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A/P Inc. Automotive companies


In 1916, A/p Inc. was started and made its first buisiness, a tailor shop, in 1918 after funding larger companies. In 1921, after raising roughly $40,000, they bought their first small company. In 1926, a few years later, they had $150,000 to spend, and they bought a larger company that made weapons for the army. by 1929, they had made over $1,000,000 and had bought over 10 small, large, and medium companies, but then the great depression hit, and it hit them hard. Before 1932, they had almost barely $26,000 left. Their total money gained-lost was $1,256,091-$10,913 at the end of the great depression. But they were luckily able to get on their feet quickly and jumped back up to over one hundred thousand dollars by 1945. In 1950, the company Ashier (pronounced- Ash-I-er) motors was a major business that sold low-end on the outside, but luxury on the inside cars. A/P (stands for Aimed at Progress) was able to buy the company, which costed over $500,000! The following cars were made at the time by the company but are all gone now:
Ashier T10
Ashier 5
Ashier MS70
Ashier Terrigade
Ashier Megrande
Ashier Enja
The next list of cars were made then and are still found today:
Ashier Tepia
Ashier 456
Ashier Toyaga
Ashier Remington1456
There was another company, Buck automotive, which A/P Inc. also purchased. The following cars are no longer found today:
Buck R90
Buck 7gear
Buck D-grade
Buck Cellem
The following are found today:
Buck 6gear
Buck S-grade
Buck 5gear
Buck 4gear
Buck J-grade
Buck Y-grade
Buck T-grade
Buck H-grade
Then in 1969, they bought Gorge automotives, a Van, SUV, and Truck company. The following are no longer found today:
Gorge Trancourrier
Gorge Deliverer
Gorge Handler
Gorge 1series
Gorge 10series
The following are found today:
Gorge 67series
Gorge Rende
Gorge Stream (still in production miraculously)
Gorge 545series
Gorge Mnseries
Gorge Tipper
Then in 2000 they bought Castren autos. All of which models are still found today. I will sometimes hold challenges to decide on a new car for each brand, and 4 cars will be picked.


This is the first generation of Ashier’s most accepted car today, the Icia.
First Gen:

Second Gen:

Fifth Gen: (other gens to come later)


2020 Ashier Camilio


2000 and 2008 Buck Albatross


2020 Gorge Trekker