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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #2 [Concluded]


I see what you did there. Don’t worry, we’ll use one of the rear seats once we chop the back.

On a side note, once again, if I forget, 2:10 to go!


Time’s up.

I expect to be able to get to the results by Wednesday, but you never know, I might get time to do it early again! Stay tuned!


Round 1 (the :wastebasket: round).

“What are we ruling out today.”

You grab your notepad, full of random notes (no shit…) on each car.

First on the chopping block (get it, we have to chop this…) is the Swift Tow Wagon by @Xoury Xoury.

This is a pretty unique build, partially because it’s already been used. This is unique with transverse FWD, turbochaarged mechanically injected V8 plus manual locker. However it has absolutely no heat capacity for the brakes to handle any load applied to it in the event of a long downhill. Other than that it fits all the standards of what’s asked for, and it’s in fact the most reliable car, cheapest car, and second safest car I’ve received. :cheese: with a 1+2 seating though, rearranging the car to just have a front 2 seats still gives the car a very respectable 30 MPG (exactly the same as the 1+2 by the way).

Passes Round 1 :white_check_mark:

Next up is the Dudecia Analogtruck by @mgobla

One major thing to note right off the bat is the exceptionally low roll angle provided by this engineer. While it’s not 1.7 degrees like last time, it’s still below 3 degrees at 2.7. This car uses a front rear drive NA V10, at maximum size allowable. The engine is a triple single carb, making it fairly reliable, which is a pretty good deal. The vehicle is majorly lacking in offroad ability though, with how low the truck sits, and how stiff the springs are, and the sheer lack of any noticeable roll free of the axle. The fuel economy is okay, for an old carbed, engine, but it’s mediocre compared to the pack.


Next up is @Urbanliner with their Quanzhi Truck.

It’s a quite highly seated truck with a turbocharged I6 all going to a 4x4. Appears to have a decent interior, but the safety values are surprisingly low, below the average of the pack, and the truck REALLY wants to oversteer. Not something you want in a tow truck. If it’s naturally oversteering without a load, I’d hate to see what happens with load.


Next is @Jaimz with the FM TrailWay Basic.

Using the dual cab Sharyo mod body. This vehicle is powered by another mechanically injected, turbocharged V8, making what can best be described as a “torque bird” with first peak torque of 109 newton meters at 1400 RPM, and another peak all the way out to 4600 RPM at 106 newton meters. The powerplant also produces 81 horsepower, the highest of the group so far. The truck isn’t exactly designed for offroading, but it does have a manual locker for the rear solid axle, and a tray for the job. Price is a bit above the average at 16,000 but otherwise a good showing. Five full seats is a plus, though we might have to chop them for the crane. Might need to do some conrod replacements on hard jobs though, since HD cast was NOT used.

Passes Round 1 :white_check_mark:

Next Up @VicVictory with the NKM Ivan.

Your Ad made me laugh.

This, did not.

80 HP out of a destroked pushrod V10 is pretty alright, but the truck could be improved so greatly in so many minor ways. If I’m binning the Urbanliner for controlled oversteer, this is getting the bin for uncontrolled oversteer.

Next up is @HighOctaneLove with the Bogliq Brawnee with a city sized SUV?

Why not? Transverse V8… in the heresy angle of 60 degrees (yes, I’m biased, you had to make it fit somehow). Helical geared front wheel drive? Terrible safety ratings? Exceptional fuel eco, while also the second most expensive car here? Nah. Maybe for AEC 1, but for this job, not gonna cut it. It did produce the most power out of all the submissions though at 87 HP.


Next is @Petakabras with the DVM Traction.

This one is decent. Naturally aspirated, very strokey MFI V8 pushing out 76 HP at the peak and getting an effective 23.8 MPG. Issue is, it’s missing key offroad features. It’s got an open diff (not a killer exactly), it doesn’t have an undertray, and like the Analogtruck, it’s got an almost racecar roll angle of 2.4 degrees. Would be perfect if some more work went into letting it handle dirt.

:wastebasket: May be reserved for inner city use.

Last, but not least is @ShinyBat with the Pipi Loders Depot SE.

A quirky truck with some interesting features. Manual locker transverse Boxer 6 with front wheel drive, with a turbocharged, 2 barrel carb. Top of the line safety, the highest scored car. Overall “mostly” sensible engineering choices. Flak will always be had for a locked FWD car, but still. The fuel economy is low, but still acceptable, since it runs low quality gas. The only issue is reliability, which is the worst of all the cars submitted. It doesn’t slip too far though compared to the baseline average though.

Barely scrapes by round 1, I like the cut of your jib style pass. :white_check_mark:


… Does Ivan at least get a life as a mini drift truck?


Sure. Why not?


…looks like a second consecutive third place then. Consistency! :joy:

I whiffed a bit forgetting that FWD + locker = lol, but at least I didn’t embarrass myself and that’s always my first priority even in engineering-only challenges where I feel vaguely confident now :stuck_out_tongue:




So, the winner of this AEC is going to be @Jaimz with the TrailWay. The torque curve, the fact that it’s rear wheel drive, and the fact that it’s got good power across the board is all a plus.

Second place will have to go to @Xoury with another Swift Wagon. Another good build (if a bit recycled). The fuel eco and price is very competitive, but the fact that it’s front wheel drive kind of ruins it for me.

Third place goes to @ShinyBat. Overall sensible choices, but just not quite there.

That concludes this round for now, and sorry if I didn’t flavor the results as much as I did the first AEC, but time has been running short recently.

I’d prefer if I did not host the next AEC, really, but if nobody else wants to step up to do round 3 (if we even do one), then i’ll try to come up with a concept some time around the end of the month.

One again, congrats to Jaimz for winning the AEC 2!


Thanks @Admiral_Obvious for running the last 2 rounds.

I have an idea for a multipurpose vehicle for 1993.

I’ll put something together and post in the coming days.