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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #7 [ACCEPTING ENTRIES]


Wait for it!

EDIT: nvm, the monocoque ban will not let me make it rear engine like it should. sad.


Presenting the SMC’s first car the Echidna.

She is a Budget Sport Wagon.

The Echidna is a 5 Seater Wagon with a front-mounted I4T which produces around 85ish kW of powah.

The Basics of this vehicle is it has a wonderfully sturdy Ladder chassis combined with its double-wishbone front and Semi trailing arms in the rear.

You maybe wondering how much such a beauty cost. Well, it will cost you a little over $10,000 drive away.

Specs for the nerds.
0-100 in a Whapping 12s
Theoretical top speed - 215km/h

(note. how does one PM?)



Nice first car!

And now you get to design SMC’s second car! The Sport Budget category is going to crucify any five door wagon. You’ll need to build a coupe or convertible to have any chance of scoring well enough. Normally the mainstream markets would save your wagon’s bacon but this competition specifically requires targeting niche products. This is why the first two categories I suggested were sportscar and off-roader…

That being said, if you’re adamant that this is the car you want to enter, then you will only be scored on your sports and light sports scores… It’s ultimately up to you, hahaha!

PM’ing is Personal Messaging the challenge host (which is me) and you have to click on my forum avatar, then this will happen:

I had to use your name so you could see the “message” button, hahaha!

Click on the “Message” button then message me the .car file so I can check it out. Please make sure you’ve used a cloned engine (otherwise you’ll wipe my file) and that you’ve followed the build rules!


To be honest i was aiming for the muscle catagory but all the catagories or markets are really bad for this car. if i had free rule over the engine (which would make the callenge aspect of this redunded) it would have a recreation of a Barra in it. but im adamant about the bodystyle and im still working on fine tuning the car. and for some reason the message button doesnt show for me could be my browser or even the fact i made my account today



Yeah, this is definitely the reason why that button doesn’t appear.

You’ll have to put the .car file on a forum post, then I’ll be able to download a copy. This is a bad way of doing it, but it’s the only way at this time…


Ill do it tomorrow morning. And i know my car isn’t that great and won’t win or anything but my niche is muscle. For some reason every car i make ends up having high muscle score. But irl muscle cars specifically australian muscle/ dragsters are my niche.


MV Design studio keeps a handful of companies from around the world in a constant constructive relationship. Upon knowing of Bogliq and Garcia’s government’s desire of expanding their off-road market offerings, an agreement with Duhen Co.JP. was made, and the long-lasting line of kei offroaders, Shonen, was adapted for Garcia’s market. the body was lengthened 32 cm and widened 88 cm, heavier duty axles, transmission, and suspension were provided by Bogliq, already tested and proven in Garcia’s environment, and their 1400cc flat-four engine received a turbocharger and a light retune to better cope with the extreme use these vehicles will see, and just like that, the Peak 1500 was born (because bragging rights). The prototypes will need testing against offerings from other brands in the Garcian market, but Duhen already has plans on exporting these versions for other continents, mainly Fruinia and, surprisingly Gasmea! Let’s see if it got what it takes to outclimb the competition!