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Aebrochye Motor Companies


suicide doors because yes.


Beam.ng is no longer working
So until i can fix it
i cannot provide an realtime top speed, only in theroy top speed


It looks unfinished. That’s all I can say about it.

As for the Azure, it’s a half-hearted attempt to modernize a relic from the Cold War.


The SUV is somewhat unfinished, But at the time (and i still dont. because the V8 is deciding to play with my emotions) i didint have time to address most design flaws simply because of the Azure. I was thinking about the azure long before i even made the SUV but i never had a idea of how the Azure would look until recently.
And with Beam having problems its not helping.


The acceleration does way too much too. i also need to lower the ride height, as it has a rather… well
lets just say very, very fucked up roll angle.
It always seems to start to tip at corners, and frankly it clearly needs to be styled after something in the back.
A F150 or an Land Rover of some sort.
Actually, maybe a tahoe. I’m still looking.


The front though is another story, i might replace everything with mostly LED’s. ill try to keep everyone that sees this post updated.


In fact, because im a perfectionist ill start work on the Morradessa now. because i cant stand things that arent finished.


For now though, The rolls royce-bentley-morgan

thing with a V16, and made out of carbon fiber for the most part; The SPR1-zz.1 (ZZ.number is the version of it.
Yes its supposed to look like this.
Yes i know its not what i usually do.
Its simply because of one thing,

fuck you ill do what i want >:v


this is 2019 so ill announce the name and some minor adjustments later.


New Morradessa next to 2 other cars (Defect: Porsche like coupe Sokol: One that looks like a 3rd grader drew.)



2018 Aebrochye Sokol EV ~ What to get your reckless grandchildren. a slow, SLOW car.


The Defec, It doesnt really have any flaws i just had nothing to name it.
Max speed, if i can remember its 112


Morradessa chassis/engine


this thing tho… the sokol, i had trouble making it shut up and have power so it has a pathetic engine


this man- i swear to god it pisses me off. the car too damn slow.


Seriously? A carbureted overhead-valve straight-six in this day and age? That must be why it’s so slow…


I had to make it quiet somehow.


Trust me, the primer may have more power but it litteraly sounds like a electric motor when in reverse
i actually almost died laughing because of it, if i can fix Beam.ng ill see if i can do an audio clip of some sort.


i tried adding turbo. you can imagine how that went.