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A Man and His Search for a Compact [Took me 3 F*cking months]


Pleased to report that this is the perfect platform with which to try a body that nobody’s submitted yet, which is just right for my homage to 80s AWD JDM brilliance… think a mashup of the coolest bits of Nissan and Subaru, complete with turbo and AWD… :thinking:


So a subaru svx lol


In part yes, been waiting a long time for a good excuse to drop one of those. Except more compact.


The Not-Alcyone body?


Damn right, it’s quite the looker.

And just imagine what the cabin would look like, so 80s!


I don’t have to imagine… I’ve owned an 87.5 XT GL (Alcyone GL) FWD and '88 XT6 AWD. :smiley:


throbbing synthesizers play in the distance


Did somebody say…Grey Import?

1985 Maesima NRZ-986

The NRZ-986 was produced from 1985 until 1994 the design proved highly versatile. During this time it was the basis for many racing variants. This made it one of the most iconic vehicles for the company.

The NRZ-986 was a revolutionary design for the company. Finally bringing to life the futuristic styling debuted from the 1982 NCX-R concept vehicle. It was underpinned with a new monocoque chassis. Featuring double wishbone setup from and rear that would service as a basis for the majority of future models.

It replaced the venerable NRZ-976 which had served as the companies main performance vehicle. It had enjoyed success as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia’s elite. It was also the basis for the companies Group B rally efforts. While The NRZ-976 never had enough funding or support to truly take on the leaders. It managed to achieve some success in the field.

The NRZ-986 was designed with a Group B variant well in mind. Unfortunately due to the cancellation of the rally category cut short the newly developed version and efforts. However, it would later be repurposed for Group A with an all wheel drive four cylinder version.

But the NRZ-986 when introduced was striking design unlike anything else on the road in the DSRA. The earlier variants were very spartan compared with contemporaries. Lacking power steering, air conditioning, radio or many other amenities. But for sporting focused vehicle in DSRA it was well regarded. Earlier models were not officially exported into major Western nations until 1992.

When it arrived in the West it received a substantial facelift. The interior received a complete revision. Now equipped with all premium gadgets of the era. Making it an entry-level alternative to more expensive rivals such as the Erin Scarlet.

By this time the line-up included a basic Touring S four-cylinder model. That proved relatively unpopular. The bulk seller was the Touring SR a naturally aspirated 3.0L six cylinder. The top of the line was the turbocharged Turbo R trim. Which was nearly able to match expensive rivals in performance while still undercutting them in price.

Now the vehicle sent to the client here. Appears to one of few grey imports. It features an upgraded interior with some capitalist style luxuries. Like power steering, air conditioning, along with an array of standard equipment and cassette radio system. The suspension has also been re-tuned for your nation.

All for the low low price of $15,210!

Well the rules never said no coupes…



1985 Betta Lambda GTi 2.3T V6

Everyday drivability & practicality, modern assists, comforts & safety, good fuel economy*, a true sportscar heart and soul**, and a price of just $16250. What else could one ask? Oh yeah, twin turbos and huge side GTi badges!

*8.36L/100km on Regular 91RON Fuel
**2.3 Twin Turbo V6, Geared LSD, 6.3secs to 100km/h, 226km/h top speed, 02:27 Automation Track Time.


If he can scrounge up another 80k+ he might get himself a 1984 KHT Flamethro…Nemesis. Other than that, I got nothing :frowning:


What about some Flug? :wink:


The key to your happiness : the soul of the Lambda GTi. A very reliable Turbo 2.3L V6 unit that’s jam-packed with all of the newest technologies and is a perfect blend of economy, power & smoothness.

Tech Specs:

2342cc Long-Stroke Cast Block with Beam Steel Rods & Forged Pistons
DOHC Cast 4-Valve Head
Ball-Bearing Turbocharger with Intercooling & Watercooling
Multi-Point Injection designed to run economically at 91 RON Fuel
169hp @5700RPM, 256nm @3200rpm, 0.72bar Max Boost @3200rpm, Redline @6500rpm


Ignore how awful this ad is, put no effort into it :stuck_out_tongue:


Clearly the right moment to use this again…thats right, its the OAM Phoenix GTi (Sadly not in overdrive this time round)

#1985 OAM Phoenix GTi

OAM Phoenix GTi in Laguna Turquoise

The 1985 OAM Phoenix GTi is the best selling car OAM ever produced. Production of the original spec began in June 1981, with the GTi Facelift in October 1985, and the final production model leaving the factory in May 1991.

One of the most iconic car OAM ever produced, even more so than the OAM Chevalier, the Phoenix was a versatile machine, competing with Group B machines around the mountains of Pikes Peak, while also battling against Group A cars in 24 Hour endurance races.

With a powerful, yet economical 2.8L V6 Turbo, the Phoenix was fast, reaching 141mph, while averaging 32(UK) mpg. The interior of the new GTi spec was space-age, with an electronic dash and electric windows, however, compared to the Overdrive Spec, this was merely standard. And at the time, this car was a bargain, costing only $16,900 for the standard model.


It’s a shame, there a lot of good bodies with a wheelbase of just over 2.5m. Could you perhaps make it 2.6m or less?


Too late to change now, sorry :wink:


The Silvia body is 2.51m :rage:


So, something I COMPLETELY forgot to mention was mods.

No CaptainD00M Mods or Barth bodies. If any users have used these mods, I will allow you to make the necessary changes before the deadline.


So, I’m going to pushing the deadline forward from the 28th to the 24th. So I have a week before going back to school to do it.

Anyway, here’s an Entry list so far.

and missing a PM from


i’ll run it to you soon.