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Aebrochye Motor Companies


If you excuse me now,
The 2019 Byros Border
R 202,000

Not much is changed because its just a variant technically.


Byros Unamed (Witch is why they’res only byros badges. Clever eh?)
$ 22,000
R 394,764.70
€ 24,266.66
Engine: Sold-Aeir MK1 (i name engines random shit) 508 hp 327 lb-ft
also available in convertible.

(Decided not to put wipers on the convertible because the hardtop already shows how it looks.)


But sorry to say this, but most of your car are just bad looking and out of proportions. Really, out of proportions. And i get the goals here but you didn’t executed it properly.

You should really considered looking at real oddball, weird looking and retro styled cars in real life, just to name a few

  • Plymouth Prowler
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser XJ10
  • Fiat Multipla
  • Dodge Challenger (the new one)
  • Most of Mitsuoka lineups.

All or most of the cars that i listed are retro-styled cars and oddball looking but atleast they’re proportioned nicely with not huge lights and out of styling with these ridiculous old bumpers on a modern car. Sure, some of Mitsuoka cars have chrome bumpers on it but they’re not obnoxiously huge like yours.


Hot damn I have never seen such a subtle roast before.


Your telling me THIS THING

has acceptable proportions. the TYPE 186 (Multipla) looks good. alright now say that about an aztek and i swear to god you are not human.


Well that still looks remotely marketable… and they ‘swiftly’ fixed the mistake

and it still has… cohesion in design… and era… unlike basically all of your cars…

Better off to imitate real cars in the respective eras then modify for a remote sense of originality.
Observation and notes help with design.


Again i’ve tried. My imagination gets the best of me. Also they forgot to fix the ugly ass mirrors. the fuck are those
if they were bigger they would look like dumbo’s ears.


Everyone just let Aebrochye do their thing unless advice is asked for. This is starting to look like a calvinator thread.


I was giving an advice to this guy and won’t listen to me but fine, i’ll stop here when this guy is being hard headed.


Okay, im finnaly back to end this entire arguement.
I litteraly cannot trace and or base off another car as i am TERRIBLE at doing so. I even failed at making a peel P50.
You are right about me being hardheaded thats true. but im simply telling you the cold truth as simple as i can. Im not trying to make you mad im tryingt to relay the fact im bad at tracing other cars. (Ex: AMC Javelin 1971 1969 Dodge Charger ,other muscle cars)
So im sorry you feel this way.
But this is something i cant help. My imagination is something that will always be in my way. as it always screws up a design. Even a aztek. if i based off a aztek it would look worse than the actual thing.

Thank you to anyone that can actually listen.


okay so uh
i’ve been looking at the Vision Next 100 cars so uh
prep your eyeballs
i know everyone despises my cars (so why the hell come back to this post??)
so im warning you all before i start posting again


Aebrochye Prism Concept - 1.2 MILLION
809 HP Standard
Standard is known as Cottonfire variant
The car has 9 gears
The engine : Electric (For real life, in game its only a big ass V8 i ripped out of one of my drag cars.)
Handling: What the hell is that? (Im only guessing, My beam ng isnt working so i cant test this)
Accel: God knows what tbh
Speed: Yeet?
Aero: Does it even exist ._.
Downforce: Most likely yeet
Doors: Butterfly doors but mixed with suicide doors. Suifly doors???


and The Ironguard Mamba (MK1)

$ 790,000


The Byros 4X4 ‘‘Fido’’
‘‘Its a semi. but also not a semi. so what the fuck do i call this.’’
Engine: Mock diesel engine - V6 - 537.7 HP 3100 RPM - 911 LB FT TORQUE WITH TURBO

pretty much alot of money in every currency.


2020 Warner Lebesiajib (Lebe-Si-ahib)
Inline 3 287 HP Carbon Fibre Monocoque Front longitudnal Double wishbone suspension rear/front
148 LB-FT Torque
(Originally a mock Rotary engine but i decided to make a super and or hypercar with this. How the hell does it work? Dont know dont care, It goes up to 154 MPH (so far) in beam so im happy.
This will have multiple versions. (RWD, FWD, AWD)
This is the 4X4 version. Without front driveshaft it does 153 MPH
Really the only benefit of the 4X4 is that you can get over a hill if the car bottoms out.
It also has a unique feature of Double Wings. yay.
(Tried to base it off the crossfire.)
The handling is great, so is the braking.
Cons: like. none. other than the design that others arent happy about witch kinda makes me have lower self esteem.
_’‘A car with whats basically a mock rotary engine, sounds like a mock rotary engine, and behaves like one? Yes please!’’

The idea with the LED on the door handle was that if your at night, and cant see well the LED will stay on so you can see the door handle. I still cant give car files so i cant protect these cars. by that i mean you all bash the bad designs but never take performance into account, if i could upload the files i would be able to at least show the cars are decent but life hates me so i cant.
Also, its not supposed to have mirrors. The car uses camera’s instead, like a certain Koenigsegg (Gemera)
¥, 円, 圓 21,561,400.00
kr 2,127,040.00
Ден 11,351,000.00


2020 Byros Siva (Russain market only)
Gas and EV models available

‎₽ 3,000


I have a few questions.

  1. Why are the headlights just a very thin led strip? There would not be enough illumination on the road at night,
  2. Why are the windshield wipers standing up?
  3. Is the black part a grille or is it there to fill in open space??
    (I’m not at all bashing your car or anything, just asking some questions)


Alright so to awnser:

The headlights originally would be Chevrolet Metro or Geo car styled, In the end it looked odd and i went with LED’s. Think of the LED’s as overpowered lights.

The wipers… oh the wipers i did not have any idea what to do with, They didint look nice to me when they were down so i ran out of motivation on the wipers.

As the Siva comes in EV and Gas, the black part can be a grille or a part to fill open space, In this case the black part is to fill space as this is the EV model.


Aebrochye Performance got drunk and ‘‘improved’’ a trabant.

V6 With turbo, 107000 RPM max,
391 lb-ft torque
709 HP
‘‘Why, Just why.’’
$1 (yes, one dollar and thats it. thats how bad it is, despite the engine being completely fine.
Aebrochye Performance SYMT100
Top speed (Beam) 195 mph First gear (what the actual fuck beam .-.)
Top speed (Automation) 201 mph
Engine: fast as fuck but weak ass torque aka ‘‘When you try so hard but you dont succeed.’’
Idling: sounds like a semi and a diesel lol
Acceleration: shit
Handling: actually mega ultra shit.
Downforce: also shit
Boost: good, but shit
Nos: lol add a mod its probably shit too tho
This is actually worse than the original trabant :joy:
It does however have rally potential. yay.


So. I heard you like fuel economy.
And offroading.
So we made a 4X4 I4 Fuel saving beast
thats a SUV.
2020 Aebrochye Offroad Ecouv (Ecu-v (O is silent)
‘‘How the hell is this so fast but it saves me gas money.’’

Just learned something new, This is my first offroad build and it works extremely well offroad!
Im actually suprised, The engine in it is pathetic so im puzzled by how good the acceleration, speed, and performance is
The acceleration is perfect, No pick up and go it just as soon as you tap the gas pedal, Zoom,
The speed is also really good for what it is,
and the performance for its purpose is litteraly the best thing ever