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Aebrochye Motor Companies


2020 Aebrochye Halogen
Turbocharged I4 - 361 HP 240LB-FT
Based (sort of) Off of RX-7 and 180SX
The cars features:
Sport mode
V6 option
Factory alternate drag and track version (Track: STTR Drag: JARBOESJET
Door handles that unlock when approaching car (witch is why the door handle looks the way it does)
‘‘Its a miata, but not a miata. A 180sx but not a 180sx. Its basically every JDM car in the 80’s/90’s.
help, my brain hurts.’’

The idea here is the owner walks up to the car and grips the door handle, it opens. But the block behind the 2 bars is spring loaded. With a really strong spring. So when the owner walks up the cylinder electronically gets pushed down, locking in place. Once inside the car the spring is gently put back.
So if someone else tries to get in the car, they cant. Unless they like finger pain.
If they cut the bars, They still wont be able to get in. The car only unlocks when the cylinder is down,and the lock is electric it uses a sensor. Making the car basically impossible to steal unless hacked.


The Santos Halo
Yes. its rear engined.
Yes. its cheaper than a trabant
No, its somehow not terrible.

All for the price of


2020 Tasmanni Ko
‘‘The cheapest car in the world.’’’

Its also the ugliest!
This car isnt made for looks its only made to go from point a to b.
The car is litteraly worth one dollar. The majority of it is plastic.That includes the hood, fenders, bumpers, the outer shell basically.
On the inside its basically a lada.
but worse.
There is power steering. somehow.
The car is FWD. yeet.
It produces 54 HP.
62 LB-FT torque
Its manual.
4 speed
Open diff
Thin tires because yes. they are cross ply
Brakes? THERES ONLY 2. in the rear. no front brakes.
its a 1 piston brake too. and they are equally as bad as the car.
There is no undertray.
Its basic af inside. and theres only one seat in the front, and 3 in the back
Somehow, it has a radio.
There are no traction aids but alot of safety is there so thats nice
The suspension is standard springs, twin tube dampers and passive sway bars.
The car would technically cost 12,400$, and 3,780 to produce it but
who cares am i right?


lip smack
The Byros Bat (Vleermuis, aka bat in dutch) , Terrible in design, Has a boxer 4 that acts like a V8
and makes me fucking proud.
I say terrible in design because i know thats what all of you are gonna type. if only if only you could see it on the track.

Engine info:
622 HP 101000 RPM
336 lb-ft (Because its not meant to do burnouts. its meant to get you from point a to b.
I will make a rally version of this.
I just realized this may or may not be a FWD muscle car with a boxer .-.


The Aebrochye Performance City
4X4 1001 HP and 573 MAX LB-FT TORQUE
SS-RS model standard
With new logo.
‘‘You ever seen a Hot Hatch go over 200mph? Factory with no modifications? Now you have.’’

I dont know why i made an interior but i did.
Also im making a mail truck after this. is that a bad thing to do .-.
Is it bad to like a mail truck (Grumman LLV)


Patchwork wont work so i had to use sunroof parts. and a grille.
The Irongaurd I4
and quicc
and blind spots.
‘‘I may have done cocaine before making this.’’

(google thought this was a gurgel br-800


The Aebrochye Offroad Jimmy KMFR1 (standard ver)

The name was originnaly Jerry but it didint set in right for me
The thing is basically a toyota, it never stops. ever. i mean this.
It runs off of a boxer
The car is 4X4
Overrall it does work for some reason. Really all my creations shouldnt work. (Like the Warner Lebesiajib, a 4X4 sports car running off of a inline 3 and somehow doing 154 mph without a broken turbo.


I see, interesting


okay so we all love the crown vic, right? (If you dont you arent human and thats a fact to me witch technically means its a opinion but fuck you.)
well i made a Overpowered crown vic.
that takes some inspiration from the crown vic 1st gen
The 2020 Aebrochye Amante RWD standard
That has a 6 speed automatic, double wishbone/semi trailing arm suspension, offroad tires so its ready to go offroad, a V8 because no crown knockoff is complete without a v8
a intergrated compression tester, along with a fuel gauge on the trunk,
Automation says its luxury but
its really not. its not. those are lies. very big lies.
Dont ask why theres a sump on the hood that should be obvious why its there.

(The old steering wheel is there for police models. its so that you always have different areas to grip)

now for the real question

also amante means lover. in spanish i think
I wish there were straight eights.
and the ability to make a 100,000 hp engine, then i could truly hurt pepoles brains more than my cars do.
i think i cant spell ._.
i also need 1st gen honda insight rear lights


The Tasmanni Turbo V12 (m1)
The one car thats suprisingly controllable when it really shouldnt be. but it still is.
Esc barely does anything actually, the cars able to get grip without ESC
The engine produces over 2,000 hp.


Dont ask why i made a family car that has a V12 in it


‘‘Lil op innit?’’
Nothing is ever enough for Aebrochye so they made Irongaurd make a OP i4
The engine produces 1262 HP at 8400 RPM, With an 779.77 lb-ft pound of torque.
To aebrochye these are ROOKIE NUMBERS
Despite the fact that the engine could probably tear the car apart by accellerating.
Presenting The Alo, The Halogens younger, and stupid brother.

Thats the engine, The beast itself.
(need to adjust transmission)


The Aebrochye Project 1 MK2
‘‘Sweet baby jesus christ’s dead again fuck, thats ugly.’’


The Aebrochye Armadillo Luxury sedan

The first economy luxury car. i think.
The engine, a i6 makes a 39.3 MPG, 158.1 hp and 415.1 lb-ft torque,
The engine is a gas but its max rev is at 2000 RPM. making the car really quiet.
The car is also 4x4.
The turbo makes more noise than the engine.
Fuel system: Turbo direct injection
You can say ‘‘Thanks, i hate it’’ now.
‘‘Thanks, i hate it.’’


12.6 MPG is just not enough even for a full-size luxury car, and especially egregious when it’s powered by a mere V6.

I suspect this is a typo - I think you meant 2700 rpm since the Rev limiter can’t be set any higher than 12000.

All in all, the Armadillo falls well short of its intended purpose.


Felt something was off.
Thanks for telling me, and yes it was a typo.


2020 Byros 111 (V16 track car - 1,347.0 HP)
‘‘Ow, my back.’’

In a nutshell the car is basically only meant for track use. Mostly because it has a V16 under its hood.

For the sake of ‘‘realism’’ the production if in real life would probably be limited to 100 units because most of it is carbon fibre, steel, and aluminum
Stats: 2 door 2 seats
Space frame AHS light steel / carbon fibre panels
5625 LB’s
Macpherson strut F / Pushrod R
6 speed Automatic
Redline 6,900 RPM
Cost to make: 200,000$
its MPG is trash as expected.


The Byros 222
‘‘haha sad mazda mx-5/lotus elise go brrr’’
Same purpose as the 111 but alot more different.

Carbon fiber monocoque, Carbon fibre panels
Inline 4 (770 HP)
7 gear manual
Double wishbone
Total weight: 3149
(The 222 is the red car, the 111 is the black car.


The Warner Sphinx
‘‘Chuck it in the Sphinx. We’ll have it delivered in no time.’’
Basically a toned down version of the Tasmanni Turbo, that uses cameras, And still has an overpowered engine.
Instead it has a V8 That produces 1,149.8 HP at 8,800 RPM and 686.1 lb-ft of torque (The turbo has over 1,000 lb-ft of torque)
Double wishbone / Multi link suspension, 5060 LB (58% front / 42% rear)
7 speed automatic, Turbocharged direct injection
Aluminum semi space frame / steel panels (The Turbo was carbon fibre body panels)

the sphinx is the car in the middle


2020 Santos Albany (B/BASE)
‘‘fuck you, here’s a car that will shame you forever for buying it.’’
233.7hp and 177.0 7,300 lb-ft torque INLINE 4 6:0:1 compression 7
Naturally aspirated - Mechanical fuel injection
Solid axle leaf/ double wishbone
Radial tires (but of course)
Electric LSD
‘‘fuck you, here’s a car that will shame you forever for buying it.’’
Weight: 2001 lb (Yes, i know i can easily make this a hypercar, or even a supercar. thats the reason its so light)

Santos Albany Base.car (25.6 KB)


Why??? The only thing I can say about this car is that it’s an utter mess.