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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #4 [CLOSED]


I meant to go with the extended event, but revisiting something sounds cool too.

You don’t have to actually keep with the “theme” I’ve set initially either. You’re free to change it up however you want.


Good to know, however I think there’s life in the old girl yet!

Since this competition is fixture optional, I may be able to use my idea for the complex round as a simple one. This is due, in a large part, to the visual design usually being the longest part of the car generation process. I had forgotten this because so many people have submitted really nice visually pleasing designs!

But I’ll be letting the poll run for a week anyway, to give the people time to have their say, :rofl:!


Last day to vote everyone! So if you’re planning to vote please do so ASAP!!!



Thankyou everyone for participating in this thread’s direct democratic process, the people have spoken and we’re getting a complex round with an extended completion date…

Or are we?

You see, the people who voted for the complex round are exclusively non-participants, so it wouldn’t be very representative to select this choice. Most previous participants want a simpler round, reminiscent of the previous rounds, that has a weird concept in either body choice or powerplant.

Therefore, I will be finalising my Round #5 idea, basically making sure limits and the arbitrary requirement makes sense, then I’ll post a new thread (Most likely tomorrow).

Thankyou everyone for voting and participating in the series so far… I’ll see everyone soon in the next exciting round of…

The Arbitrary Engineering Challenge!!!!



As a future participant with an incredible knack for missing challenges I’d be interested in I shall be waiting eagerly and hopefully not missing this one.