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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #1 [Completed]


What about an aluminium engine block / head, I assume not allowed? Or is it?


No aluminum. Only Alloy rims.


We have this ironed out enough, so here it is.


You may want to set up some performance targets, so you don’t get a bunch of 300cc I3s


Automation Test Track time is a factor. If they make a half decent 300cc I3, I’d be impressed (I’ve tried).


how are you weighting the eco and emissions? like would a large car with 25mpg do better than a tiny car with 28mpg since the large car would be more impressive at that level.

also how sporty are we going for? is this like an eco sports coupe or just a faster normal car


Eco is weighed against itself. Emissions are a non-issue. The goal is something affordable, somewhat fast, and cheap with the artificial restrictions applied. Focus on the eco, then aim for speed.


Where can I find the '80s Archana safety regs?

Edit: Is an overall safety score of 19.7 good enough?


Basically, if you use the markets tab, and you aren’t scoring a 0, it’s good enough. It’s a bit too easy, but it’s what it is now.


Only one (1) submission so far.


1988 Bogliq Bugle

Bogliq is a company unwilling to let any market go un-serviced (and profits foregone, lol) so we present the Bugle; a car built by the people, for the people!

Above Table: The restriction of the turbo to a max of 0.500 makes for very odd engine characteristics. For those who have thought of entering but think their cars are weird, I suggest you just submit anyway because you just might win! :laughing:


Nope. Bogliq can’t be the only one…

1988 Nuvia Griego 1800T

Behold, the third-world turdbucket!


I’ll be submitting by the end of the day.


The FM Street


1988 Minera Kozachok 1.8 Turbo E

Minera gladly spent all R&D funds on producing turbo technology following the wise regulation changes from the cabinet!




Six (6) entries now. Pretty neat to see everyone’s approach so far.


I’m wondering how many people followed the idea of
“why use four cylinders when three do same trick”

Kinda hoping someone used the space van


Pipi Downton Turbo SE

Based on the popular Downton hot hatch, this “Special Edition” is a market-specific model that features an unorthodox turbo-charged engine.


Office contor city

Model_10_-_Trim_45.car (17.0 KB)