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Aebrochye Motor Companies


if you thought this was overkill the SR71 B2 was the longest, and most powerful project i have ever done. the car only went 246 at 4,576 HP. It took many days to get the engine to that point, but sadly the car is now lost forever as automation despises anything that i do with it, probably because it knows that im going to most likely make something that should not be made. for example, this truck.

Speaking of the SR series, i’ve been thinking of trying to get it to go to 400 MPH in beam.ng, pretty bold goal considering the last SR71’s chassis was made with glued aluminum.


The limo has litteraly folded in on itself. In the photoscene i did the grave mistake of not deleting the background cars, in this case it was the Grand, So now i have to build the limo from scratch.