a lot of the cars in the round have drastically improved theirs it would have to be a little harder hit.

7/10 -2 from last time
DESIGN - 8/10
ENGINE - 5/5 +2 for engine reuse
OVERALL - 38/45
EARNINGS - £38000



there is so much wrong imo. wrong era taillight.
that’s been dealt with.
wrong indicator color. but i’ve said that already.
that’s the wrong era rims/wheels.
the side vents are… ehhhh. more like the 60s. like 60s jaguar side vents.
yellow fog lamps? was that a thing in the pre50s? i thought those only became a thing after 60s, but not sure when.

but. take it with a grain of salt. this is an opinion

but. a good score for an oversteering car is just plain “WHAT?”

an oversteering STAGGERED TIRES car at that. not only that increases the service costs dramatically. it’s… “what did you even do to get it that wrong?”


ROUND 2 ANALYSIS #5 Franklin

I know I fell in love with the last car. But i have never seen a land rover at all, let alone in 1950. The first land rover was built in 1948 making this completely viable. There is no one whatsoever in this area of the market, and it will probably be the best selling car of the series so far, even if the sellability says otherwise. Very era correct, no out of era features et cetera.
5/5 +2 from last round

You have got to love this. I don’t even have to say anything really do I lol? the pictures eat my words. God knows how long this took to build…

10/10 First 10 out of 10 for design in the competition

with a medium sized heavy duty 2200cc i4 engine, designed to be beefy but still remain economical. However it will be quite noisy with only one baffled muffler but what is the point in having a quiet monster?

4/5 same as last time

For a 3 speed manual 4x4, 80 miles an hour is very respectable. And as I said before it is in its own class and zone, I hope to see more of these in the future

Typical chunky off-road tires which are absolutely humongous!

standard seats with no entertainment fits the early land rovers well

Unfortunately the advert lets it down when we need something to get us interested in a lovely car there isn’t very much. No innovative language and no price
4/10 same from last round

Very respectable with affordability and competitiveness, but I am going to give it extra points for hitting an area nobody else is hitting


DESIGN - 10/10
ENGINE - 4/5
OVERALL - 37/45
EARNINGS - £37000


koolkei can you please stop downgrading my analysation, feel free to message me about it but don’t openly disagree with me as my word goes


what… please read again. i said nothing about your judgement.
i just stated my opinion about the car. the object. i said literally nothing about your judgement.

i’m trying to post a feedback to the creator of the car more than i’m trying to give you a hard time.

but. if you still don’t like it. i’ll stop now.


i’m sorry but that car looks NOTHING likesomething from 1950. i would’ve given it a 3/10, maybe a 4 at a push.


look at the mark 1 and mark 3 land rover. The mark 1 was bult in 1948… I did my research


now ^this^ is a disagreement to your judgement.

i didn’t post that. again. i posted my personal opinion about the car

okay. i was wrong about the amber colored indicator. that’s fine, and good in fact.



but it looks nothing like a Series 1. what it looks like is a squashed step-side with fixtures from the 1970’s. it’s a total mess.


Hmm… it wasn’t oversteering on my end. Idk what happened there. The service costs only went up $35 so I figured it was worth it for better handling. It scored higher than I thought it would anyway so I ain’t complaining :grinning:


going from 150F/150R to !50F/165R only increases $35???


Well, 165/165 to 150/165, but it appears so. Maybe it’s not supposed to be that cheap. The material cost is closer to $150 more though.


It’s going to be a long 50 years if we grind to a halt so easily.


Unfortunately so. It takes 30mins plus per one individual analysis, and for them to get so easily mocked and pointed out. If people really want it I will get them all done tomorrow and keep the ball rolling


Yeah, maybe you should have been less ambitious. This is your first challenge, noone is perfect at the start.


Sorry if I contributed to that at all, don’t feel like you have to keep doing more rounds if you don’t want to. That’s a pretty big commitment.


There will always be critics. Don’t let that stop you.

If you choose not to go past this round, I’d understand. However, I think those of us that submitted would appreciate at least completing the existing round.


I think with CSR, since there is a new moderator every round, it moves a bit faster. Perhaps you could recruit guest m.c.s
I agree however, that we should not be critical.


right ok, i will get this round completed today and move straight on to 1955 as of tonight. Thanks for the kind words, I’m learning with every post I make and hopefully things can run quicker :slight_smile: