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Aebrochye Motor Companies


peeps build stuff like this


so for my best attempt at something economy, mostly because of this here


god has left us.


The santos P1 Moped.
we are now mazda.


It only has 47 HP. dont expect much
90% of it is most likely aluminum foil if it somehow manages to push you


The Warner BR-V212




The background is a tribute to Juice wrlds death, he had this on his spotify. well. the background.
or well its like it.
idk either way thats why its there.








Is it that you cannot post numerous images in one post?
Or that you do not know how to?


No, i cant do numerous images in one post.


Thats what i get for not joining in 2015. But i didint have automation at the time so.


I joined last year
Have you tried using numerous image embed links?


No. i just drag and drop files.


okay back to annoying some pepole-

Type XR chassis w/ fixtures only