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Aebrochye Motor Companies


b u t t h e r e i s b i k e s


basically imma put a overpowered engine in. we all can see where this is going.


nvm i cant do any of that. mod is too complicated for me .-.




i dunno what to name it. it looks cadillac-buick y.
maybe some oldsmobile. i dont know. ..

name this thing please .



the license plate is a mirror thing so ignore that.




okay now who wants to see a small car with a OP engine


so… i managed to make the bike work so… redneckery back in biz.
the Aebrochye Saint MK1

Pretty sure im the only company with bikes now.


Would it be okay to call this the batcycles retarded brother?


you’re starting to pull a Donut, and trust me…you don’t wanna see the end result of that


trust me dude i was born a desperate donut. just like your account.
but being desperate so far has actually somehow managed to get me places so… yeah.


pretty sure i already done seen the end result.


okay i forgot to mention the gear changes
The B3 is really well with shifting, its like an dream actually. Even though it has such a powerful engine,
it still shifts like a dream. no screwups.
The B1 did the same.
The B2 is the ugly duckling of gear shifting.
Also, The B2 required about 45000 HP to get to 200MPH
the B3 only needed 465 HP. To get to 300 (+) mph.


and a bike isnt working frick.


we are never speaking of this chassis…


Usually i build censored for children like this

nah g not this time.


i have found a bike mod. i know how to use it (sort of) now.