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Aeros Automotive


Aeros Automotive is my lore company in Automation (although all the cars it’s “made” so far have been entered into CSR challenges). Models include the Router compact/midsize, the Bulan SUV, and the Modem compact.


Aeros are an American company that started out as a manufacturer of stationary engines before World War II and started making another company's cars under license during the war after the new factory building they had just finished (but not installed the assembly mechanisms in) was repurposed to produce light military vehicles for the war effort. After the war they took a government contract to build small vans for the Japanese market to aid in the rebuilding of their country, and used the experience they gained from this to build larger vans for the US market.

Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]
Car Company Directory

Subcompact Cars

Shrew Mk1 (1949-1955)

Shrew Mk2 (1967-1977)

Shrew Mk3 (1978-1985)

Mk4 1986-1999)

EFI Shrew from circa 1980.

Shrew Mk4 (1986-1999)

Compact Cars

Router Mk1 (1986-1988)

Router Mk1.5 (1989-1995)

Modem Mk1 (1995-2001)

F24-18T model pictured.

Modem Mk2 (2002-2010)

Modem Mk3 (2011-2016)

Modem Mk4 (2017- )

Midsize Cars

Mallard Mk1 (1950-1957)

Mallard Mk2 (1958-1965)

Mallard Mk3 (1966-1971)

Mallard Mk4 (1972-1976)

Mallard Mk5 (1977-1986)

Mallard Mk6 (1987-1995)

Router Mk2 (1996-2004)

Router Mk3 (2005-2016)

Router Mk4 (2017- )

DSXX (2018- )

Full-Size Cars

Badger Mk1 (1952-1960)

Badger Mk2 (1961-1966)

Badger Mk3 (1967-1972)

Badger Mk4 (1973-1978)

Badger Mk5 (1979-1987)

Fleet sales only after 1983.

Mastiff Mk1 (1982-1995)

Mastiff Mk2 (1996-2009)

in foreground

Mastiff Mk3 (2010-)


This is getting rebooted because of the change to the new game engine.

More details soontm


1990 Aeros Hierophant ES

The Aeros Hierophant ES was an attempt by Aeros to capitalize on a growing market of light sports cars that was starting to develop in the late 1980s. Power came from a naturally aspirated 2.2L boxer four developing 168 horsepower at 6700 RPM and 141 lb-ft of torque at 5200 RPM connected to a five-speed manual gearbox and mounted behind the rear wheels for a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive configuration. Combined with its light 1843-pound curb weight it was able to do 0-62 in 6.43 seconds, stop from 62 in 33 meters, reach a top speed of 131 MPH, complete a standing quarter-mile in 14.7 seconds, and pull 1.17 G in the 20m and 200m circle tests.


Definitely a wild-looking machine, especially in that lurid green. A turbo version seems like a no-brainer considering its extroverted looks.