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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #7 [RESULTS POSTED]


I’m sure the look on your face as you were going over/reviewing it was worth every second I spent on that freak show… lol


I think the rules were fine, it’s an arbitrary engineering challenge after all. But maybe narrow the markets down a bit, or a (soft) price limit, IDK.
I forgot about the whole desirability points thing and just looked at the highest % market, so being (relatively speaking) best at Track Premium was a surprise. I also forgot that I put the engine in the front early on (not even a 1.4 pushrod will fit in the mid), and went on to design a “MR” car a week later. :upside_down_face: Putting the engine in the rear where it belongs woulda brought me at least closer to the Falcon.

That said I liked the challenge, the reviews and your positive style :slight_smile:


How the heck did I made an entire car looking at the offroad budget tab and score high at the offroad premium market???

Also, since MV Design’s personnel is still on the island, we’d like to have a chat with Hussar’s designers. We could improve a thing or 2 in the chosen car’s looks together, even though half of us are seriously suspicious that Garcia’s government had some influence over the analyzing committee. Leaving the entire island without a new sports car or off-roader for the president to have a new limousine? hmhmmm…

Also, I’d like to congratulate @Jaimz for tackling the old and still hard challenge of choosing the Porsche body and make it “not a Porsche”. Well done!


The raw desirability values are quite surprising…


Yes, it looks like I too fell for the trap of looking entirely at competitiveness and not desirability. I had no idea Track Premium was my best area, I could have optimized more, and maybe my convertible sport was viable too! Still, there was a huge gap between me and B4ndit. Targeting luxury was a clever decision.


Yeah that is very much the case I initially wanted to do a muscle car and then saw the body and was dead set on it but I should’ve picked a better body but ill defiantly keep in mind what I’m trying to accomplish with my builds from now on.