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Aebrochye Motor Companies


The fabled B3, in its standard form.


Using an outdated body from the 50’s, i achieved the title of fastest (Sensible.) car in Beam.
Its faster than the Koenigsegg Jesko’s top speed (In theroy.)
Topping out at 337,
The standard can use LITTERALY any engine (Even the big boi inline) and still have the same top speed, or even higher. Right now it has an V10 delivering 1176 HP.


At first it was just a car in my spare time
When tested in beam that all changed though.
It had a V6 at first.




The wipers have hinges, and of course they are being pushed on the glass. So you still have wipers. thats the only reason why.


Now i only needed movie car level HP to get it to 300 MPH, even though it never was meant to hit 300 mph it still did.


To make it even better
Its naturally aspirated
So it would rub alot of shit into many, many hypercars.


Only weird thing: its body. thats it. ._.




memes will be born i swear to god .



wings? fuck yes.


now, for why i said it was never meant to hit 300MPH


Ignore the engine and look at the chassis.
and theres the explanation.


Instead of making lots of small posts in a short space of time, why not try making a few longer posts separated by a long time period?


True. i should chill.


Sorry for the constant posts
i just like getting things done so i dont gotta do them later.
im quite lazy.


a dealership thing

okay thats my last post for today.
if you see any unannounced cars that you want to be announced, then. idk circle it in MS paint???


that moment when there are no F1 bodies on the workshop, so all you have is a engine.