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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #4 [WAITING FOR NEW STABLE RELEASE]


Can you add ab arbitrary rule that states that Bogliq is the automatic wnner no matter how bad my entrant really is? :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking::innocent::nerd_face:


Chance of Bogliq winning… 0%. :wink:


Unless it’s blue…then it’s got a 0.01% chance! :rofl:


i wonder why ecus would be banned kinda weird


Interesting that are talking out loud about our glorious country’s rules…we’re watching you!



I’m guessing electronics are some form of imperialist theft?


Someone hasn’t read AEC 1-3 I see. :rofl:

See? This capitalist dog gets it!



Still never sure if it’s appropriate to enter a contest I designed. I am intrigued on how this will go.

Which build are these cars going to be on?

Also, I personally recommend not allowing semis and the firetruck due to… exploits.


i agree no meme bodies


It’s only an issue if you’re involved in the judging process. AEC is now open source, lol!

I’d plan on 4.0, unless @VicVictory wants a really compact submissions phase… :rocket::checkered_flag::triumph:


Yeah, I’ll definitely add a no meme bodies bit. And HOL is right, I believe I’m going to wait for 4.0 stable before opening the submissions. The window just looks too short otherwise.

I’ll also agree that Admiral_Obvious can enter his own car since he’s not in charge of the round.


Any word on when the release is going public? I’m running my own little challenge on discord and wondering whether I should make the deadline the 5th or the 10th


I’d recommend going with the 10th of April, or even later, because the mods are all going to be incompatible with the new 4.0 build so people will need more time to adapt their designs to the stock fixture package offerings…

Watch this video!!!

The above link will give you all the details you need :grin:


Meme mods (including furry mods) ought to be banned as well.


Should you include a metric for giving vehicles with more cargo space better scores? Theoretically they could make more deliveries with fewer trips if they could hold more. Just a thought. I’m not sure how you would score that along with the other metrics though.

Or simply make a minimum cargo capacity requirement lol.


Is that not covered in the utility scores?


As there are multiple ways of going about this, and the vast majority of tourists aren’t going to be ordering sheets of plywood or sheetrock, I decided to go the route that I am. I built a few mules and found consistent enough scoring with widely varied bodies to satisfy me.


1990 MTC Sachem Tradesman

A hard nosed utility vehicle from Australia, the Sachem has been popular in third world countries for two decades now. Its rugged construction, excellent offroad capability, and low starting price have over the years made it the light truck of choice for markets where those attributes are especially important.

The Tradesman takes that offroad utility and encloses the bed, turning a pickup truck type vehilce into a van which retains the same capabilities, but is better suited to delivery applications. It’s not as barebones a vehicle as one might think, with up-to-date safety features, power steering, and ABS. However, to keep costs low it retain its outdated 3-on-the-three manual transmision and drum brakes all around. For the 1990 model year, it offers an all new 3.0L single cam boxer six with 3v per cylinder. It uses a 3-way catalytic converter, cast iron construction, and cast log headers. For certain markets including this one, it makes use of a two barrel double carburator setup, producing 91 hp@4800 rpm and a healthy 147 lb ft of torque at 2200 rpm.

The Tradesman retains the 4x4 setup paired to a manual locking differential with a two speed auxiliary gearbox. Indeed, many reviewers and customers alike have found that the truck performs best when it starts off in low range. With its 2000 lb payload capacity, it should be able to meet the needs of the delivery drivers.

Starting at a base price of $14000, it offers a lot per dollar.


Psst… we’re on hold for the next stable release.


Yeah I was already done with it so I figured I’d just post it anyway and actually submit it once you give the all-clear