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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #6 [CLOSED]


I failed AGAIN :rofl:

By 0.08 points!!

Well done HighOctane!!


Hahaha, body coloured wheel lips generate extra jobs and extra jobs are needed in a workers paradise! :wink:

But, yeah, I was building cars from the 70’s when I punched this bad-boy out, so multi-painted wheels is a bit, dated, for the time period.

@lukerules117, did you make a test car? If so, what was the reference score?

I’m intrigued because I felt that my car wasn’t sporty or off-roady enough (since they were weighted at well over 10% each) and I’d like to see what style of car you had in mind when designing the ruleset. I’m not 100% sure but I feel like lifted 2 door sedan or liftback (or dual cab utility, hahaha) was the optimum choice for this ruleset. I worked this all out AFTER I’d submitted and the deadline was over, unfortunately, hahaha!

OK, here’s a poll on what to do next. You have two votes, so please vote for your favourite option and your next best alternative, this way we’ll hopefully get more entrants, should the series continue further.

  • Do another round based in Neoterica, make the ruleset simple.
  • Do another round based in Neoterica, make the ruleset complex.
  • Do another round based on a new IP, make the ruleset simple.
  • Do another round based on a new IP, make the ruleset complex.
  • Open a new round in October, we need a break…
  • AEC ends at Chapter Six, let someone else re-boot the IP later on!

0 voters

This poll will remain open until I login on September the 5th, when I will close down voting and post the next steps, if any, to be taken.

Thankyou @lukerules117 for running an interesting round, I was dealing with Generations II lore and RL shenanigans, or else I’d have entered sooner than I did, so thankyou for allowing me the last minute submission!

@S31, if you look at the scoring, I earnt 0.8 points from sportiness, so if you’d tweaked your suspension slightly differently then you’d be the one writing this post, hahaha!!!


I didn’t get around to making a test car unfortunately. I was originally tried to make the scoring based around a more literal interpretation of the term “sports utility vehicle”, but then as I thought of more things I left out of the scoring that probably should have been there I added them in and by the time I was much less clear what I was looking for and to top it all off at some point I made offroad more important than sportiness.


OK, the results are in and everyone wants something new and a simple ruleset… :thinking:

I’ve got an idea ready, I’ll make the thread soon, so gird your loins 'cuz AEC #7 is on its way!!!

EDIT: New Competition is open, please check it out when you can…

AEC #7 - Garcia’s next top Model