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Aebrochye Motor Companies


Okay so it runs in safe mode; but i cant put in any of my automation vehicles into the game.
SO IM THINKING, if i can learn how to
im going to replace all the values of the stock cars in game, replace them with the automation cars values and see what that does for me.


Though im only gonna use the covet and the Aebrochye Daro (1985 Styled Hatchback)simply because they both honda like vehicles


Also, the Morradessa now makes 1660 Hp (Previous; 500hp)
I dont know why i jammed so much power i just did.


Clearly the blocks gonna be replaced. right now its a V10


iTS NOW A 956 HP V6, witch is still overpowered.


im renaming it the Morradessa R. only thing that fits. also revamping the back too.


oh and- Aebrochye primer, 2018.
A electric… thing.
Yes the wheels are meant to be blue. i wasnt thinking straight. im bouta get rid of them.

The Morradessa Revamp is behind it


It does well in handling for a car like itself. Other options are gas. It makes 96 HP. but at the same time is nowhere as slow as the Sokol, Plus, its really fucking quiet. that is until its in reverse. then it sounds like a failing lego motor.


With the standard Boxer four. I used a boxer. But its supposed to be electric so the exhaust in the back, pretend its fake, and for the sake of quiet, it delivers only 96 HP, at the same time though it still has high acceleration. Yes it has a turbo,The engine couldnt deliver 96 HP 197 lb-ft by itself, Boxer 6 is 134 hp 319 lb-ft of tourqe.
You only get 96 hp. thats it. pay a bit more if you want more power.
its still pretty quiet with 134 hp but it not as quiet as before.


It compared to Morradessa


The revamp back of Morradessa and the back of Primer


Okay, ill be honest;
I didnt expect jack shit from the primer so i didint try
in the end
i have now a extremely reliable vehicle
thats also kei like.


also, have a V16 lotus.

for being one of the only pepole that points out flaws in design.
(Despite me being born in the US, and raised in the US, my English is kind of bad because i forget how to spell things.


another v16 lotus


and for the sake of GTA vibes, the Kinga, from santos (i had nothing to name it and i saw a crown on a video i was watching so i said ‘‘fuck it.’’)


For a while this was my best handling car, i say was because i replaced it with a car ill upload soon


also for those wondering about the SR71;




This was the very first version. It could hit 200 MPH, but not quickly. Maxed out at 205 MPH
The turbo always would overheat so you would have to start dabbing the gas, then hit it again when you notice the turbo overheating.


Now, SR71 may sound random but
Its actually part of the name of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Max speed of said plane being 2,193 mph.