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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #5 [JUDGEMENT DAY]


Entries for AEC5 closing soon!

This is the final call for entries, since I will be closing the books tomorrow…

I currently have entries for:

  • VicVictory
  • Lukerules117
  • S31
  • Admiral_Obvious

Until I post a closure post tomorrow there is still time to enter; so just do it and sling me those files! :grin:


From right to left -

Franklin Marshall HiWay VanGo
Franklin Marshall HiWay
NoName T68 (using a donated FM engine. :slight_smile:)


AEC5 is now CLOSED for new entries!!!

I will now crunch the numbers, tally up the points and make sure to show my workings!

Watch this space; I’ll be back!!!


AEC-#5 Results - Family Car

Left to Right: S31, Captain_Obvious, VicVictory, Jaimz, LukeRules117.

@VicVictory 88.9 - IAF Parracchetto - $14,299 USD

1.7L Inline four, DOHC 2v, 207Km/h top speed, 11.8s 0-100Km/h, 1.33 Tonnes

Notes - Sensible design configuration but not quite comfortable enough to win over buyers.

Passenger Fleet - 76.7

  • Engine PU: 22.5 (+8.75)
  • Engine EU: 96.7 (+1.65)
  • Trim PU: 80
  • Trim EU: 76.4 (+1.8)

Adjusted Total: 88.9

Driveability: 42.4, Reliability: 70.4, Fuel Economy: 8.5L

@Jaimz 91.2 - FM HiWay - $16,099 USD

1.8L Inline four, SOHC 4v, 225Km/h top speed, 10.7s 0-100Km/h, 1.5 Tonnes

Notes - Best looking entrant, perhaps too heavy for size?

Family Sport (82.3 x 0.9) - 74.1

  • Engine PU: 25.8 (+7.6)
  • Engine EU: 89.6 (+5.2)
  • Trim PU: 79.9 (+0.05)
  • Trim EU: 72.5 (+4.25)

Adjusted Total: 91.2

Driveability: 44.9, Reliability: 68.6, Fuel Economy: 8.9L

@Admiral_Obvious 102 - Original - $14,999 USD

1.2L Inline four, SOHC 4v, 164Km/h top speed, 16.9s 0-100Km/h, 1.27 Tonnes

Notes - Awkward looks: small wheelbase attempting to compensate w/ tall-boy roof, 1.2L engine seems too small, engine stresses internals slightly at high RPM.

Family - 96.1

  • Engine PU: 23.4 (+8.7)
  • Engine EU: 89.6 (+5.2)
  • Trim PU: 85.6 (-5.6)
  • Trim EU: 81.4 (-1.4)

Adjusted Total: 102

Driveability: 59.3, Reliability: 65.4, Fuel Economy: 8.6L

@lukerules117 107.5 - N2000F - $14,899 USD

2L Inline five, SOHC 4v, 237Km/h top speed, 10s 0-100Km/h, 1.39 Tonnes

Notes - Reasonable looks marred by weird boot design!

Fun - 96.2

  • Engine PU: 29.9 (+5.05)
  • Engine EU: 88 (+6)
  • Trim PU: 80
  • Trim EU: 79.5 (+0.25)

Adjusted Total: 107.5

Driveability: 64.5, Reliability: 65.3, Fuel Economy: 9.9L

@S31 121.85 - Neoto Coton - $14,999 USD

1.2L Inline four, DOHC 4v, 194Km/h top speed, 12.7s 0-100Km/h, 1.24 Tonnes

Notes - Design looks mildly awkward, VVTi was a brave inclusion.

Commuter B (122.9 x 1.05) - 129.05

  • Engine PU: 28.6 (+5.7)
  • Engine EU: 107.4 (-7.4)
  • Trim PU: 82.6 (-2.6)
  • Trim EU: 82.9 (-2.9)

Adjusted Total: 121.85

Driveability: 61.6, Reliability: 69.2, Fuel Economy: 5.1L (:astonished:)


Ehh, I’ll take second out of five, I really expected to be at the back of the pack.

Reasonable looks marred by weird boot design!

Look, if you have issues with the way the trunk is designed then talk to your subjects about it, we just did what the focus groups preferred!


AEC-#5 Results - Offroad 4x4 Van

Left to Right: LukeRules117, VicVictory, Jaimz, Admiral_Obvious, S31.

@Jaimz 61.6 - FM VanGo - $16,199 USD

2.5L Inline four, SOHC 4v, 161Km/h top speed, 11.5s 0-100Km/h, 1.6 Tonnes

Notes - Nicely styled (but no Farmhouse in Provence, tbh, :wink:), Millitary want a ute version to get Technical with, hahaha!

Utility and Offroad (41.8+50.7)/2 - 46.3

  • Engine PU: 25.8 (+7.6)
  • Engine EU: 89.1 (+5.45)
  • Trim PU: 77.8 (+1.1)
  • Trim EU: 77.7 (+1.15)

Adjusted Total: 61.6

Offroad: 85, Reliability: 71.8, Fuel Economy: 10.8L

@VicVictory 70.95 - IAF Gordito - $13,099 USD

1.7L Inline four, DOHC 2v, 177Km/h top speed, 12.5s 0-100Km/h, 1.31 Tonnes

Notes - Chubby little van is a solid performer, just lacks polish.

Delivery and Offroad B (74.2+67.7)/2 - 70.95

  • Engine PU: 22.5 (+8.75)
  • Engine EU: 96.7 (+1.65)
  • Trim PU: 71.3 (+4.35)
  • Trim EU: 64.3 (+7.85)

Adjusted Total: 93.55

Offroad: 55.3, Reliability: 74.2, Fuel Economy: 9.1L

@Admiral_Obvious 98.6 - Original 4x4 - $14,299 USD

1.4L Inline four, SOHC 4v, 148Km/h top speed, 26.7s 0-100Km/h, 1.62 Tonnes

Notes - Nicely styled, in the same mould as the FM VanGo, but the poor road performance makes this entry an unattractive choice.

L Delivery and Offroad B (95.2+69.1)/2 - 82.2

  • Engine PU: 24.4 (+7.8)
  • Engine EU: 89.6 (+5.2)
  • Trim PU: 86.2 (-6.2)
  • Trim EU: 68.2 (+9.6)

Adjusted Total: 98.6

Offroad: 47.7, Reliability: 74.2, Fuel Economy: 8.8L

@lukerules117 101.4 - N200C - $13,599 USD

2L Inline five, SOHC 4v, 159Km/h top speed, 10.3s 0-100Km/h, 1.22 Tonnes

Notes - Possibly too compact to be useful for cargo, neat style will be a hit on the civillian market.

L Delivery and Offroad B (104+72.8)/2 - 88.4

  • Engine PU: 30 (+5)
  • Engine EU: 93.7 (+3.15)
  • Trim PU: 78.3 (+0.85)
  • Trim EU: 72 (+4)

Adjusted Total: 101.4

Offroad: 29.6, Reliability: 73, Fuel Economy: 11L

@S31 115.5 - Neoto Coton - $14,299 USD

1.1L Inline four, DOHC 4v, 153Km/h top speed, 14.2s 0-100Km/h, 1.2 Tonnes

Notes - Tidily styled, Looks suit both military and civillian tastes.

L Delivery and Offroad B (111.8+118.3)/2 - 115.05

  • Engine PU: 27.1 (+6.45)
  • Engine EU: 103.1 (-3.1)
  • Trim PU: 78.7 (+0.65)
  • Trim EU: 83.9 (-3.9)

Adjusted Total: 115.15

Offroad: 55.6, Reliability: 70, Fuel Economy: 6L


AEC-#5 Results - Sports Car

Left to Right: Admiral_Obvious, VicVictory, Jaimz, S31, LukeRules117.

@Jaimz 89.5 - A wild T86 appeared! - $22,299 USD

2.5L Inline four, SOHC 4v, 251Km/h top speed, 7.14s 0-100Km/h, 1.47 Tonnes

Notes - Body would make a nice Soarer-esque proposition, Would have scored better if the seat count was lowered to at least 4.

Pony - 76.1

  • Engine PU: 27.8 (+1.1)
  • Engine EU: 90.4 (+4.8)
  • Trim PU: 93 (+3.5)
  • Trim EU: 92 (+4)

Adjusted Total: 89.5

Sportiness: 16.1, Reliability: 65.9, Fuel Economy: 11.3L

@VicVictory 109.3 - IAF Nepotismo - $16,599 USD

1.7L Inline four, DOHC 2v, 226Km/h top speed, 8.35s 0-100Km/h, 1.31 Tonnes

Notes - Body is a really nice choice, this is why I wrote extra words in the rules; I wanted MR nuggets, hahaha! Also, no crony capitalism allowed! Apply for the job like everyone else, I don’t care who your daddy is!!! :nerd_face::thinking::hushed::laughing::wink:

Light Sport B - 75.5

  • Engine PU: 22.1 (+8.95)
  • Engine EU: 95.9 (+2.05)
  • Trim PU: 78.9 (+10.55)
  • Trim EU: 75.5 (+12.25)

Adjusted Total: 109.3

Sportiness: 23.5, Reliability: 69.9, Fuel Economy: 8.1L

@S31 111.7 - Neoto Coton - $21,599 USD

1.2L Inline four, DOHC 4v, 241Km/h top speed, 8.94s 0-100Km/h, 1.5 Tonnes

Notes - Brave to include a convertible, neat end to a well thought out trifecta, tied for second place with the Original Sport (higher sportiness rating was used to split entrants).

Convertible Sport B - 106.1

  • Engine PU: 29.4 (+5.3)
  • Engine EU: 105.8 (-5.8)
  • Trim PU: 96.6 (+1.7)
  • Trim EU: 91.2 (+4.4)

Adjusted Total: 111.7

Sportiness: 29.4, Reliability: 65.8, Fuel Economy: 9.4L

@Admiral_Obvious 111.7 - Original Sport - $21,299 USD

1.2L Inline four, SOHC 4v, 222Km/h top speed, 10.1s 0-100Km/h, 1.33 Tonnes

Notes - Body is a stunner; could make a very slinky design with it that’d make the neighbours go green with envy!

Sports B - 92.8

  • Engine PU: 23 (+8.5)
  • Engine EU: 88.5 (+5.75)
  • Trim PU: 99.5 (+0.25)
  • Trim EU: 91.2 (+4.4)

Adjusted Total: 111.7

Sportiness: 29.5, Reliability: 66.4, Fuel Economy: 10.3L

@lukerules117 149.6 - N2000S - $15,199 USD

2L Inline five, SOHC 4v, 253Km/h top speed, 7.86s 0-100Km/h, 1.2 Tonnes

Notes - Body styling is adequate, dressed properly it’ll fit the part nicely but it has the potential to end up looking a bit… Frumpy.

Sports B - 119.9

  • Engine PU: 29.5 (+5.25)
  • Engine EU: 89 (+5.5)
  • Trim PU: 80.8 (+9.6)
  • Trim EU: 81.3 (+9.35)

Adjusted Total: 149.9

Sportiness: 32.5, Reliability: 66.2, Fuel Economy: 9.7L


AEC-#5 Overall Results

OK, now we have seen the breakdown for each category, these are the overall standings for our competitors.

5th - @Jaimz: 242.3
4th - @VicVictory: 291.75
3rd - @Admiral_Obvious: 312.63
2nd - @S31: 348.7
1st: - @lukerules117: 358.5

Congratulations LukeRules117 on getting the contract! Feel free to name the company whatever you wish and I pass on the baton for the AEC to you. Do with it as you wish…

Some entrants put advanced autos on their cars; as far as I’m aware, these need computers to run. I missed this detail because I was distracted by my preparations for Round 4 of Generations II… I would suggest that, henceforth, advanced automatics are to be red flagged for any future rounds run within these rules.

Thanks again everyone who participated and/or read this thread. I really enjoyed seeing how everyone tackled the ruleset and I’m open to feedback, if anyone has any, otherwise I’ll go do something else for a while, hahaha!


That was pretty fun, I’d have to say. Advanced automatic is a computerized auto, but for this specific case, you can probably let it slide.


Well fcuk. Forum was dead when I wanted to send my entries and now the morning message came earlier than I thought.


Well this will be interesting to see how well I can run a challenge, given that I have no previous experience, and am far from the best writer. I have no idea where I’m going to take things from here, but I’ll probably work something out. I’ll probably make one of the central themes of the challenge about the aftermath of an advanced auto slipping through the cracks. regardless I’ll sleep on it and hopefully have some ideas by morning.


Wow! That was painful!

Thanks @HighOctaneLove for running an interesting challenge and congratulations to @lukerules117 on the win.

I really need to up my game on these challenges.


Wow being overtaken right before the finishing line!! Well done to LukeRules117!!

I’m quite surprised my cars did this good, be cause I struggled a lot with reliability!!

Can’t wait for AEC6!!


@Hshan, I can ckeck your entries out and see where you’d have placed, if you’d like?

@Lukerules117, don’t feel that you have to follow the same storyline. Do whatever you like, just don’t put yourself under too much pressure, so if you want/need to do a different backstory then run with it; we’ll all prefer you do a good round that’s “not canon (hahaha!)” than mess up on your turn because you overloaded yourself!

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working on 60’s/70’s cars a lot lately, but the reliability on your cars were fine. In fact, other than tardiness in the 0-100 metric, no-one submitted bad cars.


Nah, nice of you to ask, but I see that I’ve messed up one thing in my sports car and it would be binned (not the suspension fortunately) :smile: I made it basically last minute, so I didn’t have the ruleset available and misremembered it.


You don’t have to sugarcoat it on my behalf. I know I let myself down badly on this. I’m usually there with the engineering and crap on the design…although I’d buy any of the cars I design!! :rofl:


This kinda sums up my usual experiences competing in forum competitions. You make a cool car that’s really well thought out, design it so you’d sell a kidney to buy one in real life, just to be told it’s bland or outdated or simply shit!

I mean it seriously, ALL the entries were good. There were no lazily slapped together, rule ignoring, nightmares like I’ve seen in past competitions I’ve hosted. Your cars came last, this is true, but they weren’t bad cars. They fitted the brief (almost) correctly and just needed a second pass to iron out the facepalms, hahaha! :wink:

You should claim and name that sports coupe BTW, it really could be turned into a nice Soarer competitor :smile:


You could do the scoring yourself, if you want to, because I put the scoring metric in the OP and you have fifteen examples of how I applied that matrix… Specifically:

So you could work out how well you would have done without having to submit anything!

If you happen to get a tied score with one of the official entries, then use the following metric to determine the hierarchy; Driveability for the family car, Offroad ability for the 4x4 and Sportiness for the Sports car. If you are STILL tied then the car that uses less fuel is the better car, hahaha!


How dare you?! DO you know who I am?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not related to Automation In ANY way at all, and I see the humour, but I legitimately to deal with that attitude IRL 3 years ago… and we were in a warehouse. :rofl: