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Aebrochye Motor Companies


2020 Byros Wyvrnu (hatchback thing) w/ 2019 Aebrochye Performance S-MODEL (supercar thing)
(i dont know how to use imgur im simple xd



the S model



The Wyvrnu Soccer mom sports car


ignore the left exhaust they’res only supposed to be one
the racing decals are there for design, no collabs happened.
only saying this because i dont know if they’re actually automation companies or not.


who said a woodie couldnt be fast?




baby up in this bitch-


2019 Santos Morale


Basically a lifted UTE with a 4 barrel carb. Suprisingly somehow makes 150+ HP


The name of the car. what else.


Since it kinda looks like it should be in a GTA game.



or watch dogs. idk.



its 4x4. forgot to mention.
OH and only four gears manual. Electric LSD
Maximum safety
Luxury interior with Luxury HUD


Your welcome for an (sort of) working class vehicle but at the same time you also are actually relaxed enough to actually feel like doing something productive. or dont. and lose your job.


2019 Santos Trabajador
Ester De Pista variant