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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #7 [RESULTS POSTED]


Wait for it!

EDIT: nvm, the monocoque ban will not let me make it rear engine like it should. sad.


Presenting the SMC’s first car the Echidna.

She is a Budget Sport Wagon.

The Echidna is a 5 Seater Wagon with a front-mounted I4T which produces around 85ish kW of powah.

The Basics of this vehicle is it has a wonderfully sturdy Ladder chassis combined with its double-wishbone front and Semi trailing arms in the rear.

You maybe wondering how much such a beauty cost. Well, it will cost you a little over $10,000 drive away.

Specs for the nerds.
0-100 in a Whapping 12s
Theoretical top speed - 215km/h

(note. how does one PM?)



Nice first car!

And now you get to design SMC’s second car! The Sport Budget category is going to crucify any five door wagon. You’ll need to build a coupe or convertible to have any chance of scoring well enough. Normally the mainstream markets would save your wagon’s bacon but this competition specifically requires targeting niche products. This is why the first two categories I suggested were sportscar and off-roader…

That being said, if you’re adamant that this is the car you want to enter, then you will only be scored on your sports and light sports scores… It’s ultimately up to you, hahaha!

PM’ing is Personal Messaging the challenge host (which is me) and you have to click on my forum avatar, then this will happen:

I had to use your name so you could see the “message” button, hahaha!

Click on the “Message” button then message me the .car file so I can check it out. Please make sure you’ve used a cloned engine (otherwise you’ll wipe my file) and that you’ve followed the build rules!


To be honest i was aiming for the muscle catagory but all the catagories or markets are really bad for this car. if i had free rule over the engine (which would make the callenge aspect of this redunded) it would have a recreation of a Barra in it. but im adamant about the bodystyle and im still working on fine tuning the car. and for some reason the message button doesnt show for me could be my browser or even the fact i made my account today



Yeah, this is definitely the reason why that button doesn’t appear.

You’ll have to put the .car file on a forum post, then I’ll be able to download a copy. This is a bad way of doing it, but it’s the only way at this time…


Ill do it tomorrow morning. And i know my car isn’t that great and won’t win or anything but my niche is muscle. For some reason every car i make ends up having high muscle score. But irl muscle cars specifically australian muscle/ dragsters are my niche.


MV Design studio keeps a handful of companies from around the world in a constant constructive relationship. Upon knowing of Bogliq and Garcia’s government’s desire of expanding their off-road market offerings, an agreement with Duhen Co.JP. was made, and the long-lasting line of kei offroaders, Shonen, was adapted for Garcia’s market. the body was lengthened 32 cm and widened 88 cm, heavier duty axles, transmission, and suspension were provided by Bogliq, already tested and proven in Garcia’s environment, and their 1400cc flat-four engine received a turbocharger and a light retune to better cope with the extreme use these vehicles will see, and just like that, the Peak 1500 was born (because bragging rights). The prototypes will need testing against offerings from other brands in the Garcian market, but Duhen already has plans on exporting these versions for other continents, mainly Fruinia and, surprisingly Gasmea! Let’s see if it got what it takes to outclimb the competition!


I noticed that the boxer engine is 1.5l, rather than 1.4l. Is this on purpose? If I want to use the boxer, should I change the bore and stroke to match the inline engine?


Garcian newspapers are reporting a new contender enter into the competition. Anonymous sources are saying that a foreign company Hussar is trying to pitch Garcian Chamber of Automotive Ventures into producing their new model, Hussar President Turbo for both domestic and export markets.

Technical details are not yet fully known, but Hussar President Turbo is supposed to be a large luxury model, aimed for the wealthiest of people. Because of the limitations of the local technology base, it was forced to compromise in many aspects, but Hussar hopes it will still be competitive for the local elites. There are also hopes for exporting the car to South American and Africans warlords.

Couple of technical spec that we managed to gather:

  • weight: a lot
  • engine: it’s there. If you managed to find it in the oversized compartment, you would see 1.4l boxer turbo charged engine
  • 0 - 60: yes

We have also managed to get our hands on the leaked photos from a brochure that was presented to the Garcian goverment:

Our source also confirmed that there is a lot of pressure from the Hussar on the Garcian government to license a better gearbox and a larger engine in the future Turbo S model, which would allow to compete on larger world wide markets.

Garcia was always known for reasonable cars for everyone. Do we really need a car that will be driven primarily by African warlords, local Mafia and high ranking Garcian government officials? What’s worse, we have heard that the there was an attempt to bribe Garcian government to select this model for production. We reached out to the government representatives, but so far @HighOctaneLove declined to comment.


I think family is 1.5L, but variant is correct 1.4L, so everything is fine. Either a minor mistake or some balancing attempt.


If my car’s naming confused you, it’s just bragging rights, it’s not actually a 1500 engine.


Yeah, the engine family is 1.5L, the variant is 1.4L… So everything is fine, or is it? :wink:


I’m just a nonce, I was looking at the family. I under-bore my engines so rarely I just about forgot you could.

