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A little question


Will there ever be interior for Beamng, if you guys from automation can do it? Like for the basic CD there will be the old CD and radio, if luxury hud, there will be big GPS. Same with seats and gears.


no because then they would have to model interior for literally every car and every possible year.


times 6, for al the interior options


I was just thinking about this today. What if the ‘‘interior’’ was a generic gray block-out that was a fairly simple shape and without any detail. We could then add fixtures and buttons etc to make our own interiors - with trim options changing visuals like seats and materials that would be prefabs reused between cars rather than having to model a bespoke interior for all bodies and options. Kinda like car bodies work but with more rigidly defined materials/colors dependent on options ticked.

Sill, it’s a lot of work for something of relatively little to no value in terms of gameplay. I’d love to see that level of detail but it isn’t necessary for a full Automation experience.


Yeah man, I am still waiting for the full version with idk, maybe automatic badge exporter… and things you posted… we just need to wait.


Yeah, that’s pretty similar to the system we’ve worked out as a concept for a potential interior designer. It would take about 9-12 months to implement though, so really not feasible for this project at all. Like you say: it doesn’t add value to the core gameplay loop and I would go further and state that it actually would distract from it.