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AfroSaabs Build Progress (2000 Saab 9-5 Aero)


Hello there!

My name is AfroSaab and I just recently joined the Automation family (via my friend SkylineFTW97), but have been a car enthusiast ever since I was young.

I run a poorly updated blog about my car journeys (https://cerezandfriends.weebly.com/), and that will give a general update about how my life with Saabs are, but for those who are lazy, I will also explain below:

I am a proud owner of a 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero Sedan. I bought it at 98k miles without a clutch, when I worked in a Firestone here in the states, and throughout the course of its life, have slowly improved or modified it.

2.3L B235R I4
250HP, 243 to 258 lb-ft or Torque (Turbocharged)
5 speed Manual
0-60 in about 9 seconds
Harmon Kardon Sound System



My main goal for this car is to be a track and highway car. Here are the modifcations I have on it right now:

K-Sport Fully Adjustable Coilovers
Krona Front Strut Brace
17" BBS rims
Touchscreen Radio
New Brake Rotors (Brembo Front, idk rear)
Red Stuff Brake Pads
Open Air K&N Intake
Forge Bypass Valve
Oil PVC update Kit
Preformance Spark Plugs
Nokian 215/40/R17 All Season Preformance Tires


All of the work except for the Touch Screen Radio I did on my own, and with the exception of engine/eletrical work, I will continue to work on my Saab. It is grand fun driving, and having worked on a Saab, other cars dont give me nearly as much a headache

Right now, I hydrolocked my Saab due to driving in the rain stupidly and having water go through my intake (managed to survive 2 almost hydrolocks, but the 3rd strike was the last), but I am saving up to overhaul the entire engine bay with a new B235R with forged internals a preformance intercooler and silicone hoses, a raceback Exhaust, Manifold, bigger injectors and a better fuel pump, & a Maptun tune after all of the bits are sync’d up and running. After that is done, all is left is bigger rotors and external mods. I will keep you all updated when I make progress. I am finding a better job so that I can further fund my build, and the money part is the only portion that is truely holding me back. But I still find ways to have fun within the midst of it all. I also live within public transportation, so I will just take that to work until my car is resurrected.

Nice having me here :slight_smile:


Welcome, a fellow Saab lover :slight_smile:


Why Thank you!
Glad to be here :slight_smile:


I am also just waiting so I can post the rest of the build progress. I didnt know you could only upload 1 photo for your first post. Once the time is done, I will copy pasta the photos in!


Welcome to the forums! I almost bought a 9-5 Aero (still want one). Sweet ride!


They are a handful. But uniquely one of most interesting cars to own :smiley:
Thank you very much!


In one of the pictures is my broken right rear coilover. The Area I live in is rif with potholes and rough hole, henceforth, a bit after I got the coilovers, I cracked my chassis in DC whilst hitting a bump, and broke my right rear coilover around the same time from a failed mount. I have the replacement coilover, I just need extra money to weld mui chassis


A Saab! :nut:

Good stuff, though, unrelated: do just edit posts rather than posting twice at once, the thread will automatically update and be visible but there won’t be as much clutter. And tag people like so @AfroSaab to continue the discussion.

Cool car!


I hadnt realized I posted twice at once. I had been editing constantly since I made this account, haha. I will avoid it in the future

Thanks, glad to be here ! :smiley:


Welcome, fellow Marylander…


Why thank you Fellow Marylander :smiley:


DC potholes… I’m NOVA (ik, I’m one of those pricks) but nice to see more local guys here!


Hey, you’re DMV, so it’s all good…


Hello again!

It turns out I am going to be breaking this Saab for parts! In exchange for buying a twin!
Another 2000 Saab 9-5 Aerowith 200k on the clock

I am still going to transfer some things from this twin to the one im buying (Mainly, the wheels, strut brace, and a few other things) and getting the mounts and throttle body off this one and putting them on the new one (being the only things I need to fix).
Ive also decided to go for Eibach Pro Springs and Koni Struts over the Coilovers due to how close to DC I live in.
My build will continue, but under the exact same car lol.


Did it make 250hp stock? If yes, then for a 2.3 installed in an old 00’s family sedan, that’s quite beefy! Did you get it remapped yet?


Hey, that’s a Saab family sedan in the end :wink:


Hey there Miltos!

The one I hydrolocked made 230HP stock. And the twinI have now makes 230 HP as well. Sorry about the long response, I have some news to say!


Hey guys! The twin is doing well. My slave cylinder went out, so I had to get it replaced, getting the clutch and clutch kit replaced in the process! It took a week or 2, but shes good as new. As soon as I got the twin back, I Fixed the broken side light, and installed a Genuinesaab increased size snorkel and a K&N filter. Now my car feels much nicer with the snorkel and the air filter!