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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #4 [CLOSED]


1990 MTC Sachem Tradesman

A hard nosed utility vehicle from Australia, the Sachem has been popular in third world countries for two decades now. Its rugged construction, excellent offroad capability, and low starting price have over the years made it the light truck of choice for markets where those attributes are especially important.

The Tradesman takes that offroad utility and encloses the bed, turning a pickup truck type vehilce into a van which retains the same capabilities, but is better suited to delivery applications. It’s not as barebones a vehicle as one might think, with up-to-date safety features, power steering, and ABS. However, to keep costs low it retain its outdated 3-on-the-three manual transmision and drum brakes all around. For the 1990 model year, it offers an all new 3.0L single cam boxer six with 3v per cylinder. It uses a 3-way catalytic converter, cast iron construction, and cast log headers. For certain markets including this one, it makes use of a two barrel double carburator setup, producing 91 hp@4800 rpm and a healthy 147 lb ft of torque at 2200 rpm.

The Tradesman retains the 4x4 setup paired to a manual locking differential with a two speed auxiliary gearbox. Indeed, many reviewers and customers alike have found that the truck performs best when it starts off in low range. With its 2000 lb payload capacity, it should be able to meet the needs of the delivery drivers.

Starting at a base price of $14000, it offers a lot per dollar.


Psst… we’re on hold for the next stable release.


Yeah I was already done with it so I figured I’d just post it anyway and actually submit it once you give the all-clear


Welp, this has taken a bit longer than I anticipated. So I want to give those of you who are likely participants the choice. Voting ends in 48 hours (9am PDT/5pm UTC) on Saturday morning).

If the Stable Build patch does NOT get dropped by then, which would you rather do:

  • Run the round in Open Beta, with a 5 day closing period
  • Wait for the Stable Build

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Well, y’all have clearly spoken. We’re waiting for the stable release. :slight_smile:


It will drop “soon”.


OK, folks… sorry about the delay. But… IT’S ON!

Submission deadline:

Sunday, July 5th, 4:00PM PDT (UTC -8)


Oh No It’s My First AEC Cuz I Like Designing And That!

Literally not even gonna brand it… so it is what it says on the tin. A “Karrier”


Franklin Marshall CarGo - No compromise, no problem.


Iramitsu IMP (Inexpensive Mobility Project)

The Iramitsu IMP is a production-ready concept developed by the Iramitsu engineers by using the philosophy of cheaper=better, and that recycled=cheaper, so every single component here was taken from Iramitsu’s parts bin (and from the lost & found bin in Iramitsu’s HQ): the taillights and the (single) rear view mirror are from a '67 Iramitsu Koi (Iramitsu’s Corolla rival), the door “handles” and the trunk popper are from a '82 Koi, the fuel tank filler is located in the trunk and the engine is a 80’s Iramitsu’s 4-cylinder with one of the pistons chopped off. This propulsor (designed to run on 85RON and capable of around 47hp) is paired with a 3-speed manual derived from a commercial van from the late 60’s/early 70’s, which sends the power to the front wheels. the interior is pretty spartan, there are only 2 doors and two seats, the brakes are all-around drums, it has 3-point seatbelts and barely anything more, no ABS, no power steering, the fuel economy is around 8.7L/100km and the weight is just slightly above 849kg

It definitely doesn’t look good, but with a material cost of 1769$, an eventual selling price of 9080$ (fully negotiable in the case of a big enough order) and a reliability index of 72.4, it’s definitely a cheap, suitable, dependable way to move two people and 549kg of cargo around (If interested, for 280$ more on the final price Iramitsu can add a cassette player/radio that definitely wasn’t found in that lost&fund bin that I’ve referred to before, but if you really want to see how “luxurious” this car can be in its full spec, then I’ve decided to upload the “L” version too)


@ZoomZoomer32 … challenge submissions are always via PM to the host. Never post your files in the thread while submissions are still open.


Reactionary Motors Service

In the great nation of REDACTED, we are always happy to see you…

Figuring some residual distrust of Bogliq’s pro-humanity agenda was stopping Bogliq winning contracts in the nation of REDACTED. Senior executives collaborated with some lucre loving Generals to create Reactionary Motors.

This was totally not an attempt at subversion of the REDACTED populace via trojan investments; as if Bogliq USA would ever do that! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::wink:

The Service is cheap, cheerful (literally, lol) and will make REDACTED great again…


Oh, ok. Sorry.


Reminder: Deadline is Sunday evening, Pacific Coast Time (USA). I’m leaving home for a few days starting tomorrow, so I won’t be checking entries basically until the deadline.


And submissions are closed.

With only 4 submissions, there will be only one round. Which starts… RIGHT NOW.

4th place - Ant-Werten Karrier


The Commission found this car to be the easiest and most comfortable to drive around, but that’s the extent of its tricks. It was far and away the most costly, the least efficient, least reliable, and most expensive to service. They would probably make fine rental cars for visitors, but trying to run a valet service with these would likely bankrupt the Company.

3rd place - Iramitsu IMP


The Commission was terribly torn between this one and the eventual runner-up. The IMP was not terribly expensive to purchase, and was dirt cheap to maintain. It also got pretty admirable fuel economy, and could run on whiskey and horse urine if needs be. But it was also surprisingly unwieldy to drive, backbreaking seats, and had a disappointingly small trunk.

2nd place - Franklin Marshall CarGo


Reasonably good to drive, great cargo capacity, decent comfort, low maintenance costs, and high reliability are what the Commission praised with this model. Unfortunately its purchase price was just a little too high, and its fuel economy (on more expensive regular unleaded fuel) was just a bit too poor for it to be the overall selection.

And the winner is… the Not-Bogliq… er… Reactionary Motors Service


The Commission was ultimately willing to overlook its flaws in driving characteristics, poor comfort, and mediocre utility because it is cheap to buy, cheap to fuel, and pretty cheap to maintain. And, like the Iramisu, it can also run on whatever was dredged out of the sewer last week.

Congrats to the winner! The ball is in your court now…

[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #5 [JUDGEMENT DAY]


Wow!!! O.O I managed to win… Actually, the people of [REDACTED] are the true winners, lol. Bring on the Azure Revolution!!! Viva La [REDACTED]!!!

Hey @VicVictory, could you please put up some stats for each car? I’d love to know how close that Franklin was to beating my entry; I kinda feel like it was a close run race :smile:

I’ll think up a challenge and post it ASAP; feel free to share any ideas everyone would like to see in round 5 and I’ll take them into consideration.

Stay tuned folks, for the next exciting round of: The Arbitrary Engineering Challenge!!!



Well, you could swap the IMP’s seats with some chairs and pillows found on the side of the road and get a bit more comfort
Still, happy to be on the podium


I call FIX!!!

They only selected that because it had a cheery face!!!

Seriously though…2nd is reasonable…not great because we got beaten by happy little Victor the Van Engine. :rofl:

Gz on the win @HighOctaneLove !


OK, no-one has any ideas they’d like to see in the next round then?

Please vote in the following poll…

  • Start a simple round with a weird engine choice
  • Start a simple round with a weird trim choice
  • Start a simple round with a weird concept choice
  • Start a complex round with an extended finish date
  • Re-visit an old round but with updated parameters (please comment which round you’d like to run)
  • Wait a couple months then ask again
  • The AEC has run its course, please mothball until the creator chooses to resurrect the competition in the future…

0 voters

Please be honest in your voting, no-one will be offended if you don’t want to do the AEC anymore. IMO the AEC is fun but being arbitrary has its limitations for longevity, lol.

Otherwise, I have an idea for the complex round but would love feedback on what arbitrary choices would be fun and interesting for either the engine, trim or model concept challenges.

Thanks for reading, please vote, give the post a like and subscribe to this thread for future AEC challenge #5 updates!