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Aebrochye Motor Companies


Why do you think its the base model. The car (if it were in real life) is litteraly meant to shame you.


Can you please PM me this car’s .car file… I’d like to see if I could make the shame of owning it more of a case of perverse pride in overcoming hardship, hahaha!!!


On that note, I would like you to also PM me the file as well, just so that I can put a different take on it.


Problem: Im also too stupid to figure out how to upload the file, because every time i try to the file (when done loading) does not show.


Re-name the file without any /'s 's. The forward slash and back slash will stop the file from exporting…


Don’t you mean _'s? I removed those and it still doesn’t export to the forum, Or does the upload on the forum not work?


Don’t try and upload the Beam .zip, please upload me the Automation .car file… Those Beam .zips are too large a file to be uploaded, AFAIK!