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A Prescription for Laughs (RESULTS ARE UP!)


A Prescription for Laughs

This is a very quick, straightforward challenge, kind of unlike anything that has been done before when it’s all over.

I am looking for a hatchback in the A, B or C segments, simple as that.


  • Trim and engine variant year must be 2019.
  • Minimum wheelbase of 1.90 metres, maximum wheelbase of 2.65 metres.
  • Must be a hatchback body style, either 3 or 5 doors.
  • Must have realistic engineering decisions that would stand up in a real-world setting; don’t make it out of carbon fibre, don’t have a V8 engine, don’t give it pushrod suspension.
  • Maximum cost of $25,000.
  • Engines are strongly recommended to be 3 or 4 cylinders, and have a maximum family displacement no less than 1250 cubic centimetres.



  • Styling - Your car’s styling is going to be the single most important criteria here, outweighing everything else. Make your hatchback look good!

  • Engineering Considerations - Your hatchback should be engineered in such a way that if it were to appear in the boardroom of any car company in the world, it wouldn’t be immediately rejected for being silly. Use conventional materials and parts, don’t put in a silly engine and you’ll do just fine. Don’t do this, and you will be binned!

That’s it!


Submissions are accepted by PMing the .car file to me only; entries WILL NOT be accepted by Discord DM.

Naming Convention

Model and Engine Family name: APL – “forum username”
Trim: Make/Model/Trim of car
Variant: Engine Model/Variant


Thursday, August 6th at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Before you post about it; yes, the rules are vague, this is intentional. Don’t worry about the other usual judging criteria you’d see in a conventional challenge.


Whaa… Do I get it right that the engine family has to allow a 1600 cc variant at least? It would make no sense at all for the smallest hatchbacks and their I3s, that’s why I ask.

I like the idea though, despite very low chance of me coming up with a good entry :smiley:


Changed to “no less than 1250 cubic centimetres.”


The small BMW 1-series sized model has a wheelbase just over 2.6 metres, yet it is very much a C-segment car. Any chance that could be included within the ruleset?

Most C-segment cars these days are actually in the 2.60-2.70m range anyways


That body has a 2.60-metre wheelbase, so it is fine. I have lengthened the wheelbase requirement slightly though regardless. I’ve also upped the cost somewhat as well.


can we submit multiple models of the same car, say an avergae consumer model and a hot hatch one?


Either one or the other is fine, but you can’t submit both. In fact:


There’s nothing like that in the rules, so don’t mislead people.


i was just asking cause i already have a cool one that i woulda liked to submit, but i wasnt sure if i could submit it as a hot hatch or if i had to detune it


Is there any preference for an advert being present, or do we just post one for fun?


As with any Automation challenge, unless it’s specifically allowed in the rules, you should assume you can only submit one car.

There is no preference for an ad, but anything to sell me on your cars would be a good thing…:wink:

New Sucess
The Value of the Trend Gas Field

When the car is equipped with an Internet car system (based on AliOS’s Zebra Zhixing solution), through the big data engine, let the car and the world be connected intelligently anytime, anywhere; exclusive ID, remember your every habit, listen to your every word, realize Personalized travel life.

When technology can also understand human nature, not only can you understand your high requirements for life, but also be able to put yourself in a comprehensive position for you. Whether it is from the senses or driving, it is injected with a humanized and concise experience, which really makes you feel relaxed.


Steering: Steering Wheel

ABS: Have





The Kadett Club. Equipped with the all-new ZTE 1.3 3-cylinder engine, the Club provides pure driving fun and nearly 60MPG, without sacrificing the power needed for city driving.

With over 4 seats and ABS as standard, the Club ‘Solace 1.3’ starts at just under $22,301. ‎



2019 Knightwick C-Sport

The C-Sport is powered by the “N-boost” 1.5l 3 cylinder engine producing 136bhp. You get a sporty drive and a raft of safety equipment.

Alternative colours


Terrible advert incoming

Also ignore the fact this is was released in 2020 and this is a 2019 round but I had nothing else OK

Buy the Valkyrie. Valkyrie best car.


2019 Alissa Diego DX15T

The Korean company presents the seventh generation of it’s beloved hatchback/sedan! Featuring a 1.4L T-DOHC I3 producing 122hp and 122lb-ft moving the Diego to a 0-60 time of 9.7 seconds! With the standard patterned cloth seats and Alissa Touchlink System giving you a fresh experience in a new fun little car!



2019 Mei Ling QC5 108T

The turbo version of the QC5 hatchback, with an optional styling package shown above.

It's a normal car. Just don't look at the fuel economy


2019 RCN Chase DB


A decades old cross cultural collaboration between FWM (@Vena.Sera423) and Kaizen Corporation (@66mazda)

More details coming soon


Looks like 300+ hp. Not bad.

2019 Beanos Son (EX trim)
You probably wanted the performance trim but you are too poor.

More ugli pics

end lmao