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Abot's Car Replicas


I just downloaded the Guilia, and it’s RWD.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m 99.9% sure it’s AWD irl

Also I’m pretty sure it uses a 60 degree V6, not 90.


Drive train depends on the market - In the UK it’s RWD only, whereas I believe it’s an option elsewhere.
As for the engine it’s def a 90 degree V6


Thx for telling me, it’s probably AWD only in the US


Good catch about the bank angle, I should have seen that on the F154 wiki page :man_facepalming:


Added Chevrolet Express 2500.


Added Dodge Viper ACR.


Nope, the Q.V. is not available in AWD anywhere. The regular 2.0T Giulia can be had with Q4 tho :slight_smile:


Added Saleen S1.


Added Audi TT RS.


how do i add them to my game


Hello im new can someone build me a ford 021c concept car on automation it uses ford ka parts

Thanks please abot and also put it on beamng drive


Added Koenigsegg Jesko.


Your Jesko replica is not the first to be posted on these forums, but yours is the most faithful one yet.


Added GT2 RS.


Added Audi S8 (D5).