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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #3


Time to stop drinkin then… cause I count 11. :rofl:


Round 1 – The Instabins

@george_m997 – While the GMD Type 1 has many redeeming features….the lack of a single seat means that it fell at the first hurdle.

@Fido – The Lynx has EFI which is a banned item. The state police will be around to speak with you regarding this issue! The seats were obviously made of concrete to get a comfort level that low. You asked about the bus….I was hoping you’d enter that!

@TheLapTopx20 – Trim emissions of nearly 4400 are unacceptable. Even the engine emissions were above the mandatory 2000. Shame really as it was originally in my top 3……until I started the final critique.

Round 2 – The ones that fell short

@Xoury – It managed to avoid the instabin round….but this is the end of the road. A comfort score of 6.6 is too low. The fully clad undertray wasn’t necessary. The engine is outstanding though. 26% fuel economy which gets the vehicle 30mpg (imp) was great. If you had proper seats and some entertainment then you would have got near the top…maybe even taken the top spot.

@HighOctaneLove – We love Bogliq….but this isn’t blue! That’s not the reason we don’t want it. Single digit comfort and means that it’s out of the running.

@Falling_Comet – OK then……the engine limit is set at the redline….it’s also an 8L inline 6! Advanced safety…of the scale off-road capabilities….this thing is a tank…… So much so we’ll take 6 of them for the army but as a taxi it’s a “HELL NO!”

The Final 3
3rd Place - @Urbanliner – The Quanzhi has a couple of minor issues. Firstly your redline is at 6200 and your engine stops at that point. Setting the engine to rev to 6400, 200 past the redline would have given it a boost. Secondly is the all steel construction. The low quality fuel helped move it to the bronze position.

2nd Place – @That-S-Cop – This is a car of exceptional values. Highest reliabibility and offroad values but the lowest drivability score of all the entrants. Excellent safety with a healthy chunk out of anyone’s budget. For a 4.3L i6 the service costs were reasonable. All in all a worthy occupant of the silver medal placement.

1st Place - @VicVictory – With the exception of drivability and offroad performance, this is a reasonable vehicle. Drivability is excellent, the Quanzhi was the only one better, but the offroad ability does leave a lot to be desired. In the event of war breaking out again we can look at improving the offroad, were necessary, but, until then, we have a new state taxi.

Thanks to everyone for entering.


My lack of attention really shines through here.
Anyways, It’s cool knowing my van would’ve been within top 3 had it not been for the coal runner-like emissions.


ahh, single seats… forgot bout that… welp moving on then, quite the blunder tho


Wow… Second place for… basically no effort
CSR119 Reposts won the round.
Congrats @VicVictory


Worry not, for I got 1st place with basically no effort either… lol… just changed the trim year, slammed a carb on instead of EFI, and changed it from a cargo van to a passenger van.

I’m scheming for the next round. Yes, I will host it… I’ve got a lot of lockdown-induced spare time on my hands now. :roll_eyes:


Priceless lmao


Congrats @VicVictory on your success, as engineering goes they don’t come any more arbitrary than Ardent!



which number were you using for cost and reliability?


Ah, my sweet HOL… it wasn’t an Ardent. It was a good ol Aussie crapcan. :wink:


Market tabs for cost and trim reliability.


Hahaha!!! Honestly, still likely better than a new Holden, lol :thinking::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New Holden’s don’t exist… Especially that Opel Insignia I’l refuse to call Commodore.
Bring me back to the old days…