I may or may not submit a car soon, I designed a car I liked for Convertible Sport but then I realized I’d be way better off targeting a cheaper demographic and haven’t replaced it yet.


Made from all anodized aluminum, the Aluminum Falcon is the ultimate fun car that can be built with a Bogliq motor. The secret? Mechanical fuel injectors force as much fuel as possible into the engine. Just add a turbo with the wastegate welded shut, and this lightweight chassis gets going in a hurry, making over triple the horsepower of the original 1.4l engine. Available pre-assembled, or as a kit! Warning: vehicle ships with tires not to exceed 130mph.


Benny BB125T

Benny Morales runs a successful garage/wrecker business, and has spent most of his spare time building a sports car with his weekend racer friends. Originally he wanted a lightweight body shell made at his cousin’s boat yard, but his cousin tried to rip him off so he had to stick with plain steel.
So far, he built two cars, most of the parts are salvaged and/or repaired at the shop. This is also how he got a collection of “faulty” but easily repaired power steering parts from a recall. His frail old dad borrowed the prototype once, recklessly causing near-accidents all over the island. Benny had to hide the keys after this.
The Blue Ribbon edition has a slightly nicer interior, a removable roof and some racing stripes, which Benny claim help the car go “over 225” km/h.


And the entry books are now closed!

Thankyou all who entered, I’ll have the results posted ASAP.

(Yes, I’m aware I stayed open a day longer… I was distracted by Civ VI DLC, hahaha!!!)


Final Results - Rankings and Feedback

It’s now come to that time when the results are compiled, the data crunched and competitors are ranked. Thankyou everyone for following the naming rules and engine cloning rules; my export clones are still intact and I had no issue with lost competitor files, hahaha!!!

I apologise for making the round more complex than most wanted. Hindsight’s a bitch and I should have just run with a single engine, allowing for free choice other than capacity. I attempted to circumvent drama but it just generated needless complexity for little real benefit.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, here comes the results!!!

No. 9 - SMC Echidna


Nice paintjob and well placed fixtures make for a nice looking little car!

Power: 97Kw, Turbo
Torque: 166Nm
Calculated base value: $21,340

Main Category: Muscle at $27.82 per Desire (767 Desire points)

Secondary Category: Sports Budget at $31.47 per Desire (678 Desire points)

Notes: Best way to describe this submission was a shotgun, loaded with solid slugs, being entered into a sniper rifle contest. Inefficient body choice and lack of focus resulted in a car that just didn’t fit anywhere really well. But it’s a decently thought out car and looks better than my first cars, made in Kee, so Snows_Ultima should be proud of their car and continue to enter competitions in the future!!!

No. 8 - Zephorus Azuma Mk 1


Clean and neat coupe, looks cool, just needs to hide a little midsection bulk to look even better!

Power: 75Kw, Turbo
Torque: 128Nm
Calculated base value: $25,520

Main Category: Convertible Sport at $13.85 per Desire (1843 Desire points)

Secondary Category: Sport at $14.97 per Desire (1705 Desire points)

Notes: Market research shows that the Zephorus will sell well initially to convertible buyers, since no-one sells those cars in Garcia. But it is envisioned that long term the car will find favour with sports car enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the Zephorus costs too much, pricing itself out of contention.

No. 7 - IAF Demenza


“Mum!!! Offroad coupe is going to kill me!!!”, “Offroad coupe doesn’t exist, dear, don’t be silly”. VicVictory, watching from the attic, “Not yet it doesn’t Mummy dearest, but soon, very soon…No-one will be safe!!!”

Power: 63Kw, Turbo
Torque: 136Nm
Calculated base value: $12,430

Main Category: Offroad at $11.47 per Desire (1084 Desire points)

Secondary Category: Offroad Budget at $23.63 per Desire (526 Desire points)

Notes: The polar opposite of the Zephorus in every way, the Demenza truly lives up to its name. While it’s surprisingly good offroad, which’ll mean we can offload these to the local 4WD nutters, the long term sellability is virtually non-existent.

No. 6 - GSi Typhon I


I wonder if it’s named Typhon because it’s always spinning out? :wink: So long s it spins clockwise it’ll fit right into the Garcian landscape (literally in some cases!!!) :grin:

Power: 84Kw, Turbo
Torque: 149Nm
Calculated base value: $19,900

Main Category: Track premium at $9.41 per Desire (2115 Desire points)

Secondary Category: Super (!!!) at $10.22 per Desire (1948 Desire points)

Notes: Despite a few problems with the initial prototype, this design has matured into one amazing piece of engineering. It’ll simply own the annual 1400 trophy and I would love to see Garcia commission it’s own, homegrown, super car but, alas, the numbers just don’t add up.

No. 5 - Duhen Shonen Peak


When asked about the Quadcam graphic, the presenter stated, “Storage for up to four, FOUR, camera’s in the cabin. This is why we’re the biggest sellers of tourist 4x4’s in all Zimbabwe!!!” (epilogue: The presenter was, in fact, a tourist from Zimbabwe who was mistaken for the Duhen presenter…)

Power: 48Kw, Turbo
Torque: 90Nm
Calculated base value: $14,700

Main Category: Offroad at $8.73 per Desire (1684 Desire points)

Secondary category: Offroad Premium at $9.83 per desire (1495 Desire points)

Notes: A really nice looking 4x4 that has all the offroad enthusiasts salivating at the opportunity to hit the slopes. Longer erm, we could push this model upmarket since the local resort operators are looking for a steady supply of posh 4x4’s their clients can wreck, without paying for expensive imports. But there are better choices here today and Duhen will have to go home empty handed…

No. 4 - Benny B125T Blue Ribbon


Made by track enthusiasts, for track enthusiasts… A little no-compromise racer for Garcia’s roads (and wrecking yards, hahaha!!!)

Power: 93Kw, Turbo
Torque: 187Nm
Calculated base value: $15,300

Main Category: Track premium at $8.13 per Desire (1881 Desire points)

Secondary category: Track at $8.23 per Desire (1859 Desire points)

Notes: Laser focussed on the Track category; the local proto-company Benny has produced a smash hit. Initially we’ll be able to command a premium, while long term the car will dominate the Track category, since everyone loves to be a winner. The only flaw is that it’s too focussed on Garcia, specifically the 1400 trophy annual race, which severely limits export opportunities. We’ll just let the Business Subsidy Taskforce know that Benny deserves some Garcian stimulus; this car needs to succeed, for Garcian pride if nothing else!!!

No. 3 Zeta Off-Road


Cheap and cheerful 4x4, just don’t buy one in green, because it’ll try to eat your children every October, hahaha!!!

Power: 32Kw
Torque: 86Nm
Calculated base value: $12,320

Main Category: Offroad at $7.28 per Desire (1693 Desire points)

Secondary Category: Offroad Budget at $10.42 per Desire (1182 Desire points)

Notes: Excellent budget 4x4 that will sell well initially to the Offroad crowd, but when that market gains competition, the Zeta will be relegated to the bargain bin… Not that our farmers and fishermen will mind, they’ve been clamouring for a cheap workhorse for ages now!

No. 2 - Coastline Aluminium Falcon


Anodized orange Aluminium panels and a thirst for fuel, this bird is hardcore! (sadly, no beak shaped gearknob or feather trimmed seats… sigh)

Power: 104Kw, Turbo
Torque: 198Nm
Calculated base value: $20,200

Main Category: Track premium at $7.06 per Desire (2862 Desire points)

Secondary Category: Track at $7.45 per Desire (2713 Desire points)

Notes: Another fine track racer, but this one has a Rotary engine!!! Hand shaped aluminium panels means that we can hire large numbers of out of work Garcians but might be hard to source locally thanks to the recent invasion… This car is crazy fast, which is why all the Track fiends will love it, but it’s not going to work long term because, once everyone locally has one, or even two, then no-one else will buy it; that 14A rotary engine drinks fuel like a US sailor hitting a Prohibition free port!

No. 1 - Hussar President Turbo


I have the uncontrollable urge to avoid blocking this car’s path, comrade, lest I be “given” an all expenses paid trip to the Siberian wastes…

New Garcian national anthem?

Power: 81Kw, Turbo
Torque: 175Nm
Calculated base value: py6,2,000,640 ($25,600)

Main Category: Luxury Premium at $5.76 per Desire (4445 Desire points)

Secondary Category: Luxury at $6.22 per Desire (4115 Desire points)

Notes: Oh my… This is one very fine automobile… Made by The People you say? Yes, the people do know how to treat their betters… I’m thinking dedicated lanes for Garcian politicians, corporate CEO’s and the Ubermensch. Low volume to keep the demand high and cloaked in the aura of “only” having a 1400cc engine to appease the masses… Oh yeah, we’re building this car; Finally the revolution will come, and Garcia shall be at it’s head! Viva le Revolutione!! Viva le Garcia!!!

And that’s all folks, feel free to comment away and PM me if you have any queries you don’t wish to air publicly… Congratulations B4ndit0o, you’re the winner of Garcia’s next top model, 1980 edition!!!

Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)

Hussar’s CEO is pleased by the choice of the committee. And about your commission fee… we will arrange the promised customised Hussar President Turbo to be delivered shortly to you.

I actually quite liked the challenge with this restricted engines choice :slight_smile: Maybe it wasn’t clear initially, but was interesting.

One remark that I have, is that initially I was pretty confused how is the score calculated. I assumed “desireability” is the percentage score, not the “raw” value. It was later made clear in one of the comment/response where you were doing example calculation, but I had to completely re-think my strategy and come up with a different car. Maybe next time, just provide an example?