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Aebrochye Motor Companies


It still looks nice, in my opinion. Better than anything i could do. Hell i even failed at making a UTE once.


And then i put 1008 HP into a coupe on accident, i say accident because… well i made an overpowered inline 6… and lets just say its actually hypercar worthy. I actually made two different versions of the same car using the same body.
this also gives me the opprotunity to post another car so 2018 Aebrochye Carnage I6
IT WAS FIRST BUILT OFF OF A MIATA BODY, but it could hit 209 MPH so i changed its body.

(i dont have discord)

the weird parts

now yall cant complain about picture spam because i can do it in one post. thanks to Hilbert


Y’all could be putting this in a pm instead of a thread


in case you didint see; i dont got discord, sorry.


Nah in the forums you can actually pm people, just click on their name and click message


I now feel stupid.
Eh at least i got to post another car.
pretty much all that matters.


2019 Aebrochye Massagera (prototype)

with better exhaust!

Compared to other luxury cars its in the top 3. (Not including azure because i built that using campaign and not sandbox, but the azure is in 1.)
The massagera is in 3rd place.
The April is what the Massagera rivals. It has surpassed the Warner BR-V212.
The BR-V212 Surpasses the Santos Morale. (Yes its a luxury truck. Why? Did you not read the description of the company?, or, fourm?)


(sorry if this is spam or not but my schedule tight)
2018 Santos Supen - 100 BANDS (yes i just said that. its 100,000.)

2020 Aebrochye Kolortzu - $12,000

Side rails are for mounting shit you cant put in the bed of the truck.

2020 Irongaurd Bera SE (dont be underestimated. this is a hypercar in disguise.) 1.2 mill

2020 Santos (Originally Irongaurd) Klnorzha 32,000

The doors on sides dont slide. they open like a sedan. Thats why you dont see a rail on the side.


2019 Tasmanni/Byros Border
inline 3 Minivan - 4X4 - South Africa is the only currency ill display, calculate the rest.
200 HP - 147 LB-FT - Mechanical fuel injection - (yes its running off of a fucking engine from the
90’s.) 7300 RPM limit
Byros version will be improved greatly i promise i put it on my soul

R 35,864.70

Its shaped like a previa but kinda looks swedish.

This is the Tasmanni version, ill post the Byros version soon. (Witch is the luxury version.


I’m sorry but have you ever considered look at real cars? Most of your creations are just really questionable.


Did you read the very first posts? it says ‘‘One of the main goals here is to
Make an odd, yet like-able design.
Take something from the past, or multiple things, and basically make it old on the outside, new on the inside.
AKA Morgan but with actual tech inside.’’
In other words i do what you suggested but fail in the end.
Plus the designs are always supposed to be unique to stand out when compared to another car.
(Ex. Car will notify nearest police station of any crime it see’s around it. and no its not an actual feature and over all a pretty bad idea anyway. im only using it as an example.) Plus, Some of these are decent to have and some are not. (As shown on the… Klnorzha. (Side window wipers.)
I understand if you dont like the designs i make, you can tell me whats wrong and ill decide either to continue the model based on your opinon or i will scrap it completely.
Other than that, Im sorry you dont really like the design.
Just be glad i didint post the drift car yet.
dont beat me up for this but- how does anyone feel about a front wheel drive muscle car?


If you excuse me now,
The 2019 Byros Border
R 202,000

Not much is changed because its just a variant technically.


Byros Unamed (Witch is why they’res only byros badges. Clever eh?)
$ 22,000
R 394,764.70
€ 24,266.66
Engine: Sold-Aeir MK1 (i name engines random shit) 508 hp 327 lb-ft
also available in convertible.

(Decided not to put wipers on the convertible because the hardtop already shows how it looks.)


But sorry to say this, but most of your car are just bad looking and out of proportions. Really, out of proportions. And i get the goals here but you didn’t executed it properly.

You should really considered looking at real oddball, weird looking and retro styled cars in real life, just to name a few

  • Plymouth Prowler
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser XJ10
  • Fiat Multipla
  • Dodge Challenger (the new one)
  • Most of Mitsuoka lineups.

All or most of the cars that i listed are retro-styled cars and oddball looking but atleast they’re proportioned nicely with not huge lights and out of styling with these ridiculous old bumpers on a modern car. Sure, some of Mitsuoka cars have chrome bumpers on it but they’re not obnoxiously huge like yours.


Hot damn I have never seen such a subtle roast before.


Your telling me THIS THING

has acceptable proportions. the TYPE 186 (Multipla) looks good. alright now say that about an aztek and i swear to god you are not human.


Well that still looks remotely marketable… and they ‘swiftly’ fixed the mistake

and it still has… cohesion in design… and era… unlike basically all of your cars…

Better off to imitate real cars in the respective eras then modify for a remote sense of originality.
Observation and notes help with design.


Again i’ve tried. My imagination gets the best of me. Also they forgot to fix the ugly ass mirrors. the fuck are those
if they were bigger they would look like dumbo’s ears.


Everyone just let Aebrochye do their thing unless advice is asked for. This is starting to look like a calvinator thread.


I was giving an advice to this guy and won’t listen to me but fine, i’ll stop here when this guy is being hard headed.