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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #7 [RESULTS POSTED]


Tell us the correction to do!

I’ll resubmit!


Hahaha! Your car scores better in offroad than offroad budget, so there’s no need to re-submit (yet). When I have time to assess the realism of the entries (to weed out dirty min-maxxers, hahaha!) then I may find a technical breach but you’re fine ATM.

As for your car Jaimz, the track category gives a better score so I’ll be using that. I intend to use this opportunity to put some flavour into my ranking notes rather than just bland suggestions :wink:.


I was about to question your figures but then saw that Sport wasn’t one of the categories…

It’s obviously senility at play here…just like the DOHC that “magically” appeared on the engine before I double checked the original… :cry:


A niche sports car eh?

A convertible sports car which focuses on nimbleness rather than speed, because of course, what else are you going to do with 72hp.

Zephorus Azuma MkI

I uh, not quite a design masterclass but it didn’t need to be. Engineering masterclass? not really that either, but we’ll see how it does.


I see your niche sports car…

And raise you a niche sports car that is for the worst niche on the planet.

Presenting, from the files of “this will never freaking win”…

IAF Demenza

Yes… it’s 4WD.

Yes… it’s also turbocharged.


Reads blurb… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::thinking:

Sees picture of entry…:open_mouth::hushed::flushed::scream::exploding_head:

For the next five minutes… :laughing::joy::laughing::joy::laughing::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh my... Did VicVictory submit a legit meme car?!?!

Vic, Vic, Vic… What am I going to do with you? :grin::wink::star_struck:



It scores better in off-road?

I must have a weird game :rofl:

It looks better in budget doesn’t it?


You have only Dalluha enabled, that might be the difference :wink:


Hahaha, that’s the market I’m using, so Dalluha isn’t the problem! (This time :wink:)

OK, here’s how you’re right and also wrong, hahaha!

This is the same screen on my version, there’s some variation but it’ll buff out!

Desireability times affordability times fuel availability = 2789 * 0.422 * 1 = 1177

Desireability times affordability times fuel availability = 2041 * 0.826 * 1 = 1686

So @S31, that is how Offroad scores higher than Offroad Budget, hahaha!

Anyone who has submitted already who now want to re-submit based upon this clarification can do so…

Also, @Jaimz and @Sky-High, the choice of option 2 doesn’t allow changing of compression ratio, pistons or conrods… I will need you both to re-submit with compliant engines OR everyone who has sent in a car so far agrees to allow complete engine rebuilds for every option (then I’ll amend the rules)

I’ll make a poll so everyone can state their preference without any dramas, :thinking:

  • Allow the rule change, amend the rules, let’s move on!
  • Have the builders re-submit, clarify the rules better, let’s move on!

0 voters

Hopefully this clarifies things, Imma head out now…


Well, the score is based on Dalluha’s results!

Otherwise it does a strong 155!


Ooops, didn’t really pay attention, as I’m just observing the challenge, not entering :smile:


I must say that the rules for engines was quite confusing, since

and everything that bolts onto the head!

Is not all that clear, It would be fair for me to resubmit, rather than change it for everyone else.


It’s strange how cars can score differently depending on each others copy of the game!


I allowed a week for clarification of the rules and yet you didn’t bring it up. This is why we allow for rule checks, so no-one is confused…

But I will ask you this clarification of your comment; do you know how the compression ratio is calculated?

I mean this seriously, I want to be facetious, but I also want to give you the benefit of the doubt since not everyone’s into how cars work, engineering wise.

I’m planning on re-writing that statement to “and everything that is externally bolted to the head” so that it’s clearer what can be changed…

I used this article to determine what a short block is…

But further on in the article it states:

Which is more restrictive. I didn’t see this when I made the rules because the Google search only included the first quote. I was going to let it slide, but I wanted to make sure no-one would feel upset because they might have picked another engine if they’d had that clarification during the rule clarification stage… So please vote so I can clarify this issue and we can move on!


Compression can be changed by using thinner head gaskets and skimming the head and/or the engine block…That’s why I changed the compression ratio.

I’ve voted to resubmit if I’ve broken the rules…


My point was that the short block comes as a single unit, no need to ruin a fresh head gasket, and the cams on OHV engines are accessed from a port in the side of a block, so again no need to part the motor.

Irregardless of the slight fuzziness over the headgasket question, forged pistons and conrods were a complete breach of the rules so, Jaimz, you’d have had to re-submit anyway!

But this kerfuffle is why I asked for questions and clarifications regarding the rules; no-one raised any objections, or concerns, after I waited a whole week, so I figured everyone was on the same page… sigh :neutral_face:

EDIT: Since Sky_High has resubmitted and Jaimz is willing to re-submit, I will clarify the rule about the changes allowed on the engine and ask Jaimz to re-submit or withdraw from the competition (only because I don’t think you’d want me to butcher your car re-tuning it, especially if you’re unhappy with my ruleset…). I hope you choose to re-submit Jaimz, but I understand if you choose not to do so.

EDIT Mk 2: @VicVictory, @Sky-High, @Jaimz and @S31 please read the new rules for the engines and feel free to re-submit if you’d prefer to use a different engine option; yes Sky_high, even though you’ve submitted an edited car, you can change to option 3 if that suits your build better!


I’ll see what I can do, within the rules, tonight and if I can salvage it then the Typhon will be my entry…

Failing that I’ll be entering under a different category…but worry not, I will be entering! :slight_smile:


I’ve used the 3rd option so it’s Ok for me!


I also used option 3 so I’m good.

And I did warn you that the Demenza might be headed your way, HOL… Lol


Engine is now legal…the engineers would apologise (especially after the DOHC fiasco!) but they threatened to strike…bloody unions!!!