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A Man and His Search for a Compact [Took me 3 F*cking months]



What happened then, well, Gorbachev became De Facto leader of the Soviet Union, Reagan Became President again, Back To The Future opens in theatres, Coke released “New Coke,” Super Mario Brothers is released for the NES, and someone’s buying a car.

Who’s buying a car? A simple man, he works a simple government job, and has a simple wife and child. This man got a raise, and wants something new. He wants something sporty, but compact, a sport compact if you will. He is reaching his late 30’s, slight greying in his black hair, mostly wearing a suit, except for casual Fridays, of course.

So, what sort of car is he looking for? Well, it has to be Compact, and needs to look modern. It needs to feel, and look, sporty, but not over the top, as it will be his daily driver. It needs to seat Him, his Wife, and their child with ease and comfort. It needs to be easy to drive, and safe. Doesn’t need to die in a road accident.


  • Trim year: 1985
  • Body
  • No older than 10 years
  • <2.5m wheelbase
  • Trim
  • 4 seats or more
  • 30 sport

  • 35 safety

  • 40 drive

  • 35 practicality

  • 25 Comfort

  • 60 Average Reliablity

  • No Semi-Slicks or Race Parts
  • 95 Octane Fuel at maximum, 91 Octane Reccomended
  • Max cost: $20,000 @30%

Reviews will be about a paragraph, if that. They suck up pointless time. Also everything will be very much based off of personal bias and preference.

Name Scheme:
Model: SpoCom Username
Trim: Open
Engine: SpoCom Username
Variant: Open

Deadline 28th April, 2017 (Time will be decided closer to the final date)


Naming convention?


What about fuel types? Specifically, which ones can we use?


Knew I missed some stuff. I’ll get that stuff added later today.


Fuel Type and Name Scheme added.


I have the perfect car for a simple man…

Presenting the 1985 Bogliq Maverick Street Sport!

Looking for a nice car that is fast, fun and useable by the family? Don’t have huge amounts of cash for a homologation special?

If you answered yes to both these questions then the Maverick Street Sport is for you! 175Kw, race spec flatplane V8 and fuel economy that won’t break the bank; the Street Sport is truly the car of the everyman!

And how much would you pay for this privilege? only $20,000 driveaway! Bogliq truly is the car company of the future…

Buy better, buy Bogliq


Sorry to point out any errors, but at 2.76m, your car’s wheelbase is actually longer than is allowed by the rules of this contest (it’s called Search for a Compact for a reason). There are, however, many bodies available in 1985 and up to 10 years old with a wheelbase shorter than 2.5m. @Vri404 please correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: So I’m not wrong after all and the offending entry was replaced by something which actually met the requirements. But how am I going to approach this - with another AWD turbo monster or a much simpler car with RWD and normal aspiration? Or something in between? At least the first test car I made, which falls squarely into the latter, meets all of the requirements.


Nope, you’re right, I read the crocodile jaws like this: >2.5M and the rules are done like this: <2.5M…

I’ll just delete my entry and re-submit! (Assuming I’m allowed to… :grimacing:)


Thankyou @Vri404 for letting me address my glaring mistake of supplying a large car for a small car competition…

Presenting the 1985 Bogliq Bastion Turbo!!!

Who said you couldn’t get a WRC homologation special for under $20k? Bogliq certainly didn’t! Presenting the MY85 Bastion Turbo, it has all the WRC parts fitted as standard and it is ready for action! AWD, DOHC, turbocharger and an aero package combine to help the Bastion respond to your every command and the interior is fitted out with sport buckets and sculpted rear seats to hold on tight to you and your own. A spacious boot and compact overall dimensions round out the package and a generous 3 year, unlimited Km warranty provides on-going peace of mind in case the worst happens.

And what would you expect to pay for the chance at WRC glory? Other companies would charge you upwards of $40 or $50k since they make their cars in limited numbers but Bogliq does things differently. We charge only $18,990 driveaway for the privilege of homologation awesomeness because we keep building the homologation cars for as long as there is someone willing to buy one! So don’t hesitate and come on down to your friendly Bogliq dealership so you can grab a bargain today!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq



When you’re looking for an affordable, practical and sporty compact, don’t forget to give the Kramer K28S a look. It’s all-independent suspension, rear-drive layout and high-output 2.8-liter all-alloy straight six make it a real performer, but we have also added a true premium interior with a tape deck and advanced safety systems. It’s incredible to think that for all its sophisticated engineering, the K28S retails for just $19,890.


I’ve heard many people say that high performance for the cheap is a hard thing to do. But today Maverick will prove you wrong with the NEEEVEEEL!

This car has a 4.0 L V6 Biturbo making the simply “astonishing” 232 BHP and 401 Nm of torque!

The car has better handling than most pony cars thanks to finely tuned suspension that is comfortable as well as sporty.It’s also able to reach 216 kph!

AND how much will you have to pay for this extremely good performance and excellent handling?
Just $17.680.Most cars at this range can’t even hit 150kph!
So get this car and enjoy sportiness and comfort at the same time!

Don’t buy anything else. Buy The Maverick


1985 Cornaldie Automotive P365 Turbo

Looking for a new car? Well look no further… We at Cornaldie are proud to introduce the P365 Turbo. MSRP starting at $18,330.

Just the car for the newly promoted! Combine premium quality with sportiness and practicality is what the P365 is all about. You can easily pack your family of 4 in, with extra space for the dog, and when you reach on the highway you can cruise at high speeds without stopping every 10 minutes at a gas station. See our brochure for more!


Did somebody said… BMMA Dolphine US spec?


I was thinking about entering but damn, these designs, I suspect I won’t need to do much at all. For some this era is home :joy:

all the more remarkable I somehow pulled it off in the CSR last week


Phwoar… with that Dolphine in here I basically stand no chance, do I…


##JHW Solara GT

Because Who Said Practical Cars Can’t Be Fun?


Ah dammit man i was literally making a car with that exact body.


I present to you the Scarab Flare S, the new 1985 model

It sports a 2l turbo charged straight 4, producing 140 hp and has a decent fuel economy. It drives well, handles good and is pretty safe for being a sporty compact.


The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Sometimes it’s not about being one of the crowd. Nor is it about unabashed flash and showmanship. Suzume has the solution to such a conundrum. Presenting the 1985 Suzume Shouri G-Limited Sportwagon.

Sportwagon’s standard 5-speed manual transmission and Ishi-series 6 cylinder motor provide smooth and powerful performance, sending 160 HP to the limited-slip rear end. Shouri Sportwagon comes standard with a comprehensive suite of safety and control systems, and its compact footprint is easy to maneuver.

Blackout trim and special 4-spoke alloy wheels distinguish the G-Limited Sportwagon from its more pedestrian cousins. All for under $15,000.

Come see one at your local Suzume dealer today.

*Suzume Shouri G-Limited Sportwagon shown in Amaryllis Clearcoat